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Hospital Bag | Baby #2

Let's talk about hospital bags for a minute...

Here's what I had intended to pack for Coen's hospital bag. Unfortunately, if you remember how we arrived at the hospital, you might also remember that we went there following a dr.'s appointment and we didn't have anything with us, at least as far as a hospital bag was concerned.

Knowing what I know now about labor and what I know about the recovery I had, I would've planned things a lot differently when packing.  I would've had a labor specific bag and I would've had a recovery specific bag.  Last time, what we had planned for when packing and what actually ended up happening were two really different events, we really didn't pack accordingly.  Luckily, we are like 5 miles from our hospital to our house and my husband was able to run home (or run to the store) if I really needed something.  This happened a handful of times!

Going into this delivery, it's going to be very different than last time and since I know the type of delivery I'm going to be having I can plan a little better.

I plan to have a labor only bag and a recovery bag.  Why?  Well, because with going in for a c-section delivery, we only really need a few things. That and I don't want to have to have my husband carry around a massive bag full of things that we won't need until we are in recovery.  Makes perfect sense to me.

Oh and my goal is to have these bags actually packed and not missing anything.  Last time, I had a list of items that I would still need in the bags and had them just ready to go... But when you aren't the one gathering up those last few items, you don't always end up with what you had intended to receive and some items are just left behind.

When I was packing my bag last year, I felt like I didn't want to pack anything that I would still want to wear.  This time, I'm just going to pack it and make due with what is still available. I'd rather have options of comfy clothes in the hospital than I would at home.  Being in a gown the whole time was okay for about a day... but when you have visitors, you feel more human when you have a top on and not just a gown.

Labor Bag:
  • Camera bag (mainly the body and my 35mm lens) and our video camera.
  • My wallet with insurance card and license.  (I didn't need this last time, but you never know.  Pre-registering is a good item to offer and I've been pre-registered since 30 weeks.)
  • Cap Stick.  Hospitals are VERY dry and between that and ice-chips last time, that was the only thing to keep me moisturized.  This time, I won't have the ice-chip option, so I cannot forget my chap stick.
  • The bag itself. This will hold my clothes, shoes and anything else that I might be wearing into the hospital that they won't want me wearing while in surgery, as well as the items listed above.
  • My phone, because who doesn't leave home without that these days.
    • This will also serve as a decent way to document a timeline of events, if you need to, while you're waiting for your baby to arrive or your c-section to take place.  A note pad is a good substitute
Recovery Bag:
  • For the Baby...
    • Coming home outfit for the baby... that we haven't picked out yet.  Seems harder this time around than last time and that stinks.  I'll probably have a few other outfits with us too, just for fun!
    • Salty Dog blanket & Receiving blanket. Both items that I will start sleeping with this week in order for my smell to be on them for when she might be fussy and I'm not right there.  I thought about bringing a swaddle blanket or a swaddle wrap, but decided that that isn't necessary since those hospital receiving blankets do a great job of holding them together tightly.  It will also be one less thing to worry about getting gooey newborn poop on while we aren't able to wash anything readily.
    • Diaper shirts or criss-cross 1/2 shirts. Not too many of these... just a couple.  The hospital had a hundred of these last time.
    • Burp Cloths. Not something I'm going to stress about since the hospital has these too, but could take a few just to have on hand.
    • Wipes & Diapers. Again, nothing to really get hung up on, but something nice to bring, if you want.  Could be useful to have your own wipes, but they really do have everything like this for you.
    • Pacifiers. We brought these the last time too and ended up using a hospital one before we got ours out and both weren't really something that we were really excited about doing.  But there was one night where it was just the only thing that worked and we did it.  I might bring a different brand, but otherwise, I'll pack what I have.  Coen is a thumb sucker and was more into that after a few months than he was a paci, but I'm not really worried about this item too much.
  •  For Mama...
    • Nursing Cover-up. I used this last time, only when I had guests in the room that I didn't want to bare all to.  It was just nice to have to have some cover-up, when I needed it.
    • Boppy Pillow. This was helpful to nurse with because of my incision but also just to have to prop up Coen, so I imagine it will come in handy with the new baby too.  Having an extra cover with you is handy too since you don't know when your milk will arrive or how that will all go down.  Nice to have a clean one around just in case you have a mess. If you have a reflux baby, this is a lot more helpful for them than you think.  That position can do so much for them.
    • Nipple Cream, because you shouldn't leave home without this when you plan to nurse, either.  The hospital supplied me with everything I needed last time, but it's good to have some on hand, just in case they don't feel like sharing. Be careful of this stuff though because it will stain your clothes.  It's very greasy like oil, so always protect your clothes when using this!
    • Toiletry bag. You know, tooth paste, tooth brush, hair brush/comb, headbands, twist ties, bobby pins, lotion, deodorant, bar soap or body wash, shampoo/conditioner, face wash, band-aides, more chap stick (just in case), hair spray, etc... If you forget these items, the hospital does have some of them on hand, so you just have to ask and they will supply them.  Last time, I didn't have a tooth brush, tooth paste or a hair brush and they gave me all of those things to use.
    • Make-up bag. Only because once you start to feel better, a little make-up makes you feel a little more human.  It's nice to freshen up when you know that pictures will be taken.  Maybe not every day or the whole routine, but a little will make a difference.
    • Nursing Tanks. While being a gown makes it super easy to nurse, being in the comfort of a nursing tank top helps even more.  I didn't use these all the time in the hospital, but it was nice to have them there.
    • Breast pads. These were something that I didn't bring the last time but the hospital supplied and they were life savers.  The kind the hospital gave were so nice and even washable!  They were called Medela 100% Cotton Washable Breast Pads. I think I have about 10 sets. They were especially nice because they didn't get the nipple cream on my clothes and stopped overflow from getting everywhere. So again, something that I will probably bring but nothing to stress over because the hospital has it.
    • Comfy clothes. This is inclusive of my own full-bottom undie-roos or even just comfy pants.  Pants weren't really something that I wasn't crazy about last time because the waist band would rub against my incision and it wasn't comfortable in the least.  I actually had Sean buy me pants at Wal-Mart the last time that were a HUGE size just so that the waist would be wide enough that I wouldn't have to worry about it.  You better bet your bottom that I'm bringing those this time around too!  Being that I'm a little different in size this time, unlike last time, I hope to not really have too much of an issue with getting back into my big comfy clothes, unlike last time.  I don't think I will have the same problem, but we'll just have to wait and see.
    • Flip Flops.  Because they are easy to get on and off and when you get home, they are easy to wash.
    • Nursing, Changing, Sleeping timer. My itzbeen. It was a life saver last time and I hope that it will prove to be the same this time around.  It seems a little silly to time it on my itzbeen and also write everything down as well, but it's just the way my brain works. I've heard that the "Baby Timer" App is also very helpful, but I'm going to just stick with what I know, for now.  I know it's one more thing to carry around, but I don't mind. I just have to find it and make sure that it's got batteries.
    • Pillow.  This isn't as important to me as it is to my husband, but when you want to be comfy and you can't be, sometimes your pillow from home can do a lot more than you think.  Just an idea.
    • Phone Charger. For obvious reasons.
    • Hands-Free headset. Just so that you can multi-task, if you need to. 
    • Camera, camera bag, video camera. Transferred from labor room/bag to recovery bag.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to take pictures of our new baby with our new lens!  It's got me so giddy I cannot control it!
    • Notebook or folder. To help keep track of all the paperwork that you accumulate when you're in the hospital with a new baby. And a notebook to write down questions or milestones that you'd like to document, when you're phone isn't doing it for you.
  •  For Dada...
    •  Pillow. This is a big deal because S. will be sleeping at the hospital with me.  They have huge beds, but if there aren't the right pillows or right amount of pillows, then it can throw off his whole night.
    • Change of clothes, or two. He'll have the ability to go home, but if there is an accident, it's good to have something on hand that he could switch out of, if there is a blow out or something.  Not that he has to have 4 days worth of outfits, but just options.
    • Toiletry bag. Maybe not inclusive of everything that I was planning on bringing, but enough that he could get ready for bed and feel comfortable.  Contact solution, tooth brush, tooth paste, glasses and maybe a hair brush.  He'll be able to go home in the mornings to change, but would be nice to have a few things on hand to make that transition easier.
    • Phone Charger. For obvious reasons.
    • Computer.  In case there needs to be any work done while in the hospital.  Last time we didn't use our computer at all, but you never know.  Better to have than not, I suppose.
What needs done at home before we take off for my c-section:
  • Gift. I would like to find a gift for Coen. I've had suggestions about getting him something that he will know and can be preoccupied with when I'm nursing.  I'm not really worried about this too much, since he'll be going to the sitter's house when I'm home.  But still, something special for him would be a good idea.  Haven't come up with anything yet, but would like to make this happen.
  • Downstairs set up. Making sure that everything is set to go for when the new baby walks (ha!) in the door.  I won't be able to scale the steps for a few weeks and since that is the case, I'll have to have a drawer of newborn clothes ready in our room.  Not to mention the pack n play needs to be set up with diapers, wipes, burp cloths, swaddles, blankets and possibly a few baby toys. Oh and we need to buy a second monitor!  Yikes!
  • Deep cleaning. Inclusive of carpet cleaning.  We just need to have this done so that we don't have to worry about the deep cleaning until a few weeks after we have all been home.
  • Laundry. I'd like to have all laundry done, except for the things we are packing and things that we are wearing.  But having the majority of it washed and put away, would be really helpful for everyone.
  • Meals. Having a meal plan for when we are home or knowing if anyone would want to bring us dinner and when those should arrive.  I'd love to get really proactive and have some meals set up in the freezer to just rock, but I'm not sure if I'll really have time to do this.  Might be something I put on the list and run out of time to do...
  • Lists. I need to make lists of things that need to be taken care of, schedules and everything else.  Coen will be home with my sister, mom, in-laws and S.  There will need to be a schedule written out so no matter who is there, he gets done what needs done and there is not confusion.  Since someone will be at our house at all times, there will need to be some instruction on how to care for our dog.  Again, so that no matter who is there, they know what to do and when.  Outside of that, our house is pretty much self-run.  I'll probably have to make a list of who is going to be there and when, just so everyone is on the same page.  Some of that will work itself out, but it might be good to know, if someone wants to know.
  • Food. Separate from the meals above, I need to have food available at home for those that are there, so that they can feed themselves and feed Coen too.  We'll just have to make a list and make it happen.  Maybe we should leave behind some money to those staying so they have options of going to the store to get something.
  • Car Seats. This is not only important to have back at the house to cart Coen around, but we also need to install our infant carrier's base into the car and have the infant carrier, itself, ready to go too.
I wrote this post and the immediately my brain wouldn't turn off until I started to gather some of these things.  I drafted this on Thursday and by Saturday, I already had everything downstairs for the baby (mainly a lot of frill) ready to go in a bag.  I'm still working on washing and getting some other things ready for me, but soon, we will have everything ready to go... or as ready as we can be and then it will be go time!

I'm sure there is something missing that I'll have to have someone run home and get, but again, we're 5 miles from the hospital, so it's no big deal.

Off to double check my list and make sure I have the right things ready to go!


Mickey D. said…
So glad you posted this. I made a list too but had forgotten some of the essentials - like my own pillow!

Best wishes for the remaining weeks!
Mickey D. said…
So glad you posted this! I made a list too but had forgotten some of the essentials - like my own pillow!

Best wishes for the remaining weeks!
Katie said…
so exciting! All the best :)

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