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february brain dump

1.  Giveaway WINNERS!

We have winners from the giveaway that was run earlier this month.  We have one winner for the boys tie shirt and another for the bows.

I think it goes without saying, but if you're MSDeyle, could you please email me so that we can talk about the details of getting you some very cute new bows for your little girl?  My email is happyhopefuls at gmail dot com.  Congrats on winning the bows!!

And secondly, Written Kitties, if you could please email me at the address above, let's talk about the details of getting your little boy a new tie t-shirt!  Congrats on winning, as well!

I look forward to hearing from you both!
2. Instagram is depleting my blogging efforts and ideas.

I have been on Instagram for some time now.  I have 966 photos uploaded and a number of followers, most of which are people who's blogs I follow on my reader and through facebook as well.  Because it's so easy to keep up with what's going on in their lives through Instagram and vise versa... I have found that I have less and less that I return to the blog to document.  I still enjoy my monthly posts for my children, which always run behind a bit, but aside from that, because of IG, I'm completely slacking.  My apologies.

Are you on IG?  What's your IG name?  Leave it in the comments and I'll look you up!  I'm happyhopefuls... search for me, if you'd like!

3. Salad kick vs. Weight Gain

Lately, I've been eating like there won't be any food available in an hour and I have to fill my stomach now!  It's a little insane and I recognize that, but the problem is, is I really like food.  Like really like food. 

We went on a little road trip over the weekend and I don't remember the last time I had eaten so much but I kept joking that we were on vacation and that's just what we were supposed to do.  In return, I got on the scale just to monitor what I had actually done to my body (that I already hate) and the result was a gain of 5 pounds.  Not joking.  So, this week, my goal... Salads.

I'm basically single-mommying it this week, so that means that I have to make my own dinner and have something at the house for me to make... otherwise, I will eat junk.  I've been on this salad kick for a little while now and it was starting to happen before we went on our little vacation to VA, but then in VA it went down the toilet.

Today, however, it's starting up again.  I'm going to kick some of this weight off and remind myself that I can feel better about my body if I'm kind to it... meaning watching what I put in my mouth and remember that everything I eat will effect me.  So salads, it is!

4. Visiting the White House.

This could really be a post in and of itself, but I'm just blending it in here.  As I said above, we visited family in Virginia this weekend, for a long weekend and Thursday morning, we actually toured the White House. It's not something that just anyone can do.  You have to be approved and go through this approval process before receiving confirmation that you're allowed to tour.  We sent in our information months ago to our representative...names, socials, address, phone numbers, etc. And a week (or less) before our trip, we were approved!

To say that it was really awesome, is an understatement.  I mean, we were IN the White House!  We went through a handful of security measures and then before we knew it, we were opening the door to the White House and walking right in!  We were on a self guided tour which was ok, but I would've loved to of had a guide telling us all sorts of tid-bits about the rooms and everything else.  Like what documents were signed in these rooms or who uses these rooms the most or what the Obama's brought into this home, etc...  There were small signs in every room that helped a little but I wanted to know more!  There was security all over the place and they would willingly answer your questions, but you had to prompt them with them.

We saw the Library, the China Room, the Blue Room, the Red Room, the Green room and two ENORMOUS dining rooms.  It was so cool to be in there and looking around.  Walking where Presidents have walked and a number of other historical figures have been.  It was really surreal.

They are VERY strict, as you can imagine, about what you can bring into the White House.  Basically you can bring yourself, an ID and a cell phone.  You cannot use your cell phone but you can have it on your body.  You weren't allowed a purse, a tube of chapstick, a bottle of water or food of any kind.  Seems reasonable to me, but I didn't think we'd even be allowed a cell.  Either way, we complied with their requests and had a great time inside.

The only question I asked was what the Obama's have done to redecorate the house.  He said that they had helped to redecorate a dining room, but had to comply with the White House historical regulations on decorating and work with an interior decorator to make it all happen.  They do have some leeway in their quarters, but not a lot.  I would've loved to have seen more of the house, but we were only able to see what they offered and then we literally walked out the front door.  It was probably the coolest part of the whole thing!  Obama's family was there when we were there, we didn't see them, of course.  We did see his helicopter leave as we were leaving the area.  That was cool.

Going on the tour was a once in a lifetime experience and I'm so glad we did it.  We had a great time!

That silly ugly truck ruined a great picture, but you get the idea... we were RIGHT there!

This is the Inauguration seating set up that they were taking down when we were there.  I don't know who uses this seating, but I'm sure someone could've told us.  It was just neat to see it... whatever it was.

5. Valentine's Day.

In our house and throughout our relationship, we haven't really done much for Valentine's Day...  It's just not something that my husband is really crazy about and over time, I've just become okay with it.  We usually will get each other a silly card and maybe do something a little more fun for dinner.  But nothing really elaborate.

Last week, I received flowers at work from my husband.  Something that doesn't happen very often and especially on Valentine's Day.  Aren't the pretty?

Sean was saying that he was so jazzed (my descriptive word not his) to send flowers to me because they would also be addressed to Emerson, too.  His second Valentine!

I sent a picture of them (the same one above) to my sitter to have Emie see how pretty they are... Coen smelled the phone because he LOVES to smell flowers.  He's seriously, so funny.

6. Update on BC.

The update on my birth control situation is this.  I'm not taking anything.  Period.

I did the switch from the depo shot to the nuva ring and when my milk supply started to deplete I freaked out.  Took out the nuva ring, asked for something different and now have the mini pill.  I haven't taken it because I just didn't want to deal with reacting to another birth control that just won't mesh well with my body.

Thankfully my body did what a nurse suggested and it psyched it into having a "cycle" over the weekend.  So, now I can at least start to chart and track where I should be in a normal cycle, even thought I probably won't be having anything normal for a while.  We shall see though.  Anything is possible at this point and since I'm refusing to take birth control, I have to be really careful.  We do want 3 kids and possibly 4 (depending on the day) but we aren't ready to expand our family right now.

I want SO BADLY to talk to my doctor about it, but I'm not able to get into my OB until next week and my general doctor until mid-March!  I just want to know what I can do to control everything and get off the other medicines that I'm taking.  It's very frustrating, but I'm trying to be patient and ride it out.  I'll have some answers soon.  Hopefully.

7. Swim Lessons.

Swim lessons were a hit!  After about 15 minutes in the water, Coen was kicking, letting me put him and hold him on his tummy, blowing bubbles in the water with his mouth, splashing water like crazy and loving every second of it.  We, unfortunately, got there a little early so by the time the class started, Coen was almost done.  This last week we had to miss a class but we have 3 more to go and I'm very hopeful that it continues to be a good thing for Coen.

Oh and the instructor?  She was in the water and interacting with EVERY student.  It was great!  Looking forward to this coming Saturday and going to the class again.


WOOHOO!!! I am excited and can't wait for Henry to wear one of your shirts!! I will email you today :)

I feel the same about Instagram so I am trying to make an effort to catch up on blogs. Not only read them, but also comment. I like blogging better, I just don't see to have the time and Instagram is so much easier.

Go salads! I am going to try this next week as I kick off exercising and eating better. Good luck to you!

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