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The Nursery | Baby #2

I've been on vacation this week and with that, I've actually felt really productive with projects that "need" to get done around the house before the baby arrives.

One of them being the nursery.

Now, don't let me fool you in thinking that I've put this nursery together in just this week.  Honestly, for the most part, it's been sitting like this for several weeks and I'm just working on the small details to make it feel a little more complete.  Those small things are coming together, but are still taking some time.

Things still on my list:
  • Spray pain frames, fill them with new family pictures (for mantel)
  • Finish pendant banner with binding and hang
  • Continue to work with W on wall art
  • Spray paint large frames and wait for newborn pictures to fill these with (by rocker)
  • Bring up rocker from the basement
  • Organize and decorate the mantel piece that is hanging in the room
  • Plug in lamp and organize corner with books and maybe a basket of baby toys
  • Buy record frames and hang records
So, with that said, here's what we have so far...

The crib was a hand-me-down from a co-worker of S.'s and they gave it to us for free!  So kind and SO helpful.

The dresser is from IKEA and is the same dresser that we have in Coen's room.  We love it.

The mantel is something I had my brother make me when he was in high school in his wood shop class.  At the time, we lived in an apartment with a fireplace with no mantel.  I couldn't have Christmas without a mantel, so I had him make me one.  It's been awesome to have and is a great shelf!  I still have to decorate that shelf, but it's in there and sort of looking

The little table was something that someone gave us when we first moved into the house and it's been in just about every room in our house, but now will find it's home in the nursery.  It'll be the table next to the rocker that will hold all the little things needed when nursing.

The twin bed is something my parents had and we actually just swapped them a queen bed for the twin.  Since I had to co-sleep a bit with Coen, I didn't want to not have that option with the new baby, hence the bed.  Her room is bit larger than Coen's so, we were able to put that in there with everything else that we wanted for her room.

The window panel mirror is something I found at a flea market for $8.00.  OH and since this picture above, I added a wreath... I'm not a fan of hearts, but I had this and it works, so I'm just dealing with it for now.  It's a girls room but hearts are just not my thing...

And yes, I know my mouth is open in this picture... Sorry.  Just wanted to capture it quickly.

The little buckets that hang from the bar (under the window panel mirror) are something were used at a friend's apartment to hold silverware, but now will serve the purpose of holding small little trinkets that I have yet to accumulate.  Just thought they were cute and fitting for the country chic nursery...

Smaller details...

These are the fabrics I picked for the pendant banner that I'm going to make for the nursery.  They aren't anything that picked out specifically for the nursery, they are actually just fabrics that I had on hand that work well with the room.  I won them at a silent auction and have just held onto them thinking someday I might have a use for them.  They are a little bold and maybe not something that I would pick out if I would've gone to the store to buy them, but they work and I think they'll look great.

This is just my work in progress... I made a patter from a 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper, cut it out in card stock and used it to make my triangles.  The pin cup is actually a mechanics dish that I got for Christmas from my mom but it's magnetized and holds onto those pins so much better than a pin cushion.  Plus, I can literally throw them on there and it catches them.  The other picture is my fabric pile and the last picture is a sneak peak to another project I'm working on!

The fronts of the fabrics are what you will see in the room, but the backs of the fabrics will be against the wall.  I wanted to have them weighted a bit, so I just used some coordinating fabrics I had from shirts I had kept from our many attempts to clean out of our closets. 

The green shirt was my shirt in middle school that I no longer wear, but thought would be useful for a sewing project.  The blue shirt was my father-in-laws or my husband's uncle's shirt that he no longer wanted and the other blue plaid was a dress shirt of mine that I thought was cool in high school that I no longer wear.  Re-used and recycled!  Done.

This fruit jar that was in my parents house when they were first married.  My mom was cleaning out the basement and pulled out this FABULOUS box of kitchen items she had collected while living in their first house.  I'm not sure if she gave this jar to me or if I just took it... but either way, I love it in this room.  Not only for the meaning of where it came from, but also because of the shape and the colors on the label.  Very cool.

The "day bed" or twin bed (as I mentioned above) is something we were able to have in this room because of its size.  The details about this bed...

  • The quilt is the backside to a quilt that my mom had started for me when I was little but only recently was it finished and given to me.  My Aunt Kathy helped to do the quilting and put the whole thing together.  The front side was all hand-stitched by my mom and is going to be a great family heirloom to have forever!
  • The bed skirt is from a friend's bed (LOM) and I snagged it when her parents were getting rid of things in their house and didn't have a use for it anymore.  It's actually a full, but I'm making it work.  

  • The pillow covers are all something I picked up at the same flea market that I purchased the window mirror.  They were $1.00 each.  The green and pink set actually came with a queen size top sheet as well, that I'm also using on the bed, but just making it work for now.  The blue pillow cover was also a $1.00 and helps to pull the blue shades that I wanted to add to the room, especially since I'm using the quilt with blue on it too.

Oh and this is Coen, tearing apart tissue paper from a package we received from their Great Aunt Barb.  He was really into it and it occupied his time for about 30 minutes.  While it did make a mess of a once clean and tiddy room, I didn't care because he was having a blast.  We've kept the shreds in the nursery so that he can continue to make a mess, if he wants, when I'm working on the little details of that room. Boys are so fun to have around!

There are more details to come, but for now, this is the nursery and what's been done it over the last few months.  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  We kept the wall color from when it was a guest room, which I wasn't really happy about at first, but it's fine time.  It's coming together nicely and looks great.

I'll share the other details as they come together.


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