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getting it done

Just a quick post to say that I accomplished everything on my small goals list from yesterday except for dropping off one shirt to a friend.

Today, my smalls goals are these:

Drop off t-shirt to TM & pick up prom dresses for driveTurn in my $$ for the squares that I bought for the SuperbowlPump 3 times at workExercise in the AM (done)Call BE on my way homeBuy Bumbo tray for my mom I know this doesn't seem like a lot, but this is really helping me deal with my lack of organization and the inability to get things done that don't require a lot of time.

small goals

I have a really really big probably with the act of following through.  I know this is something that a lot of people probably struggle with but this has been one of my life's biggest challenges.

It's starts with something as easy as writing a thank you note or returning a phone call or saying that I'm going to really do something and actually doing it.

Sure, their are obstacles that get in my way and there are about a thousand excuses I could make, but the bottom line is that I just need to do it.

Maybe I'm over booking myself - this is always a problem.  Or maybe I just need to DO instead of WANT TO DO... those are two very different things.

I think Pinterest has a lot to blame for always feeling like I'm WAY behind the ball.  I see how people craft and spend time crafting with their kids or making something really great for their house and then I think that I'm completely failing for not doing the same thing.  Seriously, that is crap.  You aren't a good …

I have issues.

There's no lie about that.  I have a lot of issues.  I'm ADHD, I have postpartum, I have OCD tenancies, which result in being very Type A and all of those combined make for a great big disaster (most of the time)!

All that aside, we are planning a little trip to Florida.  It's just going to be the husband and myself and yes, we are leaving the kids with my parents for this little trip.  We will be going to Disney, but seriously, they won't know any different when it's all said and done.  Plus, we would be TOTALLY INSANE if we took them to Disney this year.  Coen doesn't have a clue about Disney characters and we would only be chasing him around everywhere.  And Emie, she would probably just sleep through the whole thing.

So, we're going.  We're going for 4 (ish) days and 3 nights.  We plan on hitting up Disney, the beach and the pool.  I know, it sounds awful, doesn't it.  Our hope is that we leave some really crappy weather behind and actually get to…

Pinterest Challenge January 2013

I'm joining in on the fun...

My goal is to complete this, very soon.  Not exactly how they did it, but fairly close.

And if you're interested in joining on the fun, by creating something on Pinterest for this challenge, start here and let's see what you're going to do!

More to come on this project, as it unfolds in a couple weeks.  Stay tuned.


I'm venturing into a new world and I need your help.
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I really appreciate it.

And while I'm at it, thank you for always reading and following along in all our little ups and downs.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend... Now click it and vote!

Thank you.

Jill, 30 years

Since, I do monthly updates on the blog for our kids, I thought it would be good to update you on me.  I've spent 39 weeks, twice in two years, to update you all on pregnancies week by week, that I feel like we need a re-cap on how and what I'm doing.

Just for reference... Emie is 5 months old today and Coen turned 19 months just 14 days ago.

BTW, I cannot believe that I'm 30 years old. Without really being able to celebrate my birthday with an adult beverage for the last two years... it almost feels like I'm still 28.  I'm not kidding either.  Guess that means that 31 is going to be a big year!  Yahooo!

Hair Loss: Right now, I'm in the prime of hair loss.  I remembered this being bad with Coen, but it's here in full force again with Emie and like Julia, it started right at 4 months, like clock work.  Can I just say how dang annoying this is?  I wash my hair, every day and after about a month, our drain is clogged and won't drain right.  When I brush out…

Swim Class

We're revisiting the swim classes, again this winter.  We did them last year, when Coen was 6 months old and it was a hit, but unfortunately, the class itself was a joke.  We basically swam around with Coen in our arms and from time to time let him play with a plastic toy that the "teacher" threw into the pool for the kids to grab or "swim" toward.  Since he's a bit older, I thought we'd just go again, to see how it would work this time.

I had been thinking about doing them since it's fun to have an activity to do that isn't' outside, but it became more apparent to me that this was much more necessary when he started to freak out a bit about the water in the bath.  He'll sit and splash until his heart is content, but he is becoming less and less of a fan of the water getting in his face or eyes or nose or mouth.  I realize that no one likes this, but when you have a head full of soapy shampoo, you have no other option than to get a littl…

Coen, 19 months

Dear Coen,

With every month that passes, I continue to think... you can't possibly be this old, already.  But you are in fact 19 months and very soon you'll be 2 years old and we'll be celebrating your big day again.  I look back at pictures and find myself already forgetting how fast time is passing.  You're growing up so fast and becoming your own little person and it's really very fun to watch it all unfold.  You're testing us a lot, lately, as parents.  We haven't had any really big issues, but in the last few months, we've had to reevaluate how we address your behavior and what we make a big deal and what we don't.  We tell ourselves all the time that this is just a phase and it will pass and then we'll have a new phase to worry about.  We also find that we don't really stress about the way you act out because we know that drawing attention to your tantrums will only increase them.  We we just let them play out and only intervene when…

Emerson, 4 months

Dear Sweet Emerson,

You make being a parent really, very easy.  It's amazing how easy you are... you eat well, you're growing well, you don't spit up a lot, you sleep well, you don't cry, you're really happy and so calm.

It's been really great to see your personality come out, more and more over the last month.  You respond to everyone with such a cute little expression and usually a little squeal.  You're currently drooling a lot, which probably means that teeth are starting to make a move, but that doesn't seem to be bothering you too much.

You're developing a relationship with your brother and watching that unfold is pretty awesome.

We love every second that we get to spend with you and we cannot wait to see how you continue to grow, learn and change, daily.

We love you Emie,

Mama & Dad

P.S. Yes, you're going to be 5 months very soon, but it's better late than never... right?

4 month stats...

Emie at 4 months: 38th percentile for weigh…

And then it happened...

Last weekend, was a weekend that pretty much changed our lives forever.  We had something pretty unexpected happen and with that... an enormous weight was lifted.

What happened?

We paid off our credit card (BAZINGA!)!We set aside money to pay for childcare!We're getting very close to paying off our only car loan! And we each got a few dollars to spend on ourselves, our kids and our house, hoping to update things from all aspects.
 I'm not going to go into how this all came about, but we are thankful that it happened.  Basically, we lived with the bare-bones of our income for a long time, we "struggled" to do a lot of things, we also didn't do a lot of things and we only did what we had to do to survive this way... And now, we've put ourselves in a really great spot.  I didn't believe that we would ever get here and I never thought it would be this early in our lives.  But, we are here and it's really freaking awesome.

With this happening, my li…


To recap from earlier in the week...

I wrote this post that outlined my low days vs. my good days.  All in all, post Emie, I have felt like my low days are out numbering my good days. This is what I knew prior to today...

I met with my OB and we concluded these things...
I am still well within the window of having postpartum depression.I'm very low, feel very sluggish, I dislike a lot of things that I would normally love, I find myself not overly happy and not overly sad... just really blah and unhappy.I was given some medication to try to help regulate.I need to have my thyroid checked.
 I met with my general doctor and concluded these things...

I have postpartum depression.The medicine should be making me feel better by now and if it doesn't, we need to change it.The depo could be causing some side effects that could have triggered the PPD. Given my mom's health history, that could be playing a role if the BRCA gene was traced and it is not.I need to have my thyroid check…

Inspired & Decluttering

I wanted to say thank you so much to those of you that responded to my post yesterday and for those of you that sent me emails privately offering support.  It's great to know that you all have my back and that a lot of you have been in this similar spot.  This is not a fun spot to be in.  It's not somewhere I want to be and I hope that it will all come a close very soon.  Tomorrow, I'll have more answers, so I'm looking forward to my appointment to know where we should go from here.  I don't like that I'm going to take in notes from another dr. to my ob, but I think it will be helpful.  I'm just hoping for some improvement, soon.

On a side note (but somewhat related), because I was in the giving to goodwill mode with my clothes, it spread into just giving things away from all over the house.  I knew with Christmas decorations this year and two small children that my level of "decorating" would much more limited this year and many of the years to f…

low days vs. good days

As I reflect on the last few years, I'm overwhelmed with emotions.  We've been through a lot and it's been both good and bad.  We've had a lot of ups and downs and luckily, we've survived through it all.

I was reviewing our "journey" tab and literally our journey to building our family and couldn't help but think that I've been bottling up some of the more recent emotions because it was just better to be happy than a constant negative Nancy.  A little run down of the events that really stand out.

July 2004, off birth control.
February 2008, being diagnosed with unexplained infertility.
March 2009, failed IUI.
April 2009, failed IUI.
May 2009, failed IUI.
January 2010, started injectables.
January 2010, failed IUI.
April 2010, started my own regimen.
May 2010, positive pregnancy test.
June 2010, miscarriage and D&C.
September 2010, positive pregnancy test.
October 2010, heard heartbeat and ultrasound confirmed that everything was on point.