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Bottle to Sippy Cup Progression...

We gave Coen his first bottle at about 6 weeks.  It was close enough to the time that he'd have to take one full time at the sitter, but long enough on the breast that I felt like he wouldn't get confused about breast vs. bottle.  We started with an Avent bottle that we had registered for and started with a 0 sized nipple.  It allowed for flow, but nothing overwhelming and he took it just fine.

As time went on, we upgraded the size of the nipple to allow for more airflow.  This is a statement that not a lot of new moms know about, so if you've gone through this process and know the difference between a 0 and a 4, please share that with another new mom.  You surely don't want to keep your baby on a 0 sized nipple until they are 6 months old.  They will get very frustrated with you!

At about 6 months, we introduced a sippy cup.  We were told by our peds dr to get a training sippy cup first to ease them into the idea.  We did this and while it wasn't successful for us, it has worked for others.

Shortly after this FAIL, we picked another design and it worked much better.  The only down-fall about the kind that we had picked was that it was a soft plastic on the nozzle and because he's had teeth since he was born (exaggeration) he used this nozzle as a chew toy and made the once "non-spill" cup and "spill" cup.  We still use these cups today, even though they are messy, only because they resemble a bottle more closely than the other cups we have.

He's always drank water out of a sippy and breast-milk/formula out of a bottle.  We made the transition out of breast-milk to formula only at 11 months (staying in a bottle) and then from formula to cow's milk at 13 months (cutting out the bottle gradually and then only giving a sippy of milk).

When we offered cow's milk, we offered it mixed with formula at first, in a bottle.  We were cutting it in half, then to 1/4 of formula to 3/4 milk and then completely cutting it out.  He didn't have a care in the world about this transition and really shunned the bottle, if nothing else. I don't know if it was because of the taste or because of the bottle, but either way, he wasn't interested.

When we introduced cow's milk at his meas, we introduced it in a different cup because we wanted to make sure that it wouldn't spoil as quickly.  So we bought these Playtex Insulator cups and they have been a great hit.  We still put them in the fridge after meals, but he has had no problems drinking from them.

Shortly after we introduced cow's milk at 12 months (on the nose) we were still doing bottles.  We knew we needed to phase them out and honestly, it was a lot harder on me than him.  Once we had used up all of our formula and were giving him milk bottles only before naps and bedtime, I could tell that there was a lack of interest. One morning, I told S. to just try the milk in a sippy before nap time and see what happened.  He took just a few sips and then was over it and went down just fine.

So, the next time, he tried again and had the same reaction.

So, we just hung it up.  No more bottles before bedtime and no more sippy cups of milk before bedtime either.  We have found that he's a bigger fan of milk after nap time than he is to have it before.  So, we're doing this.

If you saw in my 32 week post, he's really into drinking out of a straw.  We were practicing around the 4th of July and he picked it up really quickly.  Now, anytime I have my hospital big gulp out, he INSIST that he drinks out of it and usually he will for about 5 minutes straight.  This is awesome until he wets through like 3 diapers in an hour.

Since I knew they had sippy cups with a straw attached, I ask S. to pick one up at the store and now, it's his absolute favorite thing.  He loves it and almost refuses to put it down.  It's very cute.  These pictures are from this morning when I was trying to have him show me his cup.


J o s e y said…
We have kept Stella in level 1 nipples (smallest size for Dr. brown's bottles) because she still drinks so dang fast. I have #2 in the drawer, but have hesitated even trying them out. Did you ever feel like he drank too quickly out of the faster flow nipples? Stella used to be SUCH a puker that it was always a concern of mine.

We are in the midst of trying out silly cups too now - thanks for the great reviews!
Kristen said…
Those last ones with the straw are our favorite too - so easy to clean! Glad he took the transition well - most of them are harder on us mommies :P My little guy is starting preschool in two weeks and I am freaking out - I'm sure he will love it though :)
Katie said…
My husband just told me I'm a sippy cup hoarder...we've gone through so many trying to find the right I'm still nursing but have been introducing milk and giving lots of water....we like the straw ones you have in that last pic (NubY?) and also love the click and lock Munchkins which I can only find at Walmart. Glad he's transitioning nicely. I never thought going into motherhood that I'd be stressing over sippy cups ;)

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