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Push Present, round 2

Yes, I'm fully aware that I didn't physically push any of our babies out of my vagina, but I suffered through hours of laboring, a major surgery and weeks of recovery and permanent scaring.  So, a "push present" is always welcomed.

With my first, my husband and I bought a dslr for our family and it's been a GREAT purchase.  It's not a professional camera or full frame or anything like that... but it's serving it's purpose and I love it.  I've loved capturing our kids through this camera and I wouldn't want it any other way.

With our second, my husband gifted me (and my friend's husband gifted her) tickets to the Ingrid Michaelson concert.  When they bough them, it was (maybe) late July.  She had James at the end of May and we weren't due for another month... at the time of booking, we thought "October is SO far away... we'll be ready to GET OUT by then."

Well.... October 11th rolled around and the weeks leading up to it, W and I were texting about how this was all going to go down.  Were we going to bring our pumps? Were the guys going to be okay with the babes? Were the babes going to be okay with bottles?  Were were going to throw some back or worry about the babes the whole time?  Were we really ready for a night out?  Was this going to be fun or lame?  On and on and on... I even had a little thought that we should just send the guys to the concert because it would be less stressful.  But.  We didn't.

We planned to skip the opening band and only go for Ingrid.  We planned to get our last feeding in before leaving and then pray that the rest of the night would work out for our men without and trouble.  I picked her up and we were off.  I brought my pump, but ended up not using it.  And let me tell you, we had a great time.
Ingrid was "sick" and didn't want to come out for pictures... so we stood with her opening band.  I'm still not sure of their name or whether that girl is wearing a shirt or a dress...  but there they are... whoever they are.
This may or may not have been our 3rd time seeing her and we loved it.  We had seen her once before with Bare Naked Ladies when I was first pregnant with baby #1, then we saw her again, by herself when I was pregnant with Coen and then saw her in October.  All of her shows have been a little different, but this one was just weird.  Her music was great, she sang only two or three songs that we didn't know... but it was a sit down, story-teller type show and NO.ONE. STOOD. UP. EVER.  It was weird and FAR too mellow for us lushes...  We were only 2 beers in and we were trying to convince our neighbors (AKA: Our fake friends who were in fake seats and not their real seats. Losers.) to just stand up with us.  Our fake friends didn't want to join in the fun and it hurt our feelings, so we bounced around in our seats, sang every word that we knew and made the most of it.

The other part of my push present were some movies that I've been dying to own.  ONLY because they are classic movies but also, I look forward to watching them with our kids.  The first one is "Up" and the other one is "Finding Nemo" (which is actually on an IOU because Disney has it in the vault right now).  But I cannot tell you how excited I am to have received "Up"... It's seriously, one of my most favorite movies.  It just a feel good movie and I love those.  Plus, the bonus that some day Coen might enjoy it too just makes me giddy.

And that's all, folks.  Just talking about "Up" makes me want to watch it.  Eeeeee....


Abby said…
How fun! I love your first comment about not pushing either child out of your vagina. Neither did I but man oh man if I didn't experience labor and delivery! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself! You look absolutely fabulous!
Abby said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Whitney said…
Teeheehee! This one made me laugh out loud a few times! HOW could I ever forget out fake friends OR how we sat-danced without a care in the world...? All the refined and reserved concert-goers must've thought we were nuts, but we had a GREAT night!

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