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Coen, 18 Months

Dear Coen,

You're 18 months old and like I say month after month, time is just flying by.  It's amazing how much you learn and grow and change on a day to day basis lately.  I mean, you were growing and changing over the last 18 months, every month doing something new and different, but we are watching you really learn lately and it just blows us away.

Your most favorite thing lately, is to take (what I call) roll call.  Your most common list of names that you rattle off are: Mama, Dadda & Emie.  But on many occasions you add in: DooDa (Julia), Paul, Wylie, Papa, Nana and then you'll circle back around to Mama, Dadda & Emie again.  It's really cute because sometimes you just do it while you're running around and you're not really looking for them or seeing them, but something just hits you and you rattle them off.

We've had the Christmas tree up since before Thanksgiving and when I put it up, I made sure that I had some of the less breakable or more recognizable ornaments for you to either touch, if you needed to or just point to because you would know what they are.  Your most favorite to point our are the 3 Arthur ornaments, the sock monkey, the ball ornaments, the dog ornament and then Santa.  You've surprising only fallen into the tree once and touched a handful of ornaments, but overall, you pretty much leave it alone, which is awesome.  We have a skinny 9' tree this year that is much different than the one we used in the past, and it's LOADED with ornaments.  I was fearful that one day it would just come crashing down because you would just clobber it, but so far, so good.  Thank goodness.

Since you were a baby, the only show that we would really let you watch was Word World.  It's a great show and in my opinion, I believe it's helped you with your vocabulary.  Lately, if we ask you if you want to watch a show, you always ask to watch "whoa wald" and it's super cute.  I've seen you watch it more than normal and you've been known to actually laugh at parts that are actually funny which cracks me up.

You learn things so fast.  Last night, for instance, Dadda taught you where you teeth were and where you tongue is.  This morning, I asked you where your fruit was and you turned right around and pointed to your fruit crate and said fruit.  It amazed me.  It sometimes silly to highlight these things because they seems so basic and so little, but they are huge in my mind.  Your little 18 month brain picks up things so quickly and your memory is out of this world.  (Did I tell you about the time he hid put a book in a box in his room?  We kept looking and looking for it and he kept saying that he didn't know where it was... so we just read a few more books and then I thought, it couldn't be in this box and looked.  There it was!  The next night I asked him to find his ladybug book and he went right to the  box and it wasn't there.  How does he remember things like that?)  You're also able to count 1..2..3... which is something that I've always tried to use to distract you when I'm changing you.  I either count, sing the ABCs or sing other songs.  You're picking up on the counting though and that's so awesome.

This month, your dad went out to town to watch the Steelers play and we spent most of the weekend hanging out with Nana and Papa.  You weren't able to help us bake cookies this year, but you sure wanted to partake in eating them.  You even had a buckeye or two... You loved them.

To enjoy some of the Christmas spirit this year, we really wanted to do some outdoor activities, but it's just too cold for everyone to be outside at night.  So, tonight, we're taking you and your sister to see the Christmas lights around town and hope that you enjoy that.  It doesn't seem like much, but we'd rather have you in our warm car than in an open stroller in the freezing weather.  Next year will be a little easier.

You're still wearing a size 4 diaper, you're still able to wear some 6-12 month clothes (especially tops), 12 months pants (mostly) and only a VERY FEW 18 month items.  18 month items are just way too long for you and usually fall of your waist too.  You're a skinny mini, but it's still a lot of fun to dress you!  The most hilarious thing that happened recently with your skinny-ness and your clothes is that you're able to wear some 6-12 month pants that you wore last year for Christmas, this year for Christmas.  No joke. And they aren't even short.  Hi-larious.

You're still sleeping like a champ and currently sleep with monkey, glow worm and two blankets.  You read a few books before bed, turn on your turtle star lights and then you're ready to rock.  You go down fairly easily and only have one or two nights in the last few months where you'd had outburst longer than the norm.  You're really a great baby.

Eating is no big deal either.  You eat what you want, you eat when you're hungry and you rarely turn something away.  You're really easy to feed and we are so thankful for that, too.

Oh and your hair!  I had been letting it grow out but it was starting to look overly shaggy, so while your dad was out of town, I decided to cut it all off.  It looked great, then I saw a few spots I wanted to clean up.  I went in for some trimming and you turned your head.  I botched a spot and felt I needed to clean up the rest to blend the botched spot.  It doesn't look great, but it looks okay.  Soon enough, it will start to grow back and blend more, but for now, it's just okay.  Super cute, super short but absolutely darling!

Tantrums are still frequent but we are working with you on how to express yourself.  We have some moments when we have to be pretty stern with you, but that's normal.  You listen to us, only sometimes and we're working on that too.

We love you more than you'll ever know and we are so happy that you are in our lives.

Happy 18 months!

Love, Mama & Dad

Downtown Chicago... Coen was cold, tired and DONE.
We went to the Little Gym to try it out and Coen LOVED it!

During Thanksgiving dinner, Coen was not enjoying himself, so him and S. went into Wylie's nursery and sang some songs.  Coen LOVES the guitar!

Watching animal videos on You Tube with Uncle Geoff.

He totally stole that cookie!

Coloring at the sitter's house.  Is he going to be a righty or a lefty?

Sitting in his fruit crate and cutting the fruit... so funny.

He loved the water but wasn't a fan of learning how to float or swim.  Maybe another day... (water scares me... with babies, so it's okay.  Swim lessons might happen again this winter, just to get him in the water again.  His smile just kills me in this picture!)

Preview of his potential Christmas outfit... and those pants I was talking about!


MSDeyle said…
What are you doing to teach him to express himself during tantrums? I'm always looking for ideas.
Whitney said…
I want to eat him in that sucking-his-thumb-and-looking-up shot! Is that weird???

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