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Coen, 16 Months

Dear Coen,

Boy, a lot has changed since I last wrote to you.  You're 16 months! You are constantly on the move now and it might be a lot more exciting than I thought.  Sure, we don't stop but neither do you and that's the fun part.  Last night, I let you run around the upstairs, bare bottomed, for fun and you just wanted to run everywhere.  I'm pretty sure I was laughing so hard I almost fell over at one point because you were having so much fun.

Your personality is big and bright and your smile is so stinking cute.  You laugh when we laugh, you love to have people chase you and you love to get tickled.  You still have a HUGE love for books and could spend hours having them read to you or just playing and looking at them.  You still don't love watching TV, which we are happy about, but you do enjoy when songs are on the screen so you can dance around.  You're obsessed with a patio chair that my parents got for you and you've literally taken it anywhere in our house just to have a seat.  And yes, you did follow your dad into the bathroom with it, once.

You are still our most favorite little boy and the joy that you bring to our family is endless.  You are such a sweet and funny little boy and we cannot wait to continue to watch you grow and learn.

We love you,

Mama & Dad

Weight & height: He's still on the tall and skinny side of the scale.  He's just now 20 lbs and he's 31.25 inches tall.  You're in the 13th percentage for your weight and 53rd percentage for your height.

Food: This boy can eat.  His most favorite meal is hot dogs, mac n cheese and a fruit or yogurt.  The other day I served this to him and he ate 2 turkey dogs, a 1/2 bowl of mac n cheese and 3/4s of a Greek yogurt with honey.  It was insane but I couldn't be happier.  I've told my sitter to try anything and she does.  What he doesn't try there, he's trying at home and he really does eat just about everything without a lot of fuss.  He even at my roast that I made the other date with onions, potatoes and carrots too!  I hope this eating behavior keeps up.  Some people have tried to scare us by saying that it won't last, but so far, so good.

Words: I've tried to keep track of everything Coen says and man does he say a lot!
  • He knows the sounds of all sorts of animals: Cow, monkey, elephant, sheep, duck, dog, kitty, frog, bird, rabbit, squirrel, horse, turkey, bear, tiger, pirate (not an animal but says "Rrrrr" for them), and chicken.
  • He can say no, more please (or peez), up please (up peez), help please (ep peez), bite please (bye peez), thank you (dahn eww), night night (nigh nigh), dinner (ninner), lunch (unch), breakfast (bur fest), Nana, Grandpa (Paw paw), Emie (Em me), tickle tickle tickle (thickle thickle thickle), yellow, purple, red, blue, ball, shoes, socks, truck, cup, banana, and bath.
  • He can tell you where his eyes, nose, mouth and ears are
  • He can show you where your facial parts are too.
  • He knows that a car, a school bus (that we saw at daddy's school) and a truck go vroom vroom.
  • He says nom nom nom or bite please, when he is hungry or wants a bite.
  • He knows where the trash goes and has thrown appropriate things away without prompting.
Toys and activities:
  •  He loves anything that has to do with shapes.  Putting shape pieces into containers with the shapes cut out.  He could do this for hours and is actually REALLY (scary) good at it too.  We practice the names of the shapes and he tries to say every one of them... even if he can't.
  • He also loves anything that sings a song or makes a sound.  The old school popper toy is a hit right now and it's because it's non-stop noise.  Personally, I think it's hilarious.  Others, don't find it as funny.
  • Loves walking and running.
  • Loves to be chased or tickled. 
  • Enjoys riding in the stroller and going on walks.
  • Loves finding sticks on walks and has a hard time parting with them.
  • Plays independently still but will play with others.  
  • He's starting to hold his own with toys lately and he's not allowing others to take toys from him.  But he will share.
  • He's discovered that throwing his toys down the steps is actually really fun and entertaining.  He'll do this from his play room down to the first floor and from the main floor down to the basement.  It's funny but messy.
  • He loves wrestling or throwing pillows with dad, mom, grandpa or anyone else who will participate.
  • He loves sitting at the kitchen table like a big boy now.  Makes me think about putting a booster seat at the table but I'm just not ready for that yet.  His high chair still serves a purpose.
He's all boy.  He loves to explore and is so adventurous.  So far, he's been willing to try anything once and usually enjoys whatever it is.  He has tantrums and some not so good moments too, but that's part of life.  We're enjoying him and trying to not constantly correct him.  He's got to learn by trying and succeeding/failing.  We are here to watch that and it couldn't be more enjoyable.

He's still a cuddle bug and is so affectionate and kind.  He's a sweet little boy that we couldn't live without.  We are more than thrilled to have him in our lives and we look forward to continuing to watch him grow and learn.

Very proud mama moment: When we went to our 15 month appointment, I was explaining the words, sounds and things that he was doing.  Our dr. said that he rarely sees 18 month children doing these things, let alone a 15 month old.  So, without patting ourselves on the back, I just wanted to note how well Coen is excelling and what he's achieving.  It's so refreshing and rewarding!

Love you bubba.


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