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Inspired & Decluttering

I wanted to say thank you so much to those of you that responded to my post yesterday and for those of you that sent me emails privately offering support.  It's great to know that you all have my back and that a lot of you have been in this similar spot.  This is not a fun spot to be in.  It's not somewhere I want to be and I hope that it will all come a close very soon.  Tomorrow, I'll have more answers, so I'm looking forward to my appointment to know where we should go from here.  I don't like that I'm going to take in notes from another dr. to my ob, but I think it will be helpful.  I'm just hoping for some improvement, soon.

On a side note (but somewhat related), because I was in the giving to goodwill mode with my clothes, it spread into just giving things away from all over the house.  I knew with Christmas decorations this year and two small children that my level of "decorating" would much more limited this year and many of the years to follow.  And, to be honest, I have a lot of decor.  I've already said and started to set things aside to give away because I won't be using them in the coming years or I just don't like that piece of Christmas decor anymore.   It's been refreshing and nice to just get it out of the house.

While catching up on some blogs this morning, I came across Bekah at Country Mouse Tales's post about 30 bags in 30 days.  It inspired me to look at more than just the things that I'm currently looking at to purge (holiday things and winter clothes that suck) and just purge things from EVERYWHERE in the house.  30 bags in 30 days sounds great but not very realistic for me.  I'm going to shoot for 30 bags in under 30 weeks. 

These are the areas that require the most attention right now...
  1. Kitchen
  2. Pantry
  3. 1/2 bath
  4. Coat closet
  5. Laundry room
  6. Master bedroom
  7. My dresser
  8. S.'s dresser
  9. Under our bed
  10. Master closet
  11. Master bathroom
  12. Living room
  13. Toy cubes
  14. Loft/toy room
  15. Emie's room
  16. Emie's Closet
  17. Coen's room
  18. Coen's closet
  19. Linens
  20. Books
  21. Winter coats & sweaters
  22. Pre-pregnancy clothes & maternity clothes that I never wore
  23. Swim gear
  24. Frames & decor
  25. Scarves/hats/gloves
  26. Holiday boxes
  27. Garage & Cars
  28. Toys
  29. Desk/office supplies
  30. Sewing/craft table
Funny thing just happened as I was writing this...

My husband sent me an email saying that we really need to focus on Emie's room and the basement.  Guess that means that I might be filling a few bags this weekend.  Maybe getting 30 bags in 30 days won't be so bad.  Either way, I'm going to go with this motivation until it runs out.  Wish me luck.

Tonight, my plan is laundry and Emie's room.


M said…
I have been trying to do something every night as well... even if it is just one cabinet! trash it or give it!!
Good luck!! I'm working on a purge plan too... Crossing my fingers I can make major progress.
Bekah said…
Oooh yay! Hope it goes well!!
J o s e y said…
I'm totally stealing this idea - thanks!! :)

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