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the truth

While I strive to typically be pretty positive on here, I wanted to write about a few things today that aren't as positive.  Just to keep it real and to tell you that life isn't always peachy.  It's real.

This little boy, the one with the HUGE cranky face above, stirred things up on our first night home with Emie.  My sister was staying with us to help with him during the day and to help me with anything I needed, which was a great help!  However, Coen knew that something was up.  I think that he knew that someone else was in our house and because of that screamed bloody murder for far too long.  This unfortunately resulted in S. rocking him for 45 minutes, only to set a dead asleep little boy down and have the tears start up immediately.  After about 15 minutes, the both of them were standing in our room and we (the four of us) were trying to figure out what to do to get everyone asleep and not disturb my sister or the rest of the night.

So, we co-slept.  We co-slept with Coen and Emerson was in the swing next to the bed.  That's how we spent the first night home from the hospital.  And let me tell you... as much as I love that little boy, I was a furnace with him next to me and I was so afraid that he was going to kick me in his sleep on my incision, but he didn't.  He did end up sleeping sideways for a bit and when I had to nurse Emie in the middle of the night the tears started right up, but we got through it.

We told my sister about it the next morning and while it wasn't a disruption to her, we still felt bad and didn't want her to not get any sleep either.  She was more than willing to step in, but we had to just deal with it on our own.  And she needed the sleep too.

The next night was better, but there was still a break up in his sleeping and I had to blame it on teeth and a runny nose.

So, a few weeks pass and S.'s brother comes to stay.  The same EXACT thing happens again with Coen.  He wakes up screaming, doesn't want to go down and just CLINGS to me.  So we co-slept again.

Almost 5 weeks into this family of four and it's been 1.5 weeks since we last co-slept.  He's doing better at sleeping through the night without many outbursts, but there are still some from time to time.  I don't know what stirred him up or what made wake up like that, but I'm glad it was only temporary.  Maybe he's a light sleeper and the little noise that someone else would make in order to get to sleep disturbed him?  If that were the case, then wouldn't last nights storm that SHOOK the house wake him up?  I don't know, either way, those nights were tough.  Really tough.  And I'm glad they haven't created a habit.

Another truth...

Before Emie was born, we were telling Coen "NO" all the time.  We've tried to make the house as kid friendly as possible, but there are a handful of things that we have to continually correct him on.

1. Putting his hands in the dog's water bowl.
2. Opening the drawers on the TV cabinet.
3. Pushing the reset button on the carbon-monoxide detector.
4. Playing with a house plant that is huge and sits on the floor.
5. Climbing on the furniture and standing, not sitting.

Sure, minor things, but they always seem to get him into trouble.  In constantly correcting him, the little booger has picked up the word "NO" and has started to use it all the time.  Sometimes is PERFECT context and other times because he just thinks it's right, when it's not.  We're not sure how to correct this one, aside from not using "NO" that often (which is hard to do) and correcting him when he uses no instead of yes.  It's just a process and a phase that I'm sure will pass, just interesting how it's happening now.  We weren't happy about it at first, but I've learned that if you get all bent out of shape about something like this, then it effects your every move.  So, I just deal with it as it happens and laugh about it instead of stressing about it.  It'll pass.

Lastly, I have to remind myself that I have two kids under 15 months.  Life isn't always going to be peachy, but it's our life and we are living it.  I haven't once doubted this decision to bring these children into our lives and in fact, we still want more!  They are the best things that have happened to us and even though our journey to get here wasn't a walk in the park, we are grateful that we are no longer struggling.

We love our life and the challenges that have come up, but we wouldn't trade it for the world.  That's the honest truth.


Molly said…
The transition period can be tough on little ones. No fear, it will get better as the weeks go on! Hang in there, mama.
Jessica said…
I can only imagine the chaos and stress. Two babies, no matter how close in age or defiant :) are a blessing. My motto when DD was new (and I just have the one baby) was "just keep moving." Just put one foot in front of the other, just focus on one task at a time instead of looking at the whole day and the whole messy house.

Also? Even with the sad face, Coen is SO CUTE!
That was rough... But we made it through!!

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