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This time, I was the one that finally said...

I want a divorce.

I called it.

I'm done.

At first, it was always a battle of who was going to call it and hurt the other person more.  Over time, it didn't come as such a blow because I knew that in reality, what we were doing wasn't fair to anyone.  I knew that at some point, we were going to just have to get off the pot.  The "shitting" had already been done and no one thing was going to change that over night or over the course of a lifetime...

Even though I've been the final hammer, I'm okay with this.  It's what's best for our family, it's what's best for our kids and if I have to live a life of lies and pain for the rest of my life, I might explode.

It's not easy lying your whole life, waiting for the day to come when you don't have to tell someone how you met or what you've been hiding or what you've done... When you can just lay it all our there, be forgiven and move …