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If you've followed our journey to have children at all, you'll know that it wasn't easy.  We tried a whole LOT of medical procedures, we tried a lot of different medications and experienced all sorts of side effects.  I also decided really late in our journey that an alternative way would probably be more productive and effective than just constantly going to a fertility specialist.

I didn't know where to turn when it came to researching this "alternative" method, but I knew there had to be something out there.  I dug around the internet for weeks and after a little while I felt pretty confident that I had found some things that were going to be helpful for us and that I wanted to give it a try.

After one month of trying this "regimen" we were pregnant with Spud and while he was only in our lives for a very short time, we were so thankful that he arrived and that we were able to become pregnant!  It wasn't exactly what we thought was going to happen but we learned and lived from that experience and we are better because of it.

Bottom line, medicine wasn't the be all and end all for us.  We had another option and with a little research and personal "need" we found it, tried it and it worked!

After my son was born, we were at the doctor for sick bay 4 time for every well visit and to say that we got to know the staff was an understatement!  We were there all the time.  At a very young age, Coen had breathing treatments because of a respiratory infection we had ump-ting medications and antibiotics and we were also sent home a number of times for a viral infection that they could do nothing for.  It was beyond frustrating and hard to watch because there was just so many things that were made "normal" for a baby to have gone through when it really wasn't what I wanted to see happen with my child.

After my daughter was born, I needed something else.  We were staying fairly healthy, she wasn't going to the dr nearly as much as my son so I thought we were in the clear.  Around the time that my son was turning 2 and my daughter was about 9 months, a friend of mine introduced me to essential oils.  She went to a medicine makeover class and sent me a message that said, you need to get your family healthy, keep them healthy and care for them in a natural way... you need these oils!  After a few conversations, I bought a kit.

A year later, we hardly ever go to the dr.  My husband went a few months ago and our pediatrician is our internist too and he said to my husband... "where have you guys been?" and it wasn't until he said that I was like... "Oh wow... I teach about these oils working, I know they work but holy cow, they are really working!"  Thankfully my husband proudly responded to the dr, telling him how we're using the oils and how they are keeping us healthy.  The doctor was so positive and supportive that it really just confirmed this awesome thing that I've chosen to do for our family and how well they are working!


And while I do sell them,  I also teach classes about the oils on all sorts of subjects and have an amazing team that is growing daily..... It's the experiences that people have with the oils that keep the momentum going.  We talk and share about the oils, all the time.  What makes us healthy and happy, encourages others to do the same.  I actually don't have to sell anything.  I simply just have to share an experience or an oil and that's it.

My experiences with the oils span over many subjects and some are kind of personal to just post over the blog-world, but what they are doing for my family and myself is just empowering.  We use the supplements every day to reduce inflammation in our bodies, to boost our energy levels, to get the proper intake of fish oil (without burping up fish oil) and to just make us happy.  We take Triease during this lovely allergy season to keep the boogers and sneezing away.  We take TerraZyme and Digestzen following a really awesome meal that our body's won't love us for; to help it process through without totally destroying our systems. We use Lavender oil for all first aid related items and boy do we have a slue of those lately!  (hello summer!)  I use Deep Blue rub on my stomach and back for the "time of the month" cramps and discomfort. I use Citrus Bliss, Lime and Lemon in my homemade dish-soap, I make my own all purpose cleaner... etc.  The list goes on and on and on...

What I'm doing for myself, my family and everyone that I touch with oils is absolutely life changing and so empowering.

Teaching people about how they can care for themselves naturally and how they can remove (virtually) all toxins from their house, is such an amazing feeling.

Sure, it takes time, but it's your health.  Taking the first step is hard to do sometimes, but once you do it, your body will thank you!

I can't tell you the last time I took an over the counter drug.  I used to live on Tums and Tylenol and I haven't touched those in over a year.  Empowering.

I'm stepping down from my soap box about essential oils, but seriously, if you want oils and want to try them, I want to send you samples and get oils in your hands that will help you feel the way I feel.  They are life changing and I'm confident that you will love the way you feel once you introduce them into your daily regimen.

Take care of yourself and educate yourself to do so!


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