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Finding my groove...

I've been "off" for a while now.  There have been a steady stream of things that have sort of knocked me off my rocker but like anything in life, I'm bouncing back. 

I've been going through phases of "feeling myself" and feeling "back to normal" and today.  Today, I feel really good.  I don't know why, other than, I've just been trying to find me again.  I've been trying to become comfortable again with my life that I've been given. 

I'm so thankful for my life, really.  But some days, it may not seem that way. 

I let my day to day life eat me up and I'm not intentionally preserving any energy to use at home.  It's actually something that I never really thought about before but about 2 weeks ago, I was ENORMOUSLY strung out.  I told my husband and pastor that while I like to smile... It's exhausting and to have to do it all day, I told them that I actually hated it.  Well, I'm learning that it's actua…