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Coen, 26 months

Dear Coen,

I wanted to write to you today because it's been a while since I've wrote a note to you and today felt like the right time.

You're just over 26 months old and while you like to tell me you're 19 years old, we know that isn't true.  Why do you say you're 19 years old?  Well, that's because EVERY time we get into the car, you get into the front seat and act like you're driving.  This is all well and fun except you are like a magnet to the locking/unlocking button.  The first thing you do is lock the doors, turn on the turn single, turn the dial to heat and then you attempt to put the seat belt on.  When I try to explain to you that you need to get into your big-boy seat, you insist that you're going to drive.  We go back and forth a bit and then I have to explain to you that you aren't 16 years old and that you can't drive.  One day, while taking you from the front seat to the back seat, all while explaining that you weren't 16 years old, I then asked how old you were and you said 19!  If you could've said "applesauce mama" that would've been the perfect place to say it.  But you don't and so... from there, it just makes for a great story to tell.

Speaking of locking the doors, I wanted to tell you about the time this put our whole family into a bit of a pickle.  We're getting ready to go to a birthday party, just down the street. Your dad starts the car as I wrap up things inside the house and start to bring you and your sister out to get in the car.  I start to put Emie in her seat, your dad opens your door but you crawl through under Emie's seat and hop in the front seat.  Your dad runs inside to grab something and immediately, I hear the doors in the car lock.  I still have Emie's door open, your door is open and my keys out, so I'm good.  I set the keys down and buckle Emie and your dad comes and we both try to get you to the back into your seat.  You do it without too much discussion.  I shut Emie's door and your dad shuts your door and we both go to pull on our doors and nada.  The doors are locked.  You guys are in your seats, with the car running and the air conditioning running.  Sean and I go back and forth a bit about what just happened and then we call the cops.  They arrived within 7 minutes of our call and within about 3 we were inside the car.  Did you guys have a clue what was going on?  No.  Were you safe?  Yes.  Were we freaked out a bit?  I was but it all worked out.  Thank goodness the air was on in the car and you guys were buckled in, or that would've raised my stress level to a new high.  So, needless to say, I now like to roll the window down when I turn off my car and leave it parked knowing that you might get in it at some point and lock the doors.  This way, if we do have a problem, I can reach in through the window.  You're quick!

You're personality is blossoming and your vocabulary is just outstanding.  You're still struggling with some "terrible two" type reactions and discipline problems, but you're 2 years old and we know that this is only the beginning of these things.  Eventually, there will be bigger problems and we will deal with those as they arise as well.  You do have some REALLY great days with us though and those days usually don't include time-outs, which is awesome.  You're starting to show interest in using the big boy potty and you do it without a fit.  We haven't developed a strict schedule with you going so we just do it when you ask or when we ask and you say yes.  I'm not going to stress about doing this with you at a certain point because I know that eventually it will just click.  You haven't stopped showing interest, so that's good too!

See, the beloved winter boots, pictured here... Emie is growing a love for her rain boots because of you... 
Your relationship with your sister is growing.  She loves you so much and I can see that those feelings are mutual.  You have trouble sharing with her or letting her trying something that you know is yours, but we're working on that.  When we ask you to find a toy for Emie (if the one you want is in her hands) you always pick something out that she'll like and she usually gives up what you're interested in.  You are learning to be patient but those traits are hard to be learned on the male side of our family so we are still working on that, as well.

You sleep like a rock star (for the most part).  You hit the sack around 8pm and you're usually being awaken by about 6:30am.  If it's a weekend, you usually sleep until about 7:30am or so.  We've thought about adjusting your bedtime, but we just don't want to limit your time with us in the evenings and you nap through the day without and trouble, so I think it's working out for all of us.

You eat well but we have noticed that lunch is your most favorite meal.  You'll eat breakfast (well, sometimes) and you're not really crazy about dinner, but lunch is where you really hit it hard.  You eat a variety of things but when asked what you want to eat (no matter for what meal) you always ask for chicken nuggets.  We don't go with what you ask for, but we do usually give you options.  I always thought that when I would have kids that I would just have them eat what we eat, period.  Boy did that not happen.  Rarely do we all eat the same thing, and more times than not, what you guys have is just a variation of what we are eating, now... It took a little while to get there, but we are trying to have that happen all of the time.

Here are some stats that I wanted to share, just to remember for comparison sake...
  • You're in a size 4 diaper (still) and we usually have you wear Target brand, Luvs or even Kroger brand diapers.  The off brands are just better than some of the other brands, for us.
  • You wear anything from 12 months to 2T clothing and most of your shorts have a safety pin in them just to keep them on your waist.
  • You're in a size 6 to 7 shoe.  You love to wear shoes and especially your winter boots in the heat of summer.  You currently have flip flop sandals, Toms, leather sandals, Weebocks and Carter's winter boots that you can get on easily, except for the Toms.  Those are usually pretty frustrating for you because they just don't slip on like the others.
  • You sleep with about 7 blankets at night that are both around the edges of your crib, on you and just inside of the crib.  You sleep with buckeye (Brutus), monkey, glowworm, bunny, Mickey Mouse, and a book or two. You sleep with a fan on, your turtle on and sometimes your projector or Scout singing you songs.
  • You LOVE to brush your teeth and we struggle every night to remember that mommy brushes first and Coen brushes second.
  • You are 26 months and still sleeping in a crib which some people might question, but your dr. said to not worry about moving you into a big boy bed until you decide that you're done with the crib and you climb out.  You haven't even tried to do this, so we haven't tried the transition.  We have the rail, we just don't want to disrupt a great sleeping pattern.
  • You're still fairly skinny but you also eat really well, so you're dr. doesn't have any concerns.
  • You're starting to use your right hand more and more but still switch between hands when trying new things.  When you play sports you tend to use your left as your dominant hand.  We'll see how that changes with time.
  • You have this INSANE ability to memorize books.  We have about 30 books in your room, all of which we have read to you at some point or another.  When reading through just about any of those books and we stop at a word, you usually have NO trouble picking up where we stopped and completing the sentence.  It started with "The Giving Tree" and has developed into many MANY books.  It's really amazing to watch.

You are a sweet boy who loves to give BIG kiss, Toby kisses, Ugga-Mugga's and BIG hugs.  You're caring, kind, passionate, adventurous, curious and funny as all get out!

We love having you in our lives and we cannot believe how much you're growing, changing and learning, EVERY day.

Thank you for being in our lives and for making every day as entertaining as the one before.

Love you so much!



Julia Goolia said…
aw, Ugga-Muggas are the best! Loved this update on your big boy.

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