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Please call me.

I'm a helicopter parent.  I'm not ashamed.  It's just what I have to do in order to keep myself sane.  I need to hoover a little closely to my kids and pretty much know where they are at all times. It's inhibiting them from being independent, I just like to know what's going on.  Sadly (or maybe understandably so), it does make my husband completely insane that I act this way, but I cannot help myself.  I think it's just an instinct, a mother's instinct. Right?  I'm not alone here, right?  Come on.

Mother's Day, 2012, Coen and Sean were home with one another and Sean was getting ready to go on a run with Coen.  I was at a friend of mine's baby shower and got a phone call that I never expected to receive.

Coen was 11 months old, sitting in his high chair waiting on Sean to wrap up his exercises before going on a run.  Sean pulled out the tray, turned to grab something (probably his ear buds or water) and then it happened.  Coen fell from the high…