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No Juice

Ever since we introduced water to Coen, we've only done water.  He's never turned his nose up about it and we've been fortunate to have this success.  Same with going from formula to milk... he took it immediately and we've never had any trouble.

Time and time again, people will offer drinks when we are out to eat or at someone's house or just out and about and EVERY time, they offer juice.

Kids that drink juice drink it because they don't drink water or because it's the only thing they'll drink or because their parents believe that it's what they want.  My theory on only offering milk and water to Coen is that I don't want to have any issues with him taking those things.  We've never and I don't want to start.

Has he ever had juice?  Sure.  We've given him a sip or two from our cups or drinks, but never have offered him his own portion of juice.  And when we have given him juice, he takes a sip, usually gives a sour face, moves on and when offered again, he says no, over and over again.

Are we holding him back from enjoying something sweet and delicious?  No.  We just don't want to have the fight become... Me: "Here buddy, here's your water cup." Coen: "No!  I want juice!  I don't like water!"

It's our choice to make this the way we do things with our children.  Is it right or wrong?  Neither. Do you have an opinion about it?  Maybe. Is there something in juice that he can't live without? Absolutely not.  Will he be allowed to have juice if he wants it later in life? Sure.  But for now, while he's young and we're picking pretty much everything that he drinks, he's going to have water and milk, only.


LisaJ said…
I don't think i have ever commented before but i am a long time reader. My son Joseph is just over two and it has only been within the last 4 months that he has gotten juice on a somewhat regular basis. I still don't give it to him every day though. We are a water and milk family. I just feel that juice is not a necessary part of the diet. Sometimes i add a splash of juice to his water to give a little flavor. He loves when i do that.
Michiganmomma said…
I also don't give juice I don't think there is a need for it. It is a habit I don't want to get my 13 month old started on. We also don't usually have juice in the house so it's just as easy to not have to buy it for him.
Maria said…
Ditto! We have only done water (and milk) with our kids as well. They love water and it's all we drink, so they don't even see other drinks unless we are out. I have a good friend who was raised on juicy juice and had more than 10 cavities before she was a teenager. Not going there!
Lyndz said…
I don't give juice either! Everyone thinks I am somehow harming him by not giving juice! He gets everything he needs from whole fruits! I think the harm comes with offering too many sweet drinks!
My son drinks only water and soy milk, he doesn't throw a fit and he is well hydrated!
Abby said…
We have a household similar to yours. We give juice on a very limited basis due to some constipation issues Drew has. Otherwise it's milk or water. I once had someone ask if he's like a pop....My mouth literally dropped open, no thank you he's only 2.
Whitney said…
We did introduce a small amount of juice (I forget when...), but only high-quality stuff that's 100% fruit and veg and still watered-down at that! By school age, it seems like everyone covets Capri-Sun, and I just DON'T get it!!
J o s e y said…
I SOOOO agree with this - water and milk only right now (and for the foreseeable future!!). No reason to add in sugary juices at all. I make a conscious effort to offer water to my friend's kids.

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