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Emerson, 4 months

Dear Sweet Emerson,

You make being a parent really, very easy.  It's amazing how easy you are... you eat well, you're growing well, you don't spit up a lot, you sleep well, you don't cry, you're really happy and so calm.

It's been really great to see your personality come out, more and more over the last month.  You respond to everyone with such a cute little expression and usually a little squeal.  You're currently drooling a lot, which probably means that teeth are starting to make a move, but that doesn't seem to be bothering you too much.

You're developing a relationship with your brother and watching that unfold is pretty awesome.

We love every second that we get to spend with you and we cannot wait to see how you continue to grow, learn and change, daily.

We love you Emie,

Mama & Dad

P.S. Yes, you're going to be 5 months very soon, but it's better late than never... right?

4 month stats...

Emie at 4 months: 38th percentile for weight, 73rd percentile for length and 97th percentile for head circumference. 

Coen at 4 months: 39th percentile for weight, 75th percentile for length and 64th percentile for head circumference.

Two thoughts about these stats:
1. I didn't write down the actual measurements, who does that? 
2. Emie has a HUGE head.

You were in size 2 diapers for most of the month, but we started to switch you to 3s at the end of the month.  You were starting to have too many blow outs that we just made the switch.  The blow outs are still happening from time to time, but we are dealing with those.  Thanks to Oxyclean, we are getting almost everything out!

You're still wearing mostly 3 month clothing, but 6 month clothing is starting to look a little more comfortable... not as snug and has a little room for movement.

Your hair is starting to grow a little more and I'm able to twist it just enough to get a barrette in there every once in a while.  You don't seem to mind it much, but when you're not happy you tend to tug on your hair which usually results in the barrette exiting, as well.  We still have several headbands that work, but I plan on making some over the next few weeks to hopefully work better than the barrettes for now.

I thought that you were going to be giving up the paci and I think that you are, but it's just taking a bit more time.  You haven't found your thumb like your brother, but you have found that you can calm yourself (most of the time) without the paci, so I could see you passing it off in the next few months.  I mainly use it to keep your food down after you eat and to just move things south instead of potentially spitting up.  It's working for now, but after giving up the paci, I don't want it to become a problem again.

Your smiles light up a room and you LOVE to smile at your brother.  We sit and watch you watch him, even when he's not playing with you, but playing nearby.  You are in awe of him and whatever he is doing.  You'll smile just watching him play and it's very cute.

You're starting to talk a bit... you've been making noises and things for a while, but you're starting to hum a lot and make more use of your mouth, making me think that you're going to say more very soon.  Luckily for me, you're drooling, but you don't have any teeth yet.  I imagine they are on the way, but I'm thankful they aren't here yet.

You've got full use of your hands and you love to have something in your hands to keep them busy.  You like this ball that is sort of squishy, a taggy triangle with a ring on it and squeaker in the middle, and you're starting to love Sophie the way Coen did.

You're still rolling very well and it's improved a lot over the last few weeks.  You tend to roll from your back (left) to your belly.  You don't really roll to the right, even though you can if we place you that way and you don't roll from your belly to your back.  We were told that belly to back is actually easier, but you haven't done that yet, so I can't help but believe that it's just not your favorite motion yet.  Maybe next month.

The rolling thing freaks me out a little at night because sometimes you'll roll and I'll hear that your frustrated on the monitor and I'll come to check on you and you'll be fine.  Last night, I went up two times and both times, you had made it to your belly and were actually back to sleep on your belly by the time I got up there to flip you back over.  Our dr. said that if they can roll to their belly, they will figure out how to roll back... I just don't like it.  A friend suggested pushing you to the side closest to your left so that when you want to roll you hit the side of the bed and maybe end up on your side... I think I'm going to give that a try tonight.  I'm just not 100% comfortable with the whole rolling while in bed....

Bath-time might be your most favorite activity, right now.  Your brother still loves to take baths... Recently, we moved you from the sling in the small tub to just inside the small tub.  It allows for more kicking room and I think you appreciate that a lot.  You were squealing your butt off in the tub the other night and it was just priceless.

Thoughts on the following pictures... Apparently I like to pictures of when Emie is asleep more than when she's awake.  Reason?  Because she's less likely to move and blur the picture.  Enjoy.

Comparison picture... Coen on left, Emie on right - both at 4 months.

Cousin Wylie... just hanging out on New Year's Eve.


Awwwww, look at that sweet face, what beautiful girl! That smile kills me! Almost 5 months, that is crazy! Time flies. It sounds like she is just growing so fast!

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