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Stuff Happens...

Life is hard.

Marriage is harder.

But in life, stuff happens and it's all in how you react that will be what sticks with you.

Today, is filled with anxiety about things that I don't normally have anxiety about.  However, I'm actually really looking forward to how it all unfolds.

I've received what I'm about to receive and now, it's just a matter of timing.  Do you do that?  Are you thankful and do you receive what you already know you're going to receive before you receive it?  (Say that 10 times fast!)  But seriously, what's your thought process when change is on the horizon?  Do you sit and wait for it?  Do you just pray and hope that one day it happens?  Or do you ask for it?  Or do you just receive it, knowing that it will come?

It's a mindset that isn't easy to adjust to at first, but with time (and I'm still learning), it will happen. 

What do some say, if you're not yet a prayerful person... You can't live a positive life wi…