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Toddler Christmas Shopping in FULL SWING

Uplifting and off (the current "mama's in a funk" - we're going to get through it) topic...

What's on our Christmas lists?

Buying for two kids close in age, we decided that we'd get them something "big" as their gift and then throw in a few small things to help balance gifts and gender specific things as well.

This year this is what's on the shopping list or has already been purchased..

1. The BIG Gift.

I'm on a lot of those "mommy's cleaning out the house, let's sell it" boards and boy are their some really great deals that come through there!  This year, we talked about getting the kids a train table with drawers of trains and storage.  We thought it would be fun for both of them because with the little circle track that we already have and the 4 little trains, we find one of them playing with it, almost daily.  Thankfully, one set popped up on one of those boards that just hit the nail on the head.  It was a Thomas the Train table with two drawers for storage underneath and each drawer was full of all of the pieces and parts that were needed to complete the whole deal.  It had something like 29 trains, all sorts of tracks, buildings, bridges and whatever else and it was seriously, perfect.  We snagged it for a great deal and with a little pick up project done and our of our way, it resides in our basement until Santa arrives.

It looks something like this...

2. Mr. Potato Head

Of course I walked into Toys R Us on a weekend and almost walked out because of the crowd but decided that I would just find the first store associate and ask for them to show me where I could find the three items I was looking for and I wouldn't leave unless they didn't have them.  Wouldn't you know that a store associate was very hard to find that wasn't already helping someone else... the nerve!  I found a young soul, had repeated my list a hundred times in my head and when I went to spit it out and ask this poor youth what I was looking for, do you know what I said? "Could you tell me where I could find Humpty Dumpty??" WHAT?!?!  It barely got out of my mouth before I realized what I was really trying to say, but you know that he of course had plenty of time to look at my like I had 4 heads before I could correct myself.

That weekend when I went, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head were $5... BARGAIN!  So, yes, we will have two... a girl and a boy version and it will all be a fun mess!


3. A Doll.

I really wanted to get Emie a doll.  A cloth doll with virtually no parts or pieces or loose clothing items.I did a couple searches on and before I knew it, it was right there in front of me!  I have seen several ideas online or through Etsy, but it just wasn't fitting my need and with a little peanut that literally puts everything in her poor sore mouth, I wanted something that I could wash or not worry about her having in her bed.

So, what is it called?  It's called a Mooshka Tots Doll and her name is Zana. She's got brown hair and blue eyes, kind of like Emie, although she's probably more blonde than the doll, but that's okay.  Still cute.  There's a commercial out there that is super cute and shows a doll that sings "ring around the rosie" and I would've loved to have bought that one, but just thought this was perfect for Emie.  She has other babies, but really liked this one and thought she would to, so I went with it.

4. Slippers.

A friend of mine was traveling with her daughter in an airport and posted a sweet picture of her wearing slipper socks and I thought, "those are so darn cute, I need them for our kids!"  And that was that.  I asked her where she got them and I was off to find the same thing.  I just know that shoes aren't the most comfortable thing for kids to wear all the time, my daughter almost always pulls them off as soon as we get in the car and while I'd love for her to keep her piggies warm, she's not always on board.  So, maybe these little slipper sock deals will change their minds about what they put or keep on their feet!  I can dream, right?


5. Stocking Stuffers.

Growing up and even still now... My mom (aka Santa) was a HUGE stocking stuffer fan.  She loaded them up so much that when we pulled them off the mantel, we were digging through our loot for a long time before we were done getting it all out and looking through it.  So, I try to carry on that tradition, but honestly, it's just starting this year.  And I'm so thankful for Target's dollar spot for making it so darn easy to accomplish!  Small wooden music toys, festive socks, board books, sticker pages, and some other wooden toys.  I still need a few other things but I have plenty of time...

Last year we got Coen and Emie a kitchen from a garage sale and we were able to fill it with wooden food from Melissa & Doug, as well as pots, pans and utensils from Ikea and they are still in love with it.  So, I'm hopeful that this new train table will receive the same sort of attention that the kitchen has.  It's going to take up some space and we're still talking about where to put it... It's going to be a lot of fun to play with.  The little items are just fun for them to open and enjoy.

It's going to be extra exciting this year since Emie is bigger and going to be into it more and as proof from our first "advent book" opening night, Coen is really great at unwrapping!  Oh man... this is going to be great!  Now, if I could just get the house decorated, I'd be a happy camper!


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