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There's this guy I work with that I would describe as a young man who is a flower child at heart.  He's very carefree, caring and full of educated, but useless knowledge. Our office was hosting a baby shower for a co-worker and he had his child with him who was having a great time.  She was running around, eating, giggling and having so much fun.  I overheard him say that he's just not interested in being a helicopter parent.  At the time, we didn't have kids and thought that this was a pretty hilarious comparison between how parents parent.

Since, then (not to state the obvious) we have had two kids and I have become that helicopter parent, but (in my opinion it's only) to an extent.  My husband would state and argue otherwise.

Let's be honest.  When you have a child, you are trained to always keep them safe.  Your brain is wired that way.  And well, mine might be over-wired.  I have this constant fear that something will happen to my children that will be com…

Coen, 21 & 22 months

Dear Coen,

Boy is time continuing to fly by.  I cannot believe you're just a few months from turning two.  To be perfectly honest with you about these last two months; they have been some of the hardest months that we've faced.   This month, we lost a very important family member, your grandpa Tom.  It was only 32 days from the time we found out about his tumor to the time that he passed, but  you were able to visit him in the nursing home and lift his spirits before he went to Heaven.  We actually talked about Grandpa Tom last night when I was talking about the thunder storm that was rolling through our town.  I told you that it was just Grandpa bowling upstairs... Then I said that he probably wouldn't be bowling but maybe watching other angels bowling, but laughing about us thinking that he could be bowling.  The positive side to all of this happening is that we are seeing Grandma more and more and you get so excited when she comes to visit.

The other hard part of these …

Good Days

My goods are starting to out number my low days and I feel like myself again.  There is a tentative plan to help me get off my medication but I was told that I have to wait until Summer is in full-motion before I can talk about that again. Sunshine brings happiness, is what my doctor is leading to, I believe.  So, I'll be patient.

In the meantime, I've done a few things to help me feel better about me.  First, my doctor said that I need to start working out and I have to make it an appointment in my calendar and DO IT.  So, with that, I played around with a couple of ideas.  I thought that joining weight watchers would've been the best option because I've had success in the past, but I ended up tossing that idea out because it wasn't what my doctor said to do and I just wanted to sweat.

So, I went with a friend on a free weekend to Jazzercise and from there, I was hooked.  I went a few more times on the free weekends and then before too long, I became a member.  Le…

Tom, my Father-in-Law

On February 26, 2013, my husband went with his dad to have an MRI done on his brain.  He was having, what the doctor thought were a series of mini strokes and they wanted to see what was going on. Within a very short amount of time following the MRI, they were told that they had found a tumor in Tom's brain. 

They were sent to the ER to wait on a neuro-surgeon  to meet with them and unfortunately, that took quite a bit of time. Sean's mom spent every day by Tom's side, Sean spent every evening there after work and by the end of the week his brother had come into town and they were all staying at the hospital for 8 to 12 hours at a time.

On March 4, 2013, the doctors finally scheduled a biopsy to see exactly what was going on. The doctor reported that it was cancer and that it was the most aggressive of it's kind.  It was a type of cancer that was taking over/eating away at his brain, it wasn't a mass growing on his brain, it was literally attacking his brain tissue…