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Kobacker House

My mom was moved the Kobacker house last week.
For those of you unfamiliar, it's a place where folks go for 24 hour hospice care. It's usually the place for where folks go for the end of their journey. 
To say it's beautiful and therapeutic, is an understatement.
It's built on a wet lands in the middle of Columbus, Ohio and it's seriously amazing. The structure of the building is like a resort, each room has a private patio and huge space for family to come and visit and eat and just take it all in. 
It's quiet. It's peaceful.
It has walking paths near by, gardens around the whole place, fountains, fresh flowers, and all sorts of things to help you remember that you can find peace during this terrible time.
Folks are coming and going all the time. Some folks you might only see once or twice. Some you might see all week long. You just don't know.
But, like I mentioned in my last post. My mom isn't going to call this the end of her road here. She'…