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Mush sounded like a fun word to use because it's really how I've been feeling lately.

My love handles are mushing, I look mushy in the mirror, my daily schedule has gone to mush, my time with my husband is mush, at the end of the day I'm mush, and because it's winter all of this is normal, right? Mush, mush, mush...

  • Sean's dad had a huge step in the right direction last night which was AWESOME.  Sean was able to hear his dad say answers to questions that he's asked every day.  Seems like something fairly easy... What state are your in, what's your cats name, who are the OSU football and basketball coaches, etc... These sorts of questions have proven to be very difficult for him to answer over the last week.  Last night, however, he answered them ALL!  I wasn't there to witness, but I can't help but get excited about this.  Give us a little glimmer of hope.
  • Coen had to go to the dr yesterday because he was still feeling pretty crummy and not doing well at the sitter.  While I was there, she suggested an x-ray to rule out or confirm that he had pre-pneumonia. Luckily, we got the results this morning and it was negative.  Thankfully!  He is at the sitter today with another antibiotic in his system that will hopefully make him feel better.  He will grow out this and we will move pass this sick stage but in the meantime it's very hard to deal with.  I feel like it's good training for when Emie might be dealing with these same things, but I look forward to them both feeling well, again.
  • Last night we got about 7 to 9 inches of snow.  I woke up with Emie at 11:56pm, 12:35am, 1:05am and while I was pacing around the house, I was SHOCKED that the snow they predicted actually arrived!
  • I'm participating in a busy bag project with some other moms and I've chosen to do this patriotic busy bag that looks pretty cute.  I have two more things to pick up before they are complete, but I'm looking forward to completing this and receiving 7 other bags to have Coen and Emie attempt.  It's fun to have these sorts of things on hand for when I might need a few minutes to myself or to complete something... and I can trust that he's doing something fun and quiet.  I plan on doing these this weekend after a quick stop to Joann's.
  • My giveaway winners will be receiving their products this weekend!  I'm excited to get them in the mail and have them use those items for their children!  So cute!
  •  I have a couple sewing projects that have taken a back burner lately, I'm hoping to get around to those this weekend, as long as my kids feel better and actually sleep well in the evening.
  • I've fallen off the wagon when it comes to exercising in the morning.  This is partially due to the fact that my sleep has been interrupted nightly for the last week.  Either by Emie not being able to breath or because of Coen coughing through the night.  Either way, when 5:45am comes around, I want nothing to do with getting up.  My sleep is too precious right now.
  •  On a positive note, I will be attending a Jazzercise class on Saturday to hopefully get me back in the spirit of working out.  Lord knows I need something and anything with a schedule of classes is so much easier for me to actually attend than trying to schedule something on my own.  We'll see how it goes.  It seems like something that only older women do, but I understand that is not the case.  Thankfully, it's free on the weekends in March so I'm just going to give it a go and go from there!
  • If you're wondering, our Florida trip is approaching at RAPID speed and I'm starting to flip out a bit about it, to be honest.  Not only do I worry about my milk supply but I also worry about  my kids, getting there, having everything fall into place, enjoying myself and having a good time with my husband even though we'll be leaving behind a lot of stresses.  It's going to be great timing, I think.  And I look forward to just being with Sean and being the two of us.  It will be really good for us, because we haven't had a lot of couple time lately.
  • Spring is only 14 days away.  COME ON AND GET HERE, would'ja?!?


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