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Day in the Life: On Conference Night

I've attempted to write a "day in the life" post about 5 times and basically, it's just far to painful to get through the whole day, typing out everything that happens on a day with two kids.  I get caught up on the fact that I just don't take a lot of pictures of my day to day things and then I feel like the post is just lame.

So, I'm trying very hard to be aware of pictures today and my whole day to develop this post.  And today, of all days, will be ultra crazy because it's a conference night at my husband's school.  Which means that I'll be alone with the kids until about 9pm.

I can do this.


Wednesday, November14, 2012

Coen is 17 months and Emerson is 11 weeks.

5:21am. I hear Coen starting to stir in the monitor.  I ignore it for the most part (because my alarm hasn't gone off), but just having the monitor go off breaks my sleep up.

5:30am.  My first alarm goes off.  I hit snooze, but what is happening while I'm trying to find some sleep again is... Toby is now awake and believes that I'm supposed to get up immediately and feed him.  To get my attention, he's rattling his collar around on his neck by scratching with his foot.  No big deal.  I usually don't have his collar on, so I just try to ignore it.  But what is also happening is that collar clanging around is now waking up Emie.

5:36am.  I hear Coen making noise in the monitor.  He lets out a cough that scares me, so I walk upstairs to see if I can hear anything more that I wouldn't normally hear in the monitor.  Everything is quiet, so I go back to bed.  Before getting in bed, I feed Toby.

5:39am. My second alarm (from snooze) goes off. I turn it off because I'm basically sitting in bed awake, just waiting for Toby to come back to bed and ask to be let out.  Or for Coen to actually wake up and not just be stirring.  Or for Emie to decide that with all the commotion that she's now ready to get up too.  So, I lay in bed and start cruising through facebook, instagram, my texts messages and my email.  Before I know it, I'm dropping like a fly.  So I set another alarm for 6:00am, just to be sure I get up.

6:00am. My alarm goes off and of course it scares the crap out of me because I'm in bed, holding my phone and totally zonked.  I turn it off, get up, pee, see that Emie is starting to stir, gather her up, give her a smooch, change her bottom, get back in bed and begin to nurse her.

6:15am. My husband's alarm goes off, he hits snooze, gets up to use the restroom, asks about Coen's coughing and then is zonked in bed again in minutes. I'm burping Emie before switching sides (my letdown during my first feeding is INSANE, so we burp for a while, just to insure that we're not going to have a massive spit up scene).

6:24am. My husband's alarm goes off, he hits snooze and by this time I'm wrapping up nursing Emie on the other side.

6:33am. My husband's alarm goes off again.  He frantically turns it off, darts into the kitchen to let Toby out, start his coffee and prep for Coen to eat breakfast.

6:36am. I can hear Coen and S. in the monitor talking and getting his room together to come down stairs.  S. usually changes Coen's diaper, changes him into his clothes for the day, opens the blinds, gets his glow worm and monkey from his bed to take to the sitter.  OH and because I'm a little OCD, (and I don't want to be searching for the "perfect outfit" every morning) I put together outfits when I do laundry and set out on Coen's dresser for the week.  Outfits containing a shirt, a onesie, a pair of pants, a pair of socks and sometimes a bib if he's having a drool fest of a week.  Makes it easy for all of us to just pull everything together in the morning and not waste time on picking something out.

6:42am. They are both in the kitchen, getting ready for breakfast, I'm burping Emie still and think that she's good to go, so we scoot to the edge of the bed and sit there a minute.  Next thing I know, she spits up over my shoulder, hitting two pillows, the sheets, my back and down to my pants, and also some spare burp cloths that were close by.  Shit. I lay her down to check out the damage of her outfit and she's literally clean as a whistle.  I wipe up her face and check her hands and we walk into the kitchen.

6:47am. We walk into the kitchen, I give Coen a smooch while he's trying to spoon some yogurt into his mouth.  S. is trying to clean up some dishes that were in the sink drying and I'm getting Emie's bouncy chair from the other room to set her down so I can help get everything else ready.  S. leaves to hop in the shower and before he hops in, he comes back to ask me if I've started making a packing list for the upcoming travels we are doing.  I cannot help but point to the Excel spreadsheets (on the counter) that I had made yesterday, outlining each of us, our outfits, activities for our travels, and every other detail that I have to have down before I can start the packing process.

6:57am. S. is out of the shower, Coen's done with breakfast, bags are packed for the sitter, S.'s lunch is packed, coffee is made, Emie is in her car seat, Coen's getting his socks, shoes and jacket on (with my help, of course) and I'm getting ready to start packing everything into the car.

7:00am. S. runs out to open the garage and start the car, I load Emie into the car, I throw the kids things into the front seat with S.'s lunch, run back inside to grab Coen as S. is preparing his coffee, grabbing breakfast and following quickly behind me.

7:05am. Everyone is out the door and now Toby needs my attention, so I let him out.  While waiting for him, I clean up Coen's tray from breakfast, put his milk in the fridge, get my milk out to put into storage bags from the day before and start cleaning bottles. (Yes, cleaning bottles could be something that I do the night before, but I don't.)

7:15am. Bottles are cleaned, my cooler for work (bottles) are packed, lunch and snacks are packed, Toby is inside and now I have to decide if I'm going to take a body shower or wash my hair too.  Typically a shower for me happens around the 5:30am hour... but today was a rough morning, so I had to make a decision now, after everyone had left.  I pull out my flat iron and decide that a body shower is what's going to happen.

7:29am. I'm out of the shower and end up having to dry my hair anyway because the sprayer in the shower had a mind of its own.  Since my hair doesn't last without a good wash, I decided that I'm going to curl it with my straight iron. Thinking about it now, I probably could've saved time by washing and drying it, but curling it just sounded like a good idea.

8:07am. (I'm officially late for work) And now I'm leaving the house. And by now, the kids are probably at the sitter and S. is probably walking into work.  Lucky.

8:44am. I'm getting close to work, but remembered that I needed to look at a few properties on my way into the office because my boss is contemplating moving to a new office location.  So I take a detour to grab a few numbers.

9:12am. I'm at my desk. Lunch is in the fridge, my pump is in the "pumping" conference room, my computer is logging on and I'm going back into the kitchen to fill up my water cup and wash my shields.

9:21am. Back to my desk.  I've missed my normal pumping time (at 9am) but I'm going now, just to get one in before I have an issue.  My computer is still logging on because my profile is HUGE.

9:37am. Shields are washed and drying, bottles are back in the fridge, computer is logged on and I'm starting up Outlook, finally. My work day is finally starting and it already feels like it should be lunch time.

12:17pm. Lunch time. I started drafting this post and then decided that I needed to eat away from my desk before I went cross-eyed.  Had a nice lunch in the kitchen and talked about ways to help a co-worker with a bare wall in her house.  Haven't come up with a solution, but it was fun to brainstorm.

1:03pm. Back to my desk, but need to pump, so off I go.  Text with my sitter while pumping and check my "Jill Clark Photography" page out on Facebook.  Because this is all new and I'm literally having a blast taking pictures, I get all giddy when I have a new "like".  I've gotten 67 "likes" in a very short time... so I decide that my goal is to hit 100 "likes" and give away a free session, so I post it on my FB page.

1:29pm. Back to my desk, shields are washed, cranking away on a few projects and then I realize I have a meeting at 2pm and I need to prepare and leave QUICKLY!

1:56pm. Leave for my meeting to plan for our holiday event in a few weeks.

2:48pm. Fun meeting talking about food, wine and beer.  Left feeling hungry, but I knew that was only because I was drying for a sampler plate of the things we were talking about serving.  Not to mention a little sip of something.

3:44pm. Trying to book a flight for an associate and my boss calls in a favor for my other teammate.  I am asked to leave early to ship a package for her that she didn't do yesterday and doesn't have time to do today.  So, I get to do it, since I have the time.

3:45pm. Now, I'm stressed about getting in a pump, finishing up this flight and getting out of here to ship this package.  Crap.

3:47pm. I stop writing this post again to go an pump, gather my things, log off and book it to UPS.

4:21pm. Leaving UPS with plenty of time to get to my kids before 5:30pm.  Thank goodness that even with a line, I was in and out of there pretty quickly.

4:45pm. Arrived at sitter's house.  Realized that all the kids were still there and while standing there, the other two moms came in, picked up their kids, talked about coloring with our sitter, got their kids ready and were out there.  Meanwhile, I'm still standing there and haven't made a move to head out before they were all already out the door and gone.  With two kids, I always need help out of the door.  Two kids, two bags... it's just a lot to manage, especially when Emie is in the infant carrier.

5:13pm. In the and on the road.  Coen's in the back seat saying, "ahhhh, boom!" because when we leave the sitter's we go through this neighborhood with speed bumps and he likes when I say, "ahhh, boom!" over each one.  We aren't there yet, but he's just reminding me to say it.  We're almost there and I decide to call my sister to see how it's going with her new baby at home.  She's expecting her mother-in-law today and I just wanted to see how it was all coming together.

5:17pm. We're at the neighborhood with the speed bumps and I hear Coen saying, "ahhhhh, boom!" but then realize that we're to the last two and I haven't said it once. So, I do and he giggles his butt off.  He always can make me smile!

5:48pm. We're home.  I run out to the mailbox to see about what mail we got today, throw it in the car in one of the bags that is coming inside.  Go around to scoop up Coen and he's yelling, "EMMMMMM IIIIIEE" as if I would forget her from the car, but I would never.  We swing around to get the bags from the front seat and Emie from the back seat and we head inside.  This task is not easy and my arm feels like it's about to pop off, so I put Emie down, shut the garage door and continue inside with everyone.

6:10pm. Emie is awake (probably from the rough walk into the house) and wants to eat. Coen is about to have a fit, if I don't give him something to drink.  We were working on avoiding him with the colds that we have, but you know how kids are... They want to drink after you, you want to give them kisses and before you know it, they are sick too!

 6:27pm. Coen's watching a show, Emie's eating and we're all good, for a minute.  Coen's wanting to get in the chair with me while I nurse, it's a little messy, but we do it.  Then he wants down.  Then he wants the pacifier and now he's playing with the remote.  His show stops and he says, "ut oh" to get it back on.

 6:42pm. Emie is relaxing and I get dinner started for Coen.  We have been trying to feed him Boca burgers and chicken patties to get some veggie type nutrients in his diet since he's not always a fan of raw or steamed veggies.  We offer them, but we just thought this might work, instead of regular meat.  I've learned now, from some vegetarian friends that morning star is better, so I'm going to give those a try, the next time we are at the store.  After a whole plate full, he ate them all but 3 bites, so I was happy.

6:58pm. Coen's situated and eating pretty well.  I decide to make myself something and the only thing that sounds good is nachos.  Done.

7:12pm. Dinner is done.  We're all cleaned up and ready to play a bit before bed.  (I cannot believe it's already after 7pm!)  We play in the living room for a bit, but Emie is still resting, so we go upstairs.  As we get up there, I can hear her moving around.  I let her work it out for a bit and then she's quiet again.  We work on pulling some things from the closet to take to Aunt Julia and her new baby.  I decide that it's not a bad idea to start going through Coen's clothes to see what might work for her too.  I end up pulling a lot out and then realize that I don't even know what she wants or needs.  So I call her and talk to her about what she wants.  THEN... I realize that she'll be home in a few months and then we could go through it all and decide what she really needs.

7:30pm. I hit up the bathroom and Coen joins me in the bathroom.  He climbs up on his stool and does his motion to brush his teeth.  I wash my hands, put him on the counter and brush his teeth.  We venture back into Emie's room ( I glance over the banister to see that Emie is waking up...), I grab a few more things for my sister, throw them in a box and in the meantime, Coen's got into Emie's dresser and he's trying to put her shoes on.  I grab a pair of sandals that I know will work, put them on him and we head downstairs.

7:39pm. We go downstairs, check on Emie and she's awake and has spit up on herself.  Coen's stomping around in the kitchen with Emie's shoes.  I get Emie changed, feed her again quickly, put her back in her chair and then corral Coen to start the going to bed process.  I get him a drink and we head back upstairs.

7:55pm. We get Coen's jams on, read a few books, play in his room a bit and before I know it's past his bed time.  I give him a smooch, close his blinds, turn on the humidifier, lay him down, situate his animal friends and cover him up.  I grab a few more things from Emie's room and then I head downstairs.

8:25pm. I realize that because I didn't really eat dinner that I'm now starving and since Emie is snoozing, I take advantage of the time, make a pb&j, some Cheetos, a glass of milk and a hard apple cider.  I start to watch Private Practice and by the time I'm done with my snack/dinner, the garage opens.

8:45pm.  Daddy's home!

8:56pm.  We're both on the couch and I'm not laying down and starting to doze.  I had him the remote and say watch what you want.  As we switch around the shows, Emie starts to wake up.  She's a cluster feeder in the evenings but this will be her last feeding before she goes down for the evening.

9:25pm. I head to bed with Emie and S. is making himself a snack since his PTA dinner was terrible at conference night.  He doesn't have work the next day, so let him unwind and I go to bed.

10:45pm. S. comes to bed and I'm in bed.  Dead asleep with my phone in my hand and he's telling me to plug my phone in and go to bed.  With some confusion and lack of alertness, I do and I turn over to go back to sleep.

And there you have it folks.  A day in the life at the Happy Hopefuls house.  To be honest, I never thought I would wrap this up.  It was also a little challenging to take pictures of things I wouldn't normally.  I mean, my phone is always with me and I take a lot of pictures, but this required a little more detail than normal.


Erin said…
Glad you got through this because I loved reading it! It is crazy just how much you realize you do when you actually record it. Does Coen play with his hair as he sucks his thumb? Luke does too, so it was fun to see an older toddler doing the same thing - a view of what Luke will look like in a few months!

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