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I realize that it's not even Halloween yet and I already want to put up my Christmas tree, but who can blame me.  With every year that we celebrate Christmas with our kids it gets more and more exciting.  I'm not going to lie.  When I started to decorate for fall, I thought about bringing my tree up just to see what it would look like in our living room.  I cannot remember if I blogged about this before, but my tree is a 9' skinny pre-light tree that I bought on clearance last year for like $18.00.  I'm not kidding.  It was a steal and because it'll be the first year using it, I'm so pumped about it.  I'll spare you the details of actually buying the tree... almost had to knock a b*&^$ out for trying to buy my tree RIGHT FROM UNDER MY NOSE... okay, I'll stop while I'm ahead of myself.

Anyway, since Halloween is already beginning to feel like Christmas weather, it makes me more and more anxious to get my tree up from downstairs and just start the decorating now.  I won't, but in thinking about Christmas, it made me want to talk about Christmas gifts.

In our family, we buy gifts for everyone.  We have every year and as the season approaches, we've talked about ways of not buying for everyone, but maybe for one person, when we draw their name or whatever.  Those sorts of things just never work out.  We are a gift giving family and WE GIVE GIFTS.  Not enormous things, but mostly practical, festive and fun presents.  But everyone buys for everyone.  It's just our immediate family but it's usually not just one gift per person but maybe a few gifts per person... Basically, what I'm trying to say is that it just gets a little out of hand, sometimes.  But we love every second of it.

Since Christmas has already been on my mind, I've been contemplating what I would even ask for this year.  Because we have two kids, I feel guilty even asking for anything, but we always do lists and if I don't write something down, I probably would end up with something that might not be as helpful as something I may really way.  With that said, I can only come up with three things that are really something I'm looking forward to putting on a list.

What are those things?

Well, first would be a gift card or cards to stores that sell clothes.  Ann Taylor Loft, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target, Old Navy, Macy's, etc... I need clothes.  Period.  I actually went through my closet the other day and just gave away things that I'm tired of looking at and/or putting on just because they are there.  I just needed those items out of my closet.  Maybe they didn't fit right or maybe they fit just right and I didn't like the color?  Either way, I was done.  And, right behind that task was the task of pulling out all of my maternity clothes.  After Coen, I wore maternity clothes until I was pregnant this second time.  I wasn't going to do that again.  I'm forcing myself to get into my old clothes and not cover myself up with clothes that aren't meant to wear if you aren't pregnant.  This all seemed like a good idea until I went to get dressed for work and realized that while we have a VERY casual dress code... I was going to be wearing leggings to work.  Crap.

So, the bottom line here, I don't have that many options on clothes and I'd like gift cards to help me fill my closet back up again with work/casual attire.  It's needed, badly.

Second, would be a new sling wrap to carry Emie in.  I have a Moby wrap and the Baby Bjorn, but there is a sling wrap by Sleeping Baby Productions that have been used by one of my favorite bloggers and I just want it so bad.  Her little girl looks cute and comfortable as can be in this wrap and I want the same for my girl.  It is found here and I would like the 100% linen fabric in either Pool Blue, Red Hots or Tangerine.  I cannot decide and would be happy with any of those colors.  I know this lady is SUPER busy and doesn't always have them available to sell, but that's okay.  I would just like one to snuggle my babe in.

Lastly, I would like a letter E charm for my Camilia bracelet. I have a C for Coen and I would like an E for Emerson.  It would make it feel more complete and just haven't bought it for myself yet.

Those are not very many items and I realize that I have a lot more people buying for me than the items I listed, but I figured that some could go together for the gifts cards and just call it a day.  That is what I need the most, so I hope that I get them.  Mama needs a new wardrobe.

As for the kids...

We have said that there isn't really a lot that we need for them.  We have a lot of toys, but we are still thinking about things that will be good for the future.

For Coen, I want to buy him a few things.

I found this kitchen at a garage sale, but it was empty... so I want to fill it up.  I found all sorts of good pots and pans at Ikea that my sister picked up for me.  She also found the spatulas and whisks too, we have those things.  But I wanted food container items to put in the kitchen cabinets.  Check these out:

Melissa & Doug Grocery Cans

Melissa & Doug Wooden Food Pantry Items

Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Set

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Kitchen Bottle Collection

These sets are perfect and who doesn't love Melissa & Doug products!  They are just so much more durable for kids.

We are also interested in buying him a bike.  With no peddles.  A balance bike.  It's a great way to teach your child how to balance and control a bike to then be ready to ride a bike without training wheels.  It's an awesome invention and we think Coen would get a total kick out of it.  We found this one that we like the most and think this will be the winner.  Can you just see his face on Christmas when he sees a bike under the tree!

Emerson is a little harder to shop for because as for toys, we are set but we still want to get her something for her first Christmas.  Like with Coen, we will get her a special ornament for her first Christmas and I will be making her a stocking for Christmas as well.  (Just won't have my sister here to guide me... :()  Outside of that, I've decided that I'm going to steal an idea from my friend who also has a girl and it's her first Christmas.  I'm going to get Emie her first Barbie and have it be the holiday Barbie from her birth year!  How fun, right?  Now, will she come out of the package? I'm not sure about this one yet, but seriously people, LOOK at how pretty this Barbie is...

Outside of that, I'm not sure what else we will get this little girl, but there is still time to piece this together.  And I cannot tell you how exciting it is to think about Christmas!  It's going to be so awesome.  So much love and excitement!

None of these products paid me to write this post, I just really love these things and wanted to document them before I forgot.  Forgetting happens a lot for me, so I just wanted to document it.  :)


M said…
admire your love for the christmas season... I enjoy it, but clearly not to this level ! Although I am sure having the kids makes all the difference!

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