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I love it...


I love it when you put your arm around me and give me pats on my back.  And then you follow it up with saying, "You like it when I give you pats? Yea? You do. You do."

I love when you ask me to catch my bubbles and then you pop them with your finger on my cheek.  You're fast to say, "I use my finger, right?" You say this because before you'd haul off and smack me in the cheek to make me pop my bubbles and I quickly corrected that.

I love it when you ask me to make a sad face and then a happy face.  We do that over and over again until you're done and then you say, "I make you happy?"  To which I tell you that you're my best buddy and my favorite little boy and that I love you to pieces.

I love it when you ask me, "Is that a good idea?" in context.  It cracks me up.  I equally love when you follow up by answering your own question and tell me, "Yes, yes it is.  It is a good idea."

I love when you are asked to say t…