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Coen, 20 months

Dear Coen,

We love you... SO much!  You make us some of the proudest parents out there and we couldn't be more luckily to have you in our lives.

Over the last month, your vocabulary has grown daily and this is so exciting.  For the most part, we understand what you're saying but we have had a couple of moments where we just don't know.  We try to figure it out and sometimes succeed, but sometimes fail and just let you run off hoping that you don't realize that we never were able to figure out what you were saying.

You're starting to say three syllable words with not a lot of struggles... You repeat just about every word that we say or that we ask you to say.  This has proven to be a really great thing, but also a not-so-great thing too.  We're working on the not-so-great words that are being repeated, but that might take a little more time to remove that we thought.

(He's standing INSIDE of a pitcher - the lid is the white thing on the floor...)

You're becoming more and more independent and helpful.  You're really big into helping with cleaning up, throwing trash away, putting diapers away, putting the wipes away, "helping" with the laundry and getting dressed and undressed.  You're not doing the dressing and undressing thing very well, but you're trying.  Striping down to your onesie in the dead of winter isn't really a great thing because it's so cold, but you do it and seem to enjoy it... I just laugh at you and let you run around like crazy.  It's more fun than trying to fight you to keep things together.

You don't like socks or shoes, still.  You take these off the section that you get in the car and you think it's funny to tell me "don't touch" so that you can do it yourself.  Mr. Independent.

You're starting to have a bit of those "terrible two" type outbursts and tantrums, but we are trying our best to deal with them or let them ride out a bit.  This includes a lot of use of the word, "No" but it's all part of the fun, right?  To stop you from saying "No" so much, we've started to say "YES" back to you and you seem to think that this is funny most of the time.

We've started to brush your teeth every morning and night.  You love to help and this is a struggle, sometimes.  You do really well upstairs in your bathroom but hate EVERY SECOND OF IT in our bathroom.  We let you help but we have to do most of the scrubbing ourselves, otherwise it doesn't get done.  It's a work in progress.

Your dad brought home a hand-me-down fisher price basketball hoop.  At first, you could barely touch the rim.  Now you're dunking.  Seriously kid.  Stop growing up so fast.  You're breaking my heart.  In all honesty, the hoop has been your most favorite thing!  You wake up asking to play basketball (said like this... basskeet-keetball) and that's before you can even see it and you're still standing in your bed.  It's been fun for your dad and I to play too.  We play pig while we let you attempt to play as well.  The walls might be getting a little dirty and I might have hit the tv a time or two (don't tell dad)... but who is counting?!?!

Your sitter has been working with you on your numbers and your letters every day.  Some days you're really into sharing what you know and other days you don't.  It's fine, but when you are caught counting by yourself, that's pretty awesome.  You're not always in order, after 10, but you give it a great effort.  The alphabet isn't something that you spout off randomly, but you do recognize letters in books or on tv.  Those moments are pretty great to watch... WOSU or PBS kids TV has proven to be really great for you!  You learn a lot from those shows!  Word World, Sid the Science Kid, Martha Speaks and Super Why are your favorite.  And still, you don't really watch these shows intently.  You watch a portion and then move on... especially if there isn't a song playing.

You're still in a size 4 diaper from Target or Luvs, you're wearing a mixture of clothes right now which until last week was starting to make my head spin.  You're mostly in 18 month clothes, but you're still in a lot of 12 month tops.  Some 12 month pants are just too short for you and so, we've had to pack those away.  18 month shirts and pants are both too big, but they actually fit better than the 12 month pants that are just too small.  It's a little bit of a gamble based on brands and sizes right now, but we're just trying anything to see what works best.  I got a little misty this weekend when I moved all of the 18 month things into your "currently wearing" drawers and 2T clothes into your "will be wearing soon" drawer.  I cannot believe you're almost 2 years old!

 (This was our sitter's way of being silly but also helpful.  It's a great way to keep your pants on!)

We've been doing swim lessons this month that have been fun.  Our only trouble is that they run right into lunch and nap time so sometimes it's really great and other times it's just okay. You're learning and trying a lot and that's all that I can ask for!

You're still a cuddle bug, you still suck your thumb, you're starting to show interest in going to the potty (but not a ton), you're a great hugger and kisser and you love giving nose kisses.  You're not so crazy about strangers, but you're starting to warm up to some with more time that we spend with them... like at church.  You find toys and books (sometimes) and will sit and play with them for 20 to 40 minutes at a time... without getting up, looking up or moving onto something else.  That's really impressive to watch.

We traveled to Virginia this month and it was a lot of fun.  Watching you with your cousins was pretty fun because you matured so quickly.  You didn't fall asleep in the car until 12am, you played hockey in the street, you visited your great Uncle & Aunt in Alexandria and you tried your first chai tea (only a sip)!

We love spending every minute that we can with you and from what we understand, so does everyone else that meets you.  You're a really great kid and we couldn't be more happy to be your parents or to have you in our lives.

You're a complete joy and we love how happy you make us!

Happy 20 Months, Coen!

Love, Mama & Dad


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