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Toddler Christmas Shopping in FULL SWING

Uplifting and off (the current "mama's in a funk" - we're going to get through it) topic...

What's on our Christmas lists?

Buying for two kids close in age, we decided that we'd get them something "big" as their gift and then throw in a few small things to help balance gifts and gender specific things as well.

This year this is what's on the shopping list or has already been purchased..

1. The BIG Gift.

I'm on a lot of those "mommy's cleaning out the house, let's sell it" boards and boy are their some really great deals that come through there!  This year, we talked about getting the kids a train table with drawers of trains and storage.  We thought it would be fun for both of them because with the little circle track that we already have and the 4 little trains, we find one of them playing with it, almost daily.  Thankfully, one set popped up on one of those boards that just hit the nail on the head.  It was a Thomas the Tr…

Overcoming a Slump

I have a lot of work to do to get myself on the road to recovery.  These are the big things that I'm really trying to work on and focus on to help me get me back...

1. Medicine.  

I've talked about this on here before.  Basically an antidepressant is not my friend, but adderall is!  It keeps me on track, focused and gives me the stamina to get everything done that I need to get done in a day's time.  I haven't been on it for about 3 weeks which is completely noticeable.  Because it's a controlled substance, my dr cannot send the prescription to the pharmacy for me, nor can they add refills and therefore, I have to pick up the paper prescription each month at an office close to my home which is about 45 minutes from my office that opens after I leave town and closes before I return.  Sooooooo, basically, it's almost impossible to get.  Hence the 3 weeks.

I need my medicine in order to function, period.  I'm going to get it this weekend, but seriously, without…