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Welcome to Cube-Land

For the last 8 years, I worked for a company that was about 30 people when I started and grew to about 60 ish people when it was all said and done. It was a great company and I loved working with a lot of the people there.  But, as I reflect back, I see what ended up being a really great stepping stone in my professional career.

So now, I'm in cubical corporate America and I'm really enjoying it.  My other company was about 40 miles from my house and while it didn't seem far at first, after having two kids, it made it really seem too far from home.  In a given day, my round trip mileage would be about 107 miles, total.  Makes me a little sick.  No wonder I was filling up on gas every 3 days or so... My company now is only 19 miles from my house and on any given day, I drive a little less than 60 miles total.  It's amazing.

Corporate America is sort of entertaining, honestly.  They have these places under lock and key and it's a nightmare to just get hired externally... but once you're in, it's really strange the people that work here.  It's glamorous, don't get me wrong, but it's not visibly glamorous, if you catch my drift.

And don't get me started on technology because Lord knows I've been S.P.O.I.L.E.D. the last 8 years and NOTHING will compare to what they would do for us, there.  My current techy objectives are... get a second monitor, raise both monitors up with arms or a stand, buy a wireless mouse/keyboard combo, buy mouse pad and from there, I'll work on the rest of my needs.  But getting those things would make me a happy camper!

Lastly... attire in the corporate world is awesome in a different way.  Before I could literally roll in with leggings, a sweat shirt and flip flops, every day... here, I can't wear leggings (unless I camouflage them under a dress and boots to make them look like tights) and I have to wear makeup every day, too!

I really do love it here... Some people from my old company believe I have lost my mind, but it's honestly a really great move for me.  I'm so excited to get my job and tasks going to a point where things start to feel a little more natural.  It will take time and I know that but I hope it comes together soon!

More to come from "Cube-Land" soon...


Andrea said…
Glad cube land brought back blogging!

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