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{Merry Christmas}

Here's wishing your families a very Merry Christmas and an extra special New Years!
I hope that Santa brings you everything that you asked for and I hope that you all get to spend ample time with your families. Personally, I'm looking forward to being with my kids for 11 days straight and to not being pregnant in 2013!
Have a good one!
See you on the flip side...

Keep them safe & close

On Saturday night, I was overwhelmed with emotions. Hearing and listening to all the details of what happened in Newtown, CT felt all too cruel to really be real. Until late Saturday night, it was if I was watching a terrible movie, over and over and over again. But then it hit me.  This is very real.  Really real and terribly horrific.  Why? Why? Why?

I had just gotten down feeding my daughter and we were resting on the couch under the glow of the Christmas tree and all of a sudden, I couldn't help myself.  I went through a series of emotions... crying for those children, their parents, their families.  Then for the administration, the teachers, their children and their families.  Then for everyone involved.  Then I started picturing this happening to our small town that we live in.  I had this image of going to church and well, not making it home.  It seemed so graphic.  I had a visual of something happening in the nursery where the my son would be and the scariest feelings and …

Flawless & Tasty

I've had a number of friends write me about my recipe for Buckeyes, I've also seen a few people attempt this project without consulting me first and I must say... My buckeyes look better than your buckeyes.

Here's the original post that I wrote in 2008, but people, nothing has changed.  Start reading how to do it the RIGHT way, here. And to remind you a few items that you MUST have... a food processor (a 10 to 12 cup one), wax paper and you MUST use paraffin wax.  Aside from those things, it's pretty easy.

My family has been making them this way for years and they are seriously flawless and beyond tasty. Aside from buckeyes, we make almond butter cookie press cookies, (my mom makes) homemade chex-mix and sometimes those walnut cookies with powdered sugar all over them.

What are you MUST bake/make sweets around this time of year?

Quietly Remembering

Coen, 18 Months

Dear Coen,

You're 18 months old and like I say month after month, time is just flying by.  It's amazing how much you learn and grow and change on a day to day basis lately.  I mean, you were growing and changing over the last 18 months, every month doing something new and different, but we are watching you really learn lately and it just blows us away.

Your most favorite thing lately, is to take (what I call) roll call.  Your most common list of names that you rattle off are: Mama, Dadda & Emie.  But on many occasions you add in: DooDa (Julia), Paul, Wylie, Papa, Nana and then you'll circle back around to Mama, Dadda & Emie again.  It's really cute because sometimes you just do it while you're running around and you're not really looking for them or seeing them, but something just hits you and you rattle them off.

We've had the Christmas tree up since before Thanksgiving and when I put it up, I made sure that I had some of the less breakable or more…

We went to church!

A few weeks ago, we went to church because we were asked to be godparents of our friends third child, our godson, James.  While we were there, we remembered how much we really do enjoy church.

If you remember, I had written this post earlier in the year describing where we were with church and who we believed in.  Following that post, I had several conversations with my husband about this.  Basically, what we agreed was, no matter how we felt or what we thought, we weren't going to have that affect our children and their beliefs.  We both want to bring them up in a church and we want church and God to be a constant in our lives, so that our children know Him and about Him.

Following our church service with James, we decided that we'd start going to our own church that next Sunday.  We had watched a church being built from our front porch and since we don't have a home church that we absolutely love, we decided to give this one a try.

I looked it up online, looked up nurser…

not me

I'm experiencing something right now, that I never thought I'd have to face.  It's not something that I'm ready to admit on my blog completely, but for now... I'd like for you to send me good thoughts, positive vibes, encouragement and prayers (if you have them to spare).

Thank you.



My name is Jill.

And I have an addiction to Target.

(Hi Jill.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'm not kidding.  I'm seriously a Target-holic.

People.  This is getting serious.  I used to go there on my lunch at least once per week for SOMETHING, sometimes nothing.  I'd just go.  And I'd always walk out of there and spent more money than I was hoping, but was done was done and for some reason, I'd still feel good about it.

Then.  They came out with the Target Debit Red Card and I had to have it.  I thought at first that it was bogus, but then after having the third associate approach me about it, I was sold.  Brought in my check, opened my account and waited patiently for my card to arrive.

Waiting for my red card, didn't stop me from going there and saving 5% each time.  Unfortunately, from the time I signed up, to the time my card arrived, I think I went 3 times in a week.

When my card arrived... I literally yelp with joy and jumped up and down a couple…


I started this Couch to 5k program, but as I expected my running got interrupted by life. 

I started off by running at work during my lunch.  I work in a suburb that is close to a large city and while I thought it would be fine... it was just a little creepy on a few occasions.  Nothing that harmed me, but a few things that just made me feel a little uncomfortable.

So, I decided that I would run at night, once the kids were settled and in bed.  That worked for a night and then I just never got back to it.  One before my evening run, my husband and I actually ran together, with the stroller and that was good too, but he pushed the stroller.

So, if you're counting.  I ran/walked 3 times.

Running in general, has never been something that I've loved to do.  When I was in middle school, I was the last one around the gym when running laps.  Before we had kids, we did this program together and simultaneously lost a lot of weight, as well (of course my husband, more than me, but still…

Emerson, 3 Months

My sweet baby girl, Emerson,

You're just over 3 months old and we cannot believe how much you have changed in the last few weeks. You're getting so much stronger with your neck and so much more aware of your surroundings.  Last night, you even tried to show off by rolling to your side and almost rolling completely over, onto your tummy!  Is it even time for that?  When you do tummy time, just a few weeks ago, you wouldn't lift up for maybe just a second or two and then you would just face plant the blanket.  Last night you were lifting up and talking to me the whole time.  You started to fuss a bit, but then you were back at lifting your head and smiling.

You're really a great baby.  We have been very lucky to have you in our lives and because you are so chill about everything, it makes having two babies seem like a walk in the park.  I'm not kidding.  You sleep like a champ, at almost 7 to 8 hours at night and sometimes more, if we don't have an alarm going o…