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If you've followed our journey to have children at all, you'll know that it wasn't easy.  We tried a whole LOT of medical procedures, we tried a lot of different medications and experienced all sorts of side effects.  I also decided really late in our journey that an alternative way would probably be more productive and effective than just constantly going to a fertility specialist.

I didn't know where to turn when it came to researching this "alternative" method, but I knew there had to be something out there.  I dug around the internet for weeks and after a little while I felt pretty confident that I had found some things that were going to be helpful for us and that I wanted to give it a try.

After one month of trying this "regimen" we were pregnant with Spud and while he was only in our lives for a very short time, we were so thankful that he arrived and that we were able to become pregnant!  It wasn't exactly what we thought was going to h…

Happy 3rd Birthday to Coen!!!

Today, my son turned 3!

And can I tell you how much I love him?  He's the sweetest little boy, he's kind, affectionate, considerate and a fairly good eater.  He's a ball of energy, he loves playing, he loves running around, he loves his dog and he especially loves his sister.

Turning 3 has surely snuck up on me... I mean, it's bound to happen, right?  But still, it's here now and he's no longer 2.  Last night we were talking about him no longer being 2 today and how this would be the last time that he could say that he was 2 and really be 2.  So then this morning, when we were asking him about how old he was, he immediately said 2... So cute.  We're working on 3 and he's really good at showing us on his hands what 3 looks like.  But don't do it like an "ok" sign, you have to hold down your pinky finger with your thumb or you aren't doing it right!

We're so excited to continue to celebrate with Coen throughout today and the rest of …