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Emerson, 3 Months

My sweet baby girl, Emerson,

You're just over 3 months old and we cannot believe how much you have changed in the last few weeks. You're getting so much stronger with your neck and so much more aware of your surroundings.  Last night, you even tried to show off by rolling to your side and almost rolling completely over, onto your tummy!  Is it even time for that?  When you do tummy time, just a few weeks ago, you wouldn't lift up for maybe just a second or two and then you would just face plant the blanket.  Last night you were lifting up and talking to me the whole time.  You started to fuss a bit, but then you were back at lifting your head and smiling.

You're really a great baby.  We have been very lucky to have you in our lives and because you are so chill about everything, it makes having two babies seem like a walk in the park.  I'm not kidding.  You sleep like a champ, at almost 7 to 8 hours at night and sometimes more, if we don't have an alarm going off or a dog who shakes his collar to wake you up!  You pretty much only show frustration when you're starving and the food doesn't get to you fast enough or if the bottle isn't the right temperature, when I'm not around.  You love your family and especially your brother.  Any time that someone says hi to you, you almost always beam with the brightest smile on your face... pure excitement.  Your personality is perfect and constantly developing.  It's such a joy to watch you morph into your own self.

You're laughing now and hearing you bust out a big giggle at someone talking to you or singing to you or just saying "aaaaa chew", might be one of the cutest things that you've done, lately!  I love that you're so happy!  All. The. Time.

You're currently in a size 2 Target diaper, you wear some newborn things (barely) and most 3 month clothes.  Some clothes (as most moms know) are just sized weird, but based off of Carter's (which is usually on point), you're in size 3 months and fitting perfectly.  We recently got you your Christmas dress and I'm so excited to have you try it on!  It's going to be so cute to have you and your brother dressed up together for Christmas!  I'm really looking forward to it!  Now, the tricky part will getting good pictures of the two of you together!

We had a lot of firsts, this month!  You went on your first vacation, you went to your first state outside of the state you were born in, you went to Chicago for the first time, you rode in public transportation for the first time, you were approached by a bum for the first time, you went inside of Macy's in Chicago for the first time (gosh that place is beautiful), you had your first Thanksgiving and you met your first cousin (on my side of the family) too!  Lots going on last month and this month will be even more busy!

In Chicago, to save on space, to keep you warm and to just make better use of your baby gear, I wore you in our Moby wrap while touring Chicago.  It was great for the fact that I always knew where you were and I knew you were safe.  It was bad in the fact that when you would wake up and become hungry, you were so close to the food source that you couldn't control yourself.  We had two mental break downs in the Moby, but we survived.  You loved being in the Moby when we walked to the park and you had your head out, bobbin around and looking at everything.  It was really cute!

Going back to your sleeping habits, we are really in a great routine.  You nurse back to back in the evening, more so than you do during the day and it's much like cluster feeding.  You nurse when we get home, around 6pm, you nurse again around 8pm and then again around 10pm.  After that last feeding, we usually wrap you, put you in your rock n play and then let you find some sleep.  Sometimes you'll fall asleep during the feeding and we'll just set you down, but most of the time, you find the zzzz on your own.  We are fortunate, again.  We know that transitioning you to your room is in order.  My biggest issue with doing this is not only having you upstairs and not in our room, but also because I fear that we will have to juggle one of you waking up the other and vise versa.  I'm not really excited about those things happening, but I know that I have try it before I can realize how it's really going to work.  For right now, we're keeping you in our room.  We are hoping to transition you soon.  Just not yet.

As far as nursing and pumping is going, it's going great and I couldn't be more excited about this.  Sure, I didn't get to nurse Coen as long as I wanted to, but we did it and it was super successful.  Pumping at work was successful too, with Coen.  Luckily for me, Emerson is having the same effect on me too.  We are still working on my oversupply and my forceful letdown, but it's getting better.  She's not sipping up, nearly as much and that's a relief.

We love learning more about you every day and watching you change and grow so quickly right in front of us.  You have become one of the sweetest little lives in our life and we are so thankful for you.

We love you, Emie!

Mama & Dad

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Whitney said…
Baby girl was MADE to wear hats! How stinkin' cute!!
MSDeyle said…
I am so happy to have found your blog so you can show me the way on all of these kid #2 things. It really helps that Audrey is very similar in temperament to Emerson. She sleeps great and rarely fusses. I can't wait to see how the transition to her room goes. We will have to do that too and I'm also not looking forward to it.

I cannot believe how much she looks like her brother and then in turn how much they both look like you!! I love that her hair is darker. Was his darker too or was it always so blonde?

I laughed out loud at the "too close to the food source and couldn't control herself" story!

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