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We went to church!

A few weeks ago, we went to church because we were asked to be godparents of our friends third child, our godson, James.  While we were there, we remembered how much we really do enjoy church.

If you remember, I had written this post earlier in the year describing where we were with church and who we believed in.  Following that post, I had several conversations with my husband about this.  Basically, what we agreed was, no matter how we felt or what we thought, we weren't going to have that affect our children and their beliefs.  We both want to bring them up in a church and we want church and God to be a constant in our lives, so that our children know Him and about Him.

Following our church service with James, we decided that we'd start going to our own church that next Sunday.  We had watched a church being built from our front porch and since we don't have a home church that we absolutely love, we decided to give this one a try.

I looked it up online, looked up nursery hours, church service hours, and a little bit about their church in general.  Knowing our past... S. grew up Methodist, I grew up (very contemporary) Presbyterian, when we were dating and first married we attended a Lutheran church and when we were married we were married in a Presbyterian church by a Lutheran pastor... so, denomination wasn't that big of a concern for us.  After looking into this church a bit, we realized that they are Baptist.  No big thing.  We still really wanted to go.

Sunday rolled around, again and we went to church!

It was actually really nice.  When we walked in, we were greeted by the pastor himself and he knew right away that we had not met him before.  We talked a  bit, we gave him our names and we were handed some new attendee type information.  He guided us to the nursery and we were on our way...  We got Coen situated in the nursery, which we had never done before and we found our way back upstairs with Emie.

We found a seat and before we could sit down, the pastor brought his wife over to talk to us a bit.  Then, I think because we were talking to the pastor's wife, others realized that we were probably new too, so they introduced themselves too.  As people saw others talking to us, more people would come up to us.  It was actually nice to feel the community of people around us, already and we literally had just stepped into this church.

The service started and people filed into their seats.  We sang a few songs, we listened to a few prayers and then they released us to a fellowship time to get coffee and greet one another around us.  We had more social time and then the service started again.

It was interesting.  The topic of the sermon was about "Dancing with Adam and Eve" and about marriage and for my husband and I, it hit home and we really enjoyed the message.  We left thinking that it was a good fit for us, for now and that we'd be back again.  We actually had a couple of conversations about how we were bummed that with the holidays and a few other things that we wouldn't be able to go again for another 3 weeks.

Those 3 weeks have passed now and we'll be going again this Sunday.  We're actually really looking forward to it, again. And, we hope that it continues to feel like it did the first week.

It's very exciting to be back in church mode.  I think it will help in more ways than I'm prepared to admit.


Whitney said…
Hey, hey! I'm so happy we played a small role in this story :) Finding a church that fits your family and your needs/wants is huge.
J o s e y said…
I started to write a comment, but it was so long I am going to write a post instead. I'm happy you found a church that seems to resonate with you!!

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