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My husband is a teacher.

He's one of those lucky dogs that gets the entire summer off and gets paid the entire time. Seriously, why didn't I become a teacher!?!?

Anyway, our sitters sits for teachers kids only, so that she too will have the summer off.  That being said, this means that summer time is no longer meant for getting projects done and working around the house.  It's meant for daddy-daycare and for saving a lot of money.

Daddy-daycare started on June 4th and so far it's been great.  They've got a great routine going on and have even improved in a few areas where he needed some more structure, so that's been great too.

At the sitter's house, he would take 1 nap per day because that's what the other kids would too and it was easier to have them all sleep at once, verses have one sleeping while the others are awake and then switch them.  It worked out fine, but he's really a two nap sort of guy.  And luckily, S.'s got him on that schedule this summer and it's working out great.  There are some days when it just doesn't work out, but that's okay.

Aside from that, they are really enjoying their time together.

Coen's a mama's boy.  He's been that way for a while and goes through phases where it's really a big deal. When I walk into a room, if he sees me, he wants me to hold him.  Not for any reason other than it's just where he's comfortable.  I'm aware of this.  I make an effort to actually sneak out of a room when I know he's comfortable just to see him play with someone else and not worry about where I am.

Over this last week, that has taken a turn.  He's still a mama's boy, but intentionally goes to S. without and coaxing and will play with him while I'm in the room and not get upset when I leave.  It's refreshing because while I know that he loves his daddy, it would hurt us all when he would cling to me.  Don't get me wrong, I love it, but seriously... be flexible, please.

They have been pretty active.  Going to the zoo, lunch dates with grandparent's, jogging through the neighborhood and swinging in the park.  They have many more plans to squeeze in while they have this time together, but they also have several weeks to get it all in... too.

I'm glad we have this option, to have dad home all summer, but I look forward to the days when I'm home with Coen and dad gets to have a little break and enjoy his summer too! He's got some fun things coming up that will help him get that break from daddy-daycare that we know that he will need.

Here are some pictures from their summer break together, so far...

Love them...


Wendy said…
I love that you have Daddy Day Care. I live for our Daddy Day Care - it's so great!! Summers are awesome. I don't worry about a thing and I know they are all having fun. It makes me incredibly jealous though! :)
Yay! What a great set up!
Erin said…
That first photo is too cute! What a special summer for your husband!

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