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For Thanksgiving, we packed up 3/4 of our house and drove to Chicago.  My sister, her husband and my newest nephew W, live there and we wanted to greet this new family addition, just 11 days after he was born!  As most of you probably realize, this Thanksgiving adventure is much different than our norm.  Normally we host, but after 4 years of hosting 16+ people, I was happy to hand off the torch.

When I say, we packed up 3/4 of the house and drove... I'm talking, we (my dad) drove a FULL SIZED van with room for 7 to sit and about 4 feet of  space in the rear for our things. To say it was hilarious, was an understatement.  Luckily, the windows were tented a bit, so people couldn't see our faces as we drove through the country.

With two kids, I wasn't sure how this ride was going to go.  I had prepared for Coen to take a nap in the car, but with so much stimulation from my parents and no true quiet time, a nap didn't happen.  He started to crash at one point and I though…

Being in a Rut

Sometimes, I lack the emotion, motivation and love behind what I do.  No.  Scratch that.  If it doesn't involve my kids or my family, my motivation is shot.  Sometimes completely and even more so over the last few months.

I've actually found myself questioning whether I'm depressed or if this is just the new way of life when you have two kids and a house and a job and the constant feeling that things just don't feel like they are ever going the right way or just ever getting completed.  It's ongoing and I hate this feeling.

I try to be very proactive. Making lists, setting clothes out for the kids, doing things the night before, getting up early, doing things on lunch that are needed verses just going to lunch and communicating with my husband about things that I need help with.  But I inevitably feel like I'm failing.

It's not just at home either.

It can almost be categorized as always feeling this way.  Everywhere.  All the time.

Where does it start.  I…


When I attempt to participate in NaBloPoMo, I feel motivated at the beginning to really write and crank out some posts, but inevitably it crushes my creativeness and I stop writing.  I draft ideas, but end up deleting them because I lose the idea or the willingness to write about a topic that may not really need a whole post...  So, sorry NaBloPoMo November 2012, I failed you.

No more NaBloPoMo for this girl.

No Juice

Ever since we introduced water to Coen, we've only done water.  He's never turned his nose up about it and we've been fortunate to have this success.  Same with going from formula to milk... he took it immediately and we've never had any trouble.

Time and time again, people will offer drinks when we are out to eat or at someone's house or just out and about and EVERY time, they offer juice.

Kids that drink juice drink it because they don't drink water or because it's the only thing they'll drink or because their parents believe that it's what they want.  My theory on only offering milk and water to Coen is that I don't want to have any issues with him taking those things.  We've never and I don't want to start.

Has he ever had juice?  Sure.  We've given him a sip or two from our cups or drinks, but never have offered him his own portion of juice.  And when we have given him juice, he takes a sip, usually gives a sour face, moves on a…

Day in the Life: On Conference Night

I've attempted to write a "day in the life" post about 5 times and basically, it's just far to painful to get through the whole day, typing out everything that happens on a day with two kids.  I get caught up on the fact that I just don't take a lot of pictures of my day to day things and then I feel like the post is just lame.

So, I'm trying very hard to be aware of pictures today and my whole day to develop this post.  And today, of all days, will be ultra crazy because it's a conference night at my husband's school.  Which means that I'll be alone with the kids until about 9pm.

I can do this.


Wednesday, November14, 2012

Coen is 17 months and Emerson is 11 weeks.

5:21am. I hear Coen starting to stir in the monitor.  I ignore it for the most part(because my alarm hasn't gone off), but just having the monitor go off breaks my sleep up.

5:30am.  My first alarm goes off.  I hit snooze, but what is happening while I'm trying to find some s…


I have a million things going on right now and while I'm trying to remain calm and barrel through them, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed.  Not to mention the fact that my husband is at home with the kids having a grand time while I'm at work... Booo.

Right now, we're prepping for our Thanksgiving gatherings, trying to decorate for Christmas, trying to get Emie's announcements out, keeping up with laundry and just remembering to spend time with the kids and not be overwhelmed with everything else that isn't getting done.

Sometimes, it just seems like too much.

My husband said the other day that he thought the wheels on our house were about to fall off because of how lax we've been about everything.  I hope that after Thanksgiving we can get back on track, but for now it's a little nutty.

I also have about 7 drafted posts that I'd love to complete and post, but my mind is so scattered that I just cannot do it.  I'm hoping to have some me time this…

Back in the saddle

Let me first start by saying that jogging sucks.  It's never been something that I've enjoyed.  When I played volleyball and basketball in middle school you better bet that I was the last one in line doing laps around the gym to warm up.  I was okay with it, but how pathetic, right?  A few years ago, my husband and I decided in the dead of winter that we needed something to make us feel better and get us off the couch.  So we looked up a jogging program and just started doing it.  Interval running is good for anyone but especially good when you want to increase your time and lengthen the time that you can actually run.  Our goal, at the time was to complete a 5k together and after weeks/months or training, we did it.  Since then, I've been pregnant twice and running just never came back around as something that I was really interested in doing again.  During this last pregnancy, that changed and I started to crave a good jog.

I know that I need to be careful with running …


Yes, a whole post on boobs and milk.  Sorry.

I was fortunate to breastfeed Coen for 11 months, which is a HUGE accomplishment, but at the time made me so sad to end.  But unfortunately because of being pregnant and nursing, I was losing my supply by the ounces, DAILY.  It was sad to watch Coen struggle to eat and not get anything and while I would've loved to have nursed him longer, I decided to stop because it wasn't doing anyone any good at that point.  But, I remind myself that 11 months was a GREAT deal of milk that was more beneficial to him than formula could've ever been.

Now, with Emie, I never once thought that I would have a problem nursing and so far, she's proven to be a CHAMP eater.  Our problem from the get go has been a forceful letdown and unfortunately it's a work in progress.  I know that I can adjust it but it's not consistent. I asked other nursing mothers how they've managed with a forceful letdown and while there are some really great…


Coen is learning how to express himself through a variety of emotions.  Lately, when we try to correct him, tell him no or move him from something that we don't want him to touch or play with, he throws a tantrum.  In our house, we ignore them.  For the most part.  They usually result in him throwing his body on the floor and flopping around.  Sometimes there is crying involved and other times it's just whining and looking back to see how you're reacting to him reacting.

We choose not to react because we know that it might only increase the tantrum or the frequency because he knows that he'll get a reaction that benefits him.

Now, this doesn't stop us from correcting him.  We still correct him, even if we know it's going to induce a tantrum, we just let him work out his tantrum and then move on.  Tantrums will pass.  But for now, they aren't fun.  Especially in public.  We're working through it and know that with a little bit more time, they won't b…


Call me crazy, but now that we have our two children, and we've used the two names that we've loved the most... I'm worried about not having another name for a future child.  So much so, that when we were driving (over an hour) home from my aunt's house and we started talking about it.  I've tried to be just as unique as our first two, with what could be our third child's name.

Ideas... Olive, Arlo, Oliver, Merrill, Lucille, Paige, Luther, Aurora, Farrow, Jackson, Adelaide, LulaMae, Margaret, etc...

Some of those names are boy names or girl names, some are surnames from our family to be used as a first name (which is our trend) and other names are just family names that we (I) think are cool.  Is our name for our next child in this list?  Who knows?  Are there names that we like that aren't on this list?  Yes.  Do we have one for both gender that we love?  No.  We are struggling with a boy name.

I guess the next question would be... when are we planning to …

Coen, 17 months

With having two kids, it feels like everything is moving in slow motion, yet flashing before my eyes, all at the same time.  It's a little insane.


You are one of the most precious gifts that we have ever received.  You are a spunky little boy, who is so smart and silly all of the time.  We love spending time with you and hearing all of the crazy noises that you like to make.  Your laugh makes us giggle and your kisses makes us so happy.  In the last month, you've changed a lot and you're starting to show emotion a lot more.  It's all part of this phase and while it seemed trying, we are working through it.  We've learned to not draw attention and to ignore most of the out bursts and we try to correct you or tell you how we do things instead of always saying not and discipline you.  It's going to be a phase and we don't know how long it's going to last, but we're dealing with it.  We remain calm so that you can pick up on that emotion, but that…

Get on the floor

I'm going to be honest and say that the biggest challenge with having two, is the floor time.  Tummy time, just laying on the floor, playing with toys on the floor, etc... It just doesn't happen as often with Emie because I'm always afraid that Coen is going to clock her with a toy or just trampler her because he still doesn't always know that she exists.

I miss hanging on the floor with a baby though and while I try to do it at night when Coen is in bed, that is her sleepy time too and she's not always in the mood.  We're getting it in more and more, but not as often as we did with Coen and I'm sad about that.

Emie's most awake time is right after she's eaten and I cannot always lay her flat then, because she's been known to throw up everything because she's laying flat and it just doesn't feel good on her tummy.  So, we usually wait until she's settled and maybe rested for a minutes before we give it a go, but it's seriously n…


We got snow last week.  Before Halloween.  It was cold and crazy.  Schools were delaying arrival times and some even cancelled in cities North of us.  It was hardly a dusting and the roads were just wet, but boy did people react.  Thanks (storm) Sandy.  Sad that snow showed up so quickly, but glad it wasn't much. Have I told you how much I love instagram?  I really LOVE it. A lot.Oh and do I EVER miss my kids while at work. (But it does help when my sitter sends me cute pictures of them during the day, when they are with her....)I have a HUGE love/hate relationship with my pump. Pumping at work is not a good time, but it's what's best for my baby and my body. Since being maternity leave, I've tried really hard to get some good meals cooked at home instead of always creating something last minute and not really enjoying it.  I'm trying very hard to continue this process, even while being back to work.  It's not nearly as easy to create something in a crock pot i…

Vote 2012

I don't post political posts.  However, this one will be the one and only that you'll ever see... and it's not me spatting off my views or anything.  Just facts about the day I voted for a President.
Going into vote for this election, I was still a little on the fence about who I was going to vote.  Honestly.  Strange, maybe, but I was.  My husband and I were feeling the same way, and we even took a few polls/quizzes online to see what our results would be, if we laid everything out.  All times, we would only be a few points off from one side to the other.  Basically, not helping us understand anything.
Yesterday morning, before I went to vote, I got a text from my husband asking what I had decided.  I gave him my response and while he was thinking about voting for the opposite of my response, he didn't sway me one way or the other.  He simply said that it was my choice.
As I stood in front of the voting booth, I still wasn't sure, so I stood there a moment.  I …

Nursemaid's Elbow

For those that don't know what Nursemaid's elbow means, you can find the definition here, but it's basically an elbow that is pulled out from it's joint.  A dislocated elbow.  It's a very common injury in children, under the age of 2.  And last week, I did this to Coen while playing with him.

What happened?

Well... he was standing on the couch (which we are trying to stop) behind me.  I pulled his arms over my shoulders and pulled him onto my back like a piggy back but just held onto his arms and wiggled him around.  He was laughing laughing laughing... quiet.  I knew something was wrong and as soon as I got him in front of me, I knew exactly what was going on, but couldn't fix it.  We calmed him down a couple of times just to confirm that it was an arm pain thing and then I just knew that I would have to take him to the ER.

So, we went.

The nurse was a complete DB and had no patience for what I was dealing with or experiencing with Coen and his behavior toward…

Push Present, round 2

Yes, I'm fully aware that I didn't physically push any of our babies out of my vagina, but I suffered through hours of laboring, a major surgery and weeks of recovery and permanent scaring.  So, a "push present" is always welcomed.

With my first, my husband and I bought a dslr for our family and it's been a GREAT purchase.  It's not a professional camera or full frame or anything like that... but it's serving it's purpose and I love it.  I've loved capturing our kids through this camera and I wouldn't want it any other way.

With our second, my husband gifted me (and my friend's husband gifted her) tickets to the Ingrid Michaelson concert.  When they bough them, it was (maybe) late July.  She had James at the end of May and we weren't due for another month... at the time of booking, we thought "October is SO far away... we'll be ready to GET OUT by then."

Well.... October 11th rolled around and the weeks leading up to it,…


Today, we are celebrating James' birth and his baptism.  He's the third child of our friends Pete & Whitney.  Sean was in their wedding party, Whitney was in our wedding party and Pete & Sean have worked together for about 10 years.  We've spent many-a weekend trip, together, before we had kids and  try to be diligent about other family gatherings, as well.  They've been some of our longest (couple) friends that we've known and when we were asked to be James' godparents, we were honored.

So today, we celebrate with their family, God and our family, as well.  We can't believe that James, at 6 months old, almost outweighs Coen... but Coen's never really had good weight stats.  Nothing to fear, we just know that James will outweigh him here in a few months and at that point, we will all be laughing.

Anyway, we look forward to the time we get to spend with him and we can't wait to watch him grow and learn and change through the next few years.


my husband

In all of this talk about our kids, I wanted to shed light on our relationship.

We are a team.  We've been a team from day one.

We love each other.  More so now, with our kids in our lives, than we ever have in all the years that we've been together.

We are good friends and he's my support person, 100%.  But, I'm going to be honest and say that our conversations have been less in person and more by email or text, lately. Not because we can't say something to one another's face but because we just don't have much time to really chit chat.  Plus, while I was on maternity leave, I'd have a lot of trouble not having adult conversations during the day that I was starting to DROWN him in babble when he would come home and that wasn't helping him to unwind... so we just spare ourselves a bit with some silence at night, once the kids are calm/asleep.  Which is good for both of us... and it's just a phase as we figure out our new family dynamic and a bal…

Full Heart

Being back to work full time has me thinking more and more about my kids and how lucky we are to have them in our lives.  They love us so unconditionally and we love them with out whole hearts.  It's amazing the love that you can have for just one child and then to have two and just see your heart BURST with love for the both of them.

I wouldn't trade my world for anything else... It's perfect and I cannot wait to continue to see our love grow for one another as time goes on.

Coen's little smiles and laughs just melt my heart.  I can always get him to do something silly that just cracks us both up.  Right now, he's saying his animal noises with such enthusiasm and he literally will say anything (or try to say anything) that we ask him to say.  Yesterday, I was trying to have him say "sister" to Emie and "brother" to himself.  It was really cute and he was trying so hard to say them.  His word that he's really loving right now is vacuum, but…

NaBloPoMo... Let's do this!

NaBloPoMo has been something that I've attempted before and while I usually fail about 1/2 way through, I'm going to give it a go, this year.

If you're joining me from BlogHer and you're new here, welcome.  I've been on maternity leave for the last 2 months and while I've missed blogging like I had prior to my leave, it was good to slow things down while I just soaked up every minute of my babies first 2 months.  She's going to be 10 weeks tomorrow and I cannot believe how fast the time has passed.

But with NaBloPoMo here, I figured, this is going to be a great time to get back at blogging.

Are you joining in the fun??