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Coen, 21 & 22 months

Dear Coen,

Boy is time continuing to fly by.  I cannot believe you're just a few months from turning two.  To be perfectly honest with you about these last two months; they have been some of the hardest months that we've faced.   This month, we lost a very important family member, your grandpa Tom.  It was only 32 days from the time we found out about his tumor to the time that he passed, but  you were able to visit him in the nursing home and lift his spirits before he went to Heaven.  We actually talked about Grandpa Tom last night when I was talking about the thunder storm that was rolling through our town.  I told you that it was just Grandpa bowling upstairs... Then I said that he probably wouldn't be bowling but maybe watching other angels bowling, but laughing about us thinking that he could be bowling.  The positive side to all of this happening is that we are seeing Grandma more and more and you get so excited when she comes to visit.

The other hard part of these last two months is working with you to figure out your way to express yourself and that is trying for everyone. Terrible Twos are the real deal and we're getting them just a few minutes early.  We let you work it out a lot of times, we also use time out a lot and we all know that this is just a phase and it too, will pass.  It's just a trying period and makes it hard to go anywhere without a tantrum of some sort.  It's all part of the fun and as soon as you're through this phase, your sister will be there and we'll have to do it all over again. Maybe we'll know more the second time around?!?

You're still the sweetest little man, when you want to be and you're the most cuddly right after you get up in the morning, right after your nap and sometimes right before bed.  You've become more of a daddy's boy lately and have started to spend more and more time with him.  I think this stemmed from Dad wanting a lot of hugs over the last month because of what was going on with his dad and you were one of his biggest comforts.  It's great to see your relationship unfold and grow.  He loves every second that you want him over me... It's only fair because of all the months that you were purely a mama's boy, so I'll take it.  And I want nothing more than for you to grow up like your father.  He's so smart, a great student, an overachiever, great sense of humor, pretty handsome, easy to get along with, a great teacher and a great role model.  You'll be just like your dad, I can see it now... but you better have my patients!

Your vocabulary is sprouting at rapid speed and you literally repeat just about everything we ask you to say.  It's fun to watch you learn and catch onto things, reactions and others feelings. It's getting hard to understand you sometimes, we try very hard to listen, but sometimes you just talk too fast and we can't make it out.

Your relationship with your sister is pretty sweet.  As much as people react when I tell them how close you are with your sister, I have to say that watching you two learn together and grow together, is really great.  You help your sister whenever asked, you give her kisses whenever we ask and sometimes whenever you want.  You mostly try to aim for her head, but sometimes you try to kiss her on the lips and that doesn't always work out.  She moves fast a lot of times those mouth kisses end up in her eye.  Either way, really sweet.  She LOVES you too.  She reacts to you no matter what you're doing or saying.  Your dad was watching her get so frustrated the other day because she couldn't keep up with you.  She's starting to move around more and is getting faster... before we know it, you'll both be running!!

 You're still so very active and all over the place all the time.  You love to be the show off and sometimes that gets your into a time out because you get a little carried away and then we have to correct you with a time out.  You're doing ok at the sitter's house too, but time outs happen there too.  Recently, you and your friend at the sitter were put in time out at the sitter together (in a big lazy boy chair) and you were both screaming and crying so much that you eventually fell asleep on one another!  Silly, cranky boys...

You're starting to get the idea of listening and you're getting much better at following directions.  There are some things that don't always work out as planned, but it's all part of us learning together.

We love you so much Coen.  You brighten our days and I'm not just saying that because I'm you're mom.  You literally are the happiest little guy that we know and everyone who spends time with you understands why we love you so much.

Happy 21 and 22 months, Bubba.

We love you,

Mama & Dad


Diaper: Size 4

Clothes: Tops:12, 18 and some 24 months, Pants/Shorts: 12 & 18 months

Food: You eat just about everything but you haven't really found a love for meat.  You prefer veggies, cheese, dairy and bread.  You LOVE PB&J, yogurt, maderine oranges, blueberry muffins and pizza (but cheese only).  You have no trouble telling us when you're done eating or when you don't like something.  Sometimes meals just don't work out and even when we give you options, you'll still turn us down.  It's okay, because most of the time if you don't eat well for one meal, you will for the next and it's just a bit of a catch up.

Liquids: We are still a water and milk, only, household.  Again, we have given him sips of juice or punch but it's just not part of his diet and he doesn't need it.  So we don't offer it.  Plus, you LOVE milk and water and drink them with NO trouble.

Babywearing: I'm the proud new owner of an Ergo Organic carrier and I'm so excited about this because I can now carry Coen on my back, if I would want.  I've tried it with him a couple of times and he seems to like it.  When we have an event that he'll need to be on my back... that will be the real experiment, but until then, Emie sure loves it.  :)  I'm just glad that it carries up to 45lbs of baby weight!  Just means I'll be using it for a while!

Toby (our dog) & Coen: I wasn't so sure about Toby at first, with the kids.  When Coen was in the crawling phase, Toby almost lost his life when he reacted to Coen pulling on his fur.  Luckily, that didn't happen and everyone survived.  The best part is that they actually get along and play together.  And Coen has learned how to treat Toby, so their relationship is actually a lot better than I was every hoping it would be!  The sweetest thing is when one of the babies are crying and Toby can't get to them, I will usually find him at the bottom of our stairs by the gate, just waiting for one of us to respond.  He's a great dog.  I don't give him that credit too much and I should.  I just get so frustrated with another being under my feet and he just ends up taking the brunt of the orders.  I will get better with time, I hope.

Church: This is actually getting much better with time too.  At first, when we would drop you off in the nursery, it was TORTURE and you wouldn't un-cling.  Now, we take you down, you start to fuss, you end up crying as I hand you off and by the time we come back you're just fine and usually playing with a friend. It's not perfect yet, but you're getting there.  I'm not sure how they calm you down, but whatever they do it works, and we're happy about that.

Colds/Sickness: Thankfully, this has been the worst winter for illnesses in our house and because you and your sister basically share the same colds (and sometimes over and over again) it makes it really hard to have a healthy house.  January, you were both sick and Emie for a longer period than you.  February was okay but at the end, you both were sick again all the way through March.  Ear infections, croop, respiratory inflammation, etc...  Basically, you were both a snotty, congested, coughing mess.  At one point, I had to take you for a chest x-ray to confirm that you didn't have pneumonia.  Thankfully, that was a big negative, but you still had so much congestion that took forever to clear!

Being a mom of two under two has proven to be some of the happiest and hardest moments in my life.  I wouldn't trade a single one of them for the family that we have grown and all of the memories that we have made with one another.

Until next month...


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