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Please call me.

I'm a helicopter parent.  I'm not ashamed.  It's just what I have to do in order to keep myself sane.  I need to hoover a little closely to my kids and pretty much know where they are at all times. It's inhibiting them from being independent, I just like to know what's going on.  Sadly (or maybe understandably so), it does make my husband completely insane that I act this way, but I cannot help myself.  I think it's just an instinct, a mother's instinct. Right?  I'm not alone here, right?  Come on.

Mother's Day, 2012, Coen and Sean were home with one another and Sean was getting ready to go on a run with Coen.  I was at a friend of mine's baby shower and got a phone call that I never expected to receive.

Coen was 11 months old, sitting in his high chair waiting on Sean to wrap up his exercises before going on a run.  Sean pulled out the tray, turned to grab something (probably his ear buds or water) and then it happened.  Coen fell from the high chair to the floor.  Sean took him by car to the ER and that's when I got the phone call.  "Jill, it's Sean.  Please call me."

I could tell by the tone of his voice that something wasn't right and with the lack of detail or even just the fact that he left a message... I knew I had to respond and potentially get to them fast.  I talked with Sean, found out that he was very upset and that he was still in the waiting room, waiting to get a room but that Coen was doing ok.  We got our room shortly after I got to the ER and after several exams and a few x-rays, they found that he had a green stick fracture in his collar bone.  Unfortunately, there wasn't anything that we were going to be able to do to help it heal, aside from time.  Coen did favor his opposite side for a while, but after about 2 or maybe 3 weeks, he was back to normal.

While Mother's Day wasn't the best day to have this event happen, I couldn't be more happy about how it all played out.  And no, I will never forget that call. I was 6 months pregnant and when I got that call, I immediately lost it and collected myself enough-so to walk into the ER and not freak Coen out.  He really didn't know what was going on and was more upset about being held in a chair and not having freedom.

Kids are resilient.

Prior to this, there was another incident.  Coen was learning to pull himself up on toys and exploring.  He was playing around an exesaucer and threw his head down and cut open his eyebrow.  That time, I got the call and had to get him and take him to the local urgent care.  He ended up with liquid stitches that basically looked like superglue and over the next few weeks it healed just fine.  He was about 8 or 9 months when that happened.

So, on Monday, we were all home in the evening, I wanted to go to Jazz but was running late from getting home and asked Sean to keep the kids at home and have them go on his run with him.  No big deal, they'll end up at the playground and have a great time.

I got through my jazz class and saw that I had missed some calls and maybe a text.  I called Sean and immediately knew that something wasn't right.  His text said, "Please call me."  I now know that this the phrase that he will use whenever something isn't right and also very serious.

They had to take Emie by ambulance to the ER because she took a dive (literally) off of the playground directly onto her head from about 5 feet in the air.  And thankfully, she's fine.  However, we weren't sure for about 3 hours.

She was on the play-set, Sean was with her and watching her from the ground.  He was trying to talk her into going down the slide, but she wasn't interested.  He followed her and went to the next opening on the play-set.  She got her shoe stuck and sat down.  Sean tried to get her up to come to him.  She fixed her shoe, got up and just started running from him.  She took the first left and it all happened in like slow motion as she jump, hit the ground, crunched her neck and as Sean got to her.  He picked her up and she immediately started crying and then calmed down, looked around and seems fine, but Sean wasn't comfortable with just letting it go since it was a head/neck injury.

He called the squad and they came and took the three of them to the ER.  Fortunately, the night-time custodian at the school saw the ambulance and helped Sean by taking the stroller into the school.

They did have to put her on a backboard, neck brace, head restraint type swaddle and she was in that for about 3 hours, which was awful.  In the ambulance, Coen got his own seat which he was pretty excited to talk about and the three of them rode together to the hospital.

I got Sean's text at 7:26pm but my class didn't end until 7:40pm and by that time, they were already checking into the ER, so I met them there.

When I walked in, the nurses were documenting things with Sean and Emie was on the bed with a nurse by her side.  He didn't have her paci with them because they were just on a run and we're trying to be more aware of not having her use it all that much.  Because she was already upset and then even more upset when I walked into the room, AND I realized we didn't have a paci.... I asked it was okay if I nursed her to calm her down since I couldn't pick her up either.  They, of course, said yes... I stretched myself over the table and nursed her.  It wasn't the most comfortable position, nor was it time for to eat... but it was working to keep her calm.  Thankfully, the nurse saw me struggling to get back to her so they offered to move her closer, which was much more comfortable.

In the ER, you never know who is going to be there and we were thankfully blessed with a NP who had 35 years of experience at Nationwide Children's.... THANK OUR LUCKY STARS because she actually had a great bedside manner with Emie and was proactive about treating her and getting the right images done to be sure that she was okay.

They did a CT scan of her head and you should've seen Emie.  I'm sure it was just totally weird for her and that's why she was so calm, but seriously, she was so calm.  She let me hold her hands and arms down, she didn't fit me or cry about it at all.  They followed up with a cross-neck x-ray and both showed that she was a very lucky girl and had a little angel watching over her as she fell.  There wasn't a single thing wrong with her.  She had a small hematoma on her head, some scratches from the mulch and now, just a little bruising that is starting to go away.

This is the top of her head and you can see on the left side that there is some redness.

Side note: Several people have said, "how did you hold it together seeing her like that? I would've been a mess."  And, all I have to say is that while I wasn't looking forward to hearing what Sean had to say or seeing Emie in the state in which she was in.... I knew that I had to just hold it together.  If you're a mess, then your kids will pick up on that and feed right off of the vibes that you're exerting. When I got that call, I said the eff word about 10 times on my way to the hospital.  I was confident that she was okay, however, I needed to see and know for myself.

This is the day after, in the morning, before headed to the sitter's house.

We are very thankful.  Sean was beyond scared and Coen, well, he has a great story to tell.  Emie... She's a blessing.  And completely normal and not phased by the event, at all.


Julia Goolia said…
So scary reading about all of the details and heart-stopping moments. Hate this part of parenting, but so glad both of your babes are ok!!

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