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  • We got snow last week.  Before Halloween.  It was cold and crazy.  Schools were delaying arrival times and some even cancelled in cities North of us.  It was hardly a dusting and the roads were just wet, but boy did people react.  Thanks (storm) Sandy.  Sad that snow showed up so quickly, but glad it wasn't much.
  • Have I told you how much I love instagram?  I really LOVE it. A lot.
  • Oh and do I EVER miss my kids while at work. (But it does help when my sitter sends me cute pictures of them during the day, when they are with her....)
  • I have a HUGE love/hate relationship with my pump. Pumping at work is not a good time, but it's what's best for my baby and my body.
  •  Since being maternity leave, I've tried really hard to get some good meals cooked at home instead of always creating something last minute and not really enjoying it.  I'm trying very hard to continue this process, even while being back to work.  It's not nearly as easy to create something in a crock pot in the middle of the day when you aren't home... but it's coming together.  The Schwan's man brings frozen chicken to our house and we use the CRAP out of that in a lot of our meals.
    • Some standard meals in our house (lately)...
      • 3 chicken breasts in the crock with a jar of our favorite salsa, until chicken is cooked through... Shred and make chicken tacos.
      • Roast. Standard rump with a can cream of mushroom soup, 1/2 pk of onion soup mix and 1.5 cups of water.  Cook for 5 hours on high and add veggies at the end so soften a bit before serving.
      • 2 chicken breasts in the crock with a bottle of marinade. Cook chicken through and serve with rice and veggies.
      • Chili
      • Tuna Salad - Tuna, green pepper, red onion, celery, hard boiled egg, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper.  Mix and serve on toast.
      • Grilled cheese and soup
      • Corn-dog muffins and mac n cheese
      • And if all else fails... we get Chinese from the local carry out...
  • I'd like to correct someone who I see daily and say... It's one HUNDRED not one HUNDRATE.  You don't have an accent and I know you're smart enough to read the correct spelling.  Could you PLEASE try and say it correctly.
  • My husband read recently that your iphone/cell phone carrying more germs on it than a bathroom... I don't know why this has just rocked me, but it's made me realize more and more about when I touch my phone and who touches or what touches it.  It's really gross and I've become better about trying to actually keep it clean.
  • My husband's dad has been in ill health.  It's not something that I want to hide from, but it is happening.  I don't want to share all the details, but if you have a positive thought to send or share, he needs them.
  •  I have an unhealthy obsession with Target.  I have to go there at least once a week.  It's a must.  Sometimes I go for nothing at all and just to walk around.  But in the most recent months, I find that while I enjoy going there for nothing, I'm actually going there for a few specific items that I've found I just like better than other stores.  While those trips usually include diapers, wipes, hot dogs or maybe milk, I cannot help but cruise through the kids clothes to see if there is anything I should grab, you know, since I'm there... I always do.  Last week, I bought jeggins for Emie.  She needed them.
  • I have to say that fall is one of my most loved holidays, but when I decorate, I have Halloween decor and Thanksgiving decor.  My biggest trouble with fall is that it requires a little more maintenance when switching from one holiday to the other.
  • Oh yea... and Christmas this year.  I cannot WAIT to see Coen's face when we have the tree up.  He's going to be SO excited and that little face... oh man.  It just gets me EVERY TIME.
  • NaBloPoMo has been going well.  I wasn't sure if it was going to stunt my writing or help, but either way, I'm glad I'm doing it.  It feels good.
That's all for now.  I have a lot of randomness happening lately, but I'm striving to turn them into posts and not just lists.  Until next time.


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