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Emerson, 5 months

Dear sweet baby girl,

I cannot believe how quickly we are approaching my most favorite age!  You're growing and changing so much with every day!  You're personality is really starting to shine and you're still the happiest baby on the block!

This wasn't your healthiest month of your life.  You started with an ear infection, that led to rotovirus that led to roseola and after almost 4 weeks of battling blow outs and multiple outfit changes, you're finally back to normal.  It wasn't my most favorite month, but we got through it and fortunately, it didn't bother you too much.  We had a couple of nights that you just didn't know what to do with yourself, but overall, you were pretty calm through the whole thing.

Sleeping has been a little rough because we had to have you sleep in our room so we knew what was going on with you.  Because you're bowels weren't on track, we would more than likely wake you up at night to change you so that you'd sleep through the rest of the night.  Not ideal, but it was what worked for us.  We had just got you back into your room, but having you close was far more important while you got better.

Physically, you are so strong!  Holding your neck and head up like a champ, rolling and moving around on the floor really well and really fast! The other day your dad was watching you and you went from the front of the couch, around to the side and ended up all the way behind the couch.  You prefer to roll to your right, but you will roll from your left as well.  Just not the preferred direction.

Your communication is improving at rapid speed.  You're even starting to sound like you're saying babababa or dadadada and sometimes mamamama.  It's very cute because we can tell that you're trying so hard!  You're a really good screamer and you give these little bursts of yells sometimes to get attention.  You've learned how to do a fake cough which is pretty cute.  I sometimes feel like you're mocking us when we make noises.  Watching you mock your brother is pretty cute too.  He does the same to you, as well.  He's really good at giving you squeezes and kisses and enjoys doing it... when he gets close to you, you grab his face with both hands on his cheeks.  He likes this most of the time but he pulls away when he's not into it.  Sometimes your nails are sharp and it hurts... but faces are really something you're curious about right now.

You love getting eye contact and sometimes when you don't see anyone close by, this freaks you out a bit.  Outside of not having people close, if you're really tired, if you're hungry or have a poopy diaper - those are really the only times you're not happy. 

You're still doing really great at the sitter and she's got a jumperoo/exe-saucer that you use and seem to like for a little bit.

You're eyes are true blue, just like your dad and brother and they are just so pretty.  You're hair is still pretty brown, but you can see that it's growing in a little lighter.  I imagine that you'll be blonde like you're brother, but who knows.

You're currently in size 3 diapers from Target or Luvs.  You're almost fitting perfectly into size 6 clothes.  We tried to put a 3 month outfit on you the other day and it was just really snug.  I'm still a big fan of putting you in tights and a onesie because it stays on better than socks and pants and all of those small pieces that fall off.  You don't seem to mind and it keeps you warmer, too!

You've started to fall to sleep better when holding someone's hand.  You do this a lot in the morning when your dad is driving you to the sitter's house.  It's a calming thing for you to just have a good grip on someone close by.  We've started to give you your Ellie Cozy Plush friend or your Sally the Seahorse when you're sleeping and we're watching you so that you have something close by that you can hold onto that is also soothing.  You seem to like that.  The other day you were cuddling with Sophie and that wasn't working too well because she kept squeaking!

You're getting really great on the floor and have started to get up on your knees and hands.... I cannot believe it's already time for this.  I keep encouraging you, but in all honesty, I'm sad that you're going to be VERY mobile very soon.  Is it even time for this?  Your current problem with getting on all fours is that you don't lift your head.  So you give your face a rug burn but you do make some movement forward.  Poor thing.

Riding in the car is still no big deal to you, you take a bottle like a champ and you pretty much love every new face that you meet.  You're very smiley with everyone and sometimes bury your face in our shoulders or your hands when you're trying to be shy or silly.  It's really sweet.

Every month has been a lot of fun, but I'm very excited for the next couple to watch you learn so much more and show how strong you really are!  We've been working on sitting up and you'll tripod for a minute but you fall over quickly.

Eating this month has been good.  You're still nursing really well and taking the bottle at the sitter's house really well.  You've tried avocado and bananas and we're going to be trying sweet potato and squash soon.  I'm excited to have this self feeder that you seem to enjoy.  It makes it easy to have you try things because it's in your control.

I hope to get you back in your crib in the next few weeks.  You do really well in our room and sleep through the night, for the most part.  Sometimes I do have to wake up and feed you or help you find your paci or hold you hand to get you back down, but all in all you sleep really well and for a long period of time too!  I'm still nervous about having you sleep in your room for all the normal reasons.  I was afraid that you'd wake up your brother, but in all the times that we've had you up there, your noises don't even phase your brother.  We'll get you back up there soon.  Maybe this weekend!

You're growing up so fast and proving to be a very easy going baby!  We love to watch your relationship with your brother and the rest of us grow and develop every  day.  Your smile is so contagious and we love spending every minute with you.  You brighten up our lives.

Happy 5 months, Emie Ann!

Love, Mama & Dad


Wow, 5 months already! Her smile is truly THE BEST.

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