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brain dump

Coen has turned 23 months and in just a few more weeks, he's going to be (I can't even say it...) 2 years old.  I'm in utter shock that he's already 2, but at the same time, I'm so excited for what year 2 is going to bring us.  We're planning a fun family and friends birthday party that should be pretty fun for him and I cannot wait for it to get here so he can see all that we've planned.The last two weeks have been tough.  We've had a series of viruses go through our house that have affected everyone except Emie (thankfully).  This was the first time in a LONG time that I was actually sick and home sick for almost 2 days, just laying in bed.  It was the most awful thing I've experienced in a long time and I'm hopeful that we are all on the mend and it doesn't come back around in any other form over the next week or more.  And, like all moms know... when you're sick, the rest of the world has a hard time function.  Boy did I feel that la…

Lost time

In the last few weeks, I've noticed that I have no good recollection of the last 3 years and what happened when.  I struggle with memory issues all the time, but the last couple weeks I have found myself becoming that mom.  The mom that constantly has to refer to when she was pregnant or how old one of their kids were in order to remember how long it's been since something happened.

For instance:

Sean's Aunt passed away two years ago and before I could even utter the words, "NO WAY."  I had to think... Well, I was pregnant, but we didn't have Coen yet, so yes, that was 2 years ago.

This happened on more than a couple occasions lately and I cannot help but think that this is going to be my new measure of when things happened.

I'm that mom.

the f word

About 2 months ago, Coen picked up the F word (not exactly the word we were hoping he'd repeat, but here we are).  It was something that was used in a car (because someone was out of line) and any time he repeated it, it was used in the car. 

After a few rounds of, "do not use that word", "that's not a nice word", "Coen, do not say that word", etc... It started to happen in my car.  After a few rounds of the same sort of discipline above, I decided to tell Coen that it was daddy's word and that he wasn't allowed to say it.

That seemed to be the ticket, until I hear him say, "F&*^.  Daddy's. Don't Touch."

I like to refer to that as a "Mommy Moment FAIL."

through the night

This winter has been really hard on a lot of people, causing illness after illness and we're all trying to recover as best as we can.  The unfortunate part is the moment we get a good couple of days of weather, the temperatures change and we're back to where we started.

At 7 weeks, Emie was sleeping through the night with no trouble.  Since about 10 weeks, she hasn't done that but maybe a handful of times.  She's almost 36 weeks now, so you can imagine how I'm feeling.  After 36 weeks, it's surprising how your body can just adapt to no sleep or at least broken sleep.

A couple weeks ago, I got really frustrated with the way things were going for us and I went back to look at Coen's 1 year calendar and his blog updates.  Good news, by 10 months, he was sleeping soundly through the night, with a good bedtime routine and hardly any hiccups.

With Emie being just over 8 months old, I'm hopeful that by 10 months, we fall into the same routine.

My normal reacti…