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27 Weeks | Baby Bump

How far along: 27 weeks. (From the Bump) At 27 weeks, baby is breathing (it’s amniotic fluid, not air, but it still counts) and even showing brain activity. You’ve got a lot on your brain, too, from wondering what labor and delivery is going to be like to trying to find the best pediatrician for baby. The annoying symptoms you’ve been having probably aren’t going away, but at least you’ve probably found some ways to deal with them -- and hey, maybe you’re used to them right now. As you say goodbye to the second trimester, you can look forward to some pretty embarrassing stuff (like having to pee all the time -- and maybe even when you don’t mean to at all) that’s all par for the late-pregnancy course. It’s time to head down the home stretch. Are you ready?

How big is baby: The size of a Rutabaga.

Weight gain/loss: Up, but not sure by how much.  I'm not counting this week.

Maternity clothes: Yes, but I'm trying to wear every sun dress I have (that aren't maternity) because it's just too darn hot to try and pull off anything else.  I tried to wear a medium regular Loft skirt the other day because it was cotton and stretchy.  It was fine until I sat in it all day and the waist band cut into my belly the whole time.  I was so happy to get home and get it off of me.  Sun dresses are just the way to go!

Stretch marks: I was looking at them on Wednesday morning and couldn't decide if they were seriously just re-stretching or if they were multiplying.  Either way, I'm sure I'll have more this time, no matter how much lotion I apply.  It's just part of the deal, now.  I'm just hoping that they fade faster, this time.  I know that they can, it just takes time.

Related side note.... I was looking at my maternity pictures at 34 weeks with Coen and I couldn't believe how beautiful, smooth and flawless my belly looked.  I will never look like that again, while pregnant and that's very sad. You can see some of my pictures here...Jill + Sean = Sprout, by Britt Lakin.

Sleep: Sleeping is getting better but has it's bad spells from time to time. These last two weeks have been a little rocky because Coen is requiring to nurse and have a bottle before finding sleep again around 1am - 3am.  I'd like to say that it's a growth spurt, but I don't know.  I think that's what's happening, but I really don't know.  He's cruising around furniture a lot more and using a lot of his energy to get around and be much more mobile, so maybe he's just hungry.  Either way, sleep is fine, but it's choppy and has a little bit of a rhythm... and maybe for someone else, this sleep schedule would really stink, but for us it's what's happening and I cannot change it.  It's fine.  It is what it is and it's working.  I'm not complaining and I'm not hoping for change, but I know with time... something will.  And I'm okay with that.  And for those that always like to chime in, please STOP trying to help me fix what isn't broken.  We are just fine.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Nothing new.  Starting to feel a little full more quickly.  I just have to space out my eating and stop eating so much for lunch.  I get so full at lunch lately, that I really don't want dinner and if I eat something, it's usually just a bowl of cereal.

Exercise: (A loyal reader of mine is going to get a total kick out of this, but) we were at a wedding this weekend and I just had to participate in the dancing.  It started with the electric slide (which I cannot deny) and then it went into several other dances and songs from there.  I felt like it was really hilarious to probably watch me, but I didn't care.  My husband was getting a kick out of it too.  But that's the most exercise I've had in a while.

Gender: Still a wee baby girl.

Movement: She's a strong kicker.  Sometimes I feel like I go days without really feeling her move around, but then I have to realize that I'm completely distracted from feeling her, so it's just fine.  She's kicking away and she's really active when I'm at work or at night, but outside of those times, she's pretty chill.

The belly:  It's firm on the top and all around the sides, but if you touch on the bottom it's a little soft.  It's just pudge that is left over, but still... I'm hoping to have everything firm up here in

What I'm loving: Watching Coen getting more and more interested in walking.  He's not there yet, but he's getting there.  It's such a joy to watch him learn and grow.  Oh and his love for books is seriously ridiculous!  He loves to read and wants to read ALL THE TIME.  So sweet!

What I miss: Having my body to myself and not feeding or growing another life.  I look forward to getting my body back into shape and actually feeling good again.  Those days have been long forgotten about since my hip and back are such a constant pain, lately.

Symptoms: Still my right side, mainly.  My right hip, my right side of my back and my right leg, sometimes.  I've had a number of charlie horses in my left calf but I'm not sure that I can really do anything about them except walk them out.  I had one so bad a couple weeks ago that I felt like it had bruised my leg.  It was awful.  Outside of that, nothing too wild.

The nursery: STILL AT A STAND STILL.  The mattress hasn't left our house and it's starting to get a little crazy.  I wanted to have it together for the birthday party next weekend, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.  I don't understand why there is such a hang up, but it is what it is.  We thought it was leaving around the 7th of May.  It's been almost a month later and we still own the silly thing.  Until that mattress leaves, we cannot really do anything else.  Stinks.

What's different/thesame this time: Biggest difference is just having Coen to tote around and care for.  That's getting harder as the months go on, but as I was telling someone the other day... I'd rather be doing it now and toting around an 18lb baby, rather than a 45lb toddler... Could be a lot worse!

What I'm lookingforward to: As awful as this sounds, I'm looking forward to not being pregnant for a little while.  Since September 2010 until now (21 months), I would be pregnant 16 of the last 21 months.  That's insane.  A blessing, but completely insane.  I'm just getting tired and crabbier about the whole situation and not being pregnant just sounds really good, right now.

Best moment of theweek: It was actually this morning when I went to get him, put him in bed with me and just laid with him.  I kissed him and told him that I loved him and then the next thing I knew, he was leaning over and kissing me.  It was the cutest thing ever.  Ever.  I love him so much.

Worst moment of the week: Today is the last day that Coen will be going to the sitter's house until the end of the summer.  Granted, it's not all bad because now he'll get to spend time with S. and bond with him more than he ever thought he could.  They have big plans for the summer.  Story time, zoo time, bike rides, pool time, visiting mama at work, visiting the grandparents, visiting my parents at their work locations and just hanging out at home.  But saying goodbye to out sitter and not seeing her for several months just breaks my heart.  She's spent so much time with him that I know it's going to be hard.  S. has plans of visiting her when he's near her house and they have made a few arrangements for our sitter to watch Coen when S. has plans for dr.'s appointments and other events throughout the summer so they don't lose the connection.  But I just cannot believe this time has come.  We aren't saying goodbye forever, but just for the summer break.  It'll be emotional, I can tell already.

Last appointmentdetails: I mentioned this before, but I still cannot get over the fact that I was measuring 29 weeks on the button, when I was really 26 weeks on the button.  I'm also still confused about a c-section verses a VBAC.  I haven't had time to look into this more, but I will.  We need to make a decision about this option, quick.

Next appointment: June 21st is my ultrasound to see how big this baby REALLY is (and I'm really looking forward to just seeing her and confirming that it's still a girl - lord knows that this room full of frill needs to go to some good use....), I'll also have my glucose test done that day and some blood work.  My normal OB appointment is on June 22.


Erin Reissig said…
Yay! I love these posts.
Allison said…
I will be blogging soon about my VBAC!

I understand wanting your body back. In the last 42 months (I think) there were 3.5 that I wasn't pregnant or nursing. Eek!
Jeannie said…
I think you look fabulous and LOVE the picture of you and Coen! Adorable!
Ashley said…
You look fantastic! And I swear, Coen and Hudson could be related based on that photo--uncanny! Can't believe he's about to be one year old. Crazy town!!

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