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feeding herself

She's in love with trying food and for now, we are using this Kidsme food feeder to let her feed herself.  So far she's had avocado, banana and we plan to try sweet potato soon, too. 

Doesn't she look so excited?

Emerson, 5 months

Dear sweet baby girl,

I cannot believe how quickly we are approaching my most favorite age!  You're growing and changing so much with every day!  You're personality is really starting to shine and you're still the happiest baby on the block!

This wasn't your healthiest month of your life.  You started with an ear infection, that led to rotovirus that led to roseola and after almost 4 weeks of battling blow outs and multiple outfit changes, you're finally back to normal.  It wasn't my most favorite month, but we got through it and fortunately, it didn't bother you too much.  We had a couple of nights that you just didn't know what to do with yourself, but overall, you were pretty calm through the whole thing.

Sleeping has been a little rough because we had to have you sleep in our room so we knew what was going on with you.  Because you're bowels weren't on track, we would more than likely wake you up at night to change you so that you'd slee…

Coen, 20 months

Dear Coen,

We love you... SO much!  You make us some of the proudest parents out there and we couldn't be more luckily to have you in our lives.

Over the last month, your vocabulary has grown daily and this is so exciting.  For the most part, we understand what you're saying but we have had a couple of moments where we just don't know.  We try to figure it out and sometimes succeed, but sometimes fail and just let you run off hoping that you don't realize that we never were able to figure out what you were saying.

You're starting to say three syllable words with not a lot of struggles... You repeat just about every word that we say or that we ask you to say.  This has proven to be a really great thing, but also a not-so-great thing too.  We're working on the not-so-great words that are being repeated, but that might take a little more time to remove that we thought.

(He's standing INSIDE of a pitcher - the lid is the white thing on the floor...)

february brain dump

1.  Giveaway WINNERS!

We have winners from the giveaway that was run earlier this month.  We have one winner for the boys tie shirt and another for the bows.

I think it goes without saying, but if you're MSDeyle, could you please email me so that we can talk about the details of getting you some very cute new bows for your little girl?  My email is happyhopefuls at gmail dot com.  Congrats on winning the bows!!

And secondly, Written Kitties, if you could please email me at the address above, let's talk about the details of getting your little boy a new tie t-shirt!  Congrats on winning, as well!
I look forward to hearing from you both!

2. Instagram is depleting my blogging efforts and ideas.

I have been on Instagram for some time now.  I have 966 photos uploaded and a number of followers, most of which are people who's blogs I follow on my reader and through facebook as well.  Because it's so easy to keep up with what's going on in their lives through Instagram an…

so frustrated.

At my 6 week postpartum visit with my doctor, we talked about birth control.  I knew I wanted to do something, but I wasn't really crazy about taking a pill everyday.  We talked about my options and at the time, decided that the depo shot was going to be the best option.

A couple of weeks later, I came in with my shot, walked out 15 minutes later and knew that I was protecting without doing something daily or even monthly.

Three to five months pass and I realize that I'm just not myself.  I feel like a negative Nancy, my mood is just in the gutter and every day I feel like complete and utter garbage.  I talked my general doctor about my feelings and my moods and he said that he has seen where the depo has sent some mom's right into postpartum, without much warning.

Next thing I know, I'm taking a pill every day.  Not birth control, but an anti-depressant.


To be honest, being in this spot.  This spot where all of my good & high moments were almost non-existan…