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Emerson, 6 months

Dear Emie,

You are becoming more and more sweet with every moment that passes and everyone around you can see it unfolding.  Your smile lights up the room and your giggle is so contagious.  You love your family so much and you adore your brother more than anything.  You're such a joy to have around and we're so excited to continue to see your personality unfold.

You're very "talkative" and make a lot of noise trying to talk.  You're drooling like crazy and soaking through 2 to 4 bibs in a day.  You're rolling and getting around SO MUCH and you're yet to crawl, but you're getting very close!  You'll get up on all fours and rock around.  In the last week, you're started to lift your head up when you're rocking on your hands and feet which is an improvement.

It's so exciting to watch your learn.  In the last week, you're gone from sitting and falling over almost immediately, to tripoding really well, to full blown sitting by yourself with the occasional face-plant.  It's so crazy how fast your get that strength to hold yourself up, so quickly.  I don't like this sitting business that much because you will always be falling and hurting your head until you really get the hang of catching yourself, but at least you're making the right progress.

Your brother loves you so much and loves watching you learn and do new things.  He follows my lead and your dad's lead with what we call you and how we encourage you.  He calls you big girl, happy girl, silly goose and Emie (really loud)... He's so proud of the things you're learning to do, he's also a little possessive of his toys which we are working on, but it's very fun to see how gentle he can be with you and yet how much fun he can have when playing with you.  We put down the "dance floor" (this big quilt blanket that your Nana and Great Aunt Kathy made) and you both roll around and play on there a lot.  Coen loves to have the "dance floor" and loves to roll around on there with you, while you roll around like crazy too.

You love grabbing anything in front of your face and typically you pull whatever it is, right into your mouth.  You love to hold onto people's faces when they get close to you and you'll push their cheeks together which is really funny to watch people to react to when they aren't ready for that. You're loving Sophie the giraffe right now and play with her for 20 minutes or more at a time. I tell people all the time that it's like baby crack... you just can't get enough.

While writing this, it made me think about my update that I would've done for Coen at 6 months.  It's interesting to read about how you're basically the same baby as him.  Very calm, happy, easy going, wiggly, on the move, never crying, etc... It also makes me think about how when you're brother was this age, I was already pregnant with you.  I hope to be pregnant again sometime soon, but not right now.  I think we are shooting for another year before adding another child to the mix.  We'll see when that time comes.

Recently we went on your first wagon ride and I'm pretty sure that you and your brother were just excited to be outside.  We've had quite a long winter.  We've gone from having about 9 inches of snow dumped on us to having a 65 degree day, all in the same month. We never had you play in the snow, but since we live in Ohio, I'd hate to say that we still have plenty of time.  For all we know, we might get a couple of inches next week.

Last Sunday, we went to church without dad.  This meant that I wore you in the bjorn and carried Coen in.  It worked, but I was completely sweating by the time I got into church, took Coen to the nursery and came back up.  It was fine, but I was a little stressed while doing the transfer.  I was happy that we went because they did a blessing for all the children and they brought Coen up into the church service which was really sweet.  Very special for me to see and I'm thankful for that.

 You're still wearing size 3 diapers, you're creeping very quickly into size 6 and size 6-9 month clothes and you're still eating really well.  Breastfeeding is going great (pumping at work is not that great, but it's working), you're also eating bananas, avocado, sweet potato and squash. It all seems to be happening so fast, but that's how it always seems.

Sleep has never really been something that we've struggled with for you.  Lately, you've been up and down with colds and stuffy noses, so we've been keeping you in our room which has worked out and has been nice because I know what's going on with you.  However, this last weekend and week, we've been trying to get you to sleep in your room.  This has worked out just okay, so far.  I imagine we have about another week before it works out really well.  The first night was great, the second night you woke up your brother with your chatter, the third night wasn't good and you weren't happy about it and last night was okay too.  See another week or two, we'll get this under control, we hope!

We're so proud of you, Emie Ann, and we look forward to all that you're going to learn in do in the upcoming years.  You're such a special little girl and we're so happy that you're so happy, all the time!

Happy 6 months, Emie!

Love, Mama & Dad


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