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Coen, 26 months

Dear Coen,

I wanted to write to you today because it's been a while since I've wrote a note to you and today felt like the right time.

You're just over 26 months old and while you like to tell me you're 19 years old, we know that isn't true.  Why do you say you're 19 years old?  Well, that's because EVERY time we get into the car, you get into the front seat and act like you're driving.  This is all well and fun except you are like a magnet to the locking/unlocking button.  The first thing you do is lock the doors, turn on the turn single, turn the dial to heat and then you attempt to put the seat belt on.  When I try to explain to you that you need to get into your big-boy seat, you insist that you're going to drive.  We go back and forth a bit and then I have to explain to you that you aren't 16 years old and that you can't drive.  One day, while taking you from the front seat to the back seat, all while explaining that you weren't 16 …

still breastfeeding

I'm entering my 23rd (almost consecutive) month of breastfeeing.  Crazy.

I'm also rapidly approaching Emerson's 1st birthday.  Also, crazy.

With that said, I've consistently been asked what my plan is for nursing her and if there is an end in site.

Basically, I don't have an end in site and the reason is, I'm not the one in charge.  It's what's best for her and I will continue to do it until she's ready to stop.  When she turns one, my only thoughts are that we'll introduce cow's milk and I will continue to nurse her in the morning and evenings before and after bed.  Aside from that, I plan to just let her drink cow's milk throughout the day and only really nurse during those times.

My reasoning?  Well, have you ever tried to wrestle a wet cat?  That's what it's like to nurse Emie unless she's SUPER tired or has just woken up.  It's a hot mess, there's usually crying involved and we don't get anywhere.  In the mor…

finally, myself

This weekend was the first weekend in a long time where I felt myself.  Hands-down, one of the best weekend I've had in a long time.


Let's back up a little bit.

May 3rd, I had a follow up appointment with my OB about being on Zoloft.  Leading up to this appointment, I wasn't myself.  I had some pretty low days, even on Zoloft and I just knew that I was going to ask her to allow me to keep taking it. This made me feel worse because I just didn't feel like I was getting better and I feared having to up my douse to really get better.  I hated being on that drug and I didn't want to take it, but I knew I wasn't getting better.

While I was there talking to her about it, I asked her about stopping the drug and what would need to happen, when I was ready.  She just said, you'd stop taking it.  I wasn't on a high dosage, so I'd just stop.  She said that I could do this on my own, if I felt that I was ready.

After Sean's dad passed, I wasn't in …