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Mother's Day

This year marked my first official Mother's day.

It started off great.  I grabbed Coen around the normal waking time, brought him down to our bed, nursed him and we all went back asleep for a little bit.  Once we all work back up, I was given a card with a very nice gift card to get a pedicure & manicure.  It was the only thing I had asked for since I'm trying very hard to grow my nails out and just thought it would be a good opportunity to get them both done.  I was very excited.

We carried on the rest of the morning, with a visit from my in-laws for breakfast around 9:30am and then we just hung at home until I had to leave around 11:30am for a bridal shower for one of my best girlfriends from growing up years...

Then, it happened.

I just checked my phone to see if I had missed something and my lock screen was FULL of missed messages and missed phone calls and missed voice mail messages. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Before I go on, I must say one thing.  Accidents happen.  They happen when mom is around, they happen with dad is around, they happen when no one is around.  They happen at the sitter, they happen at home, they happen on vacation and they happen at the grandparent's houses too.  I know this and anyone who is a parent knows this.  They are called accidents because you can never predict them prior to happening and no matter how closely you have an eye on your child, they happen.

Also, I know that I've expressed my confusion regarding who I believe in or what I believe in, so I know that this should only be taken with a grain of salt... but, someone was watching this day and it was because of someone that it was only an accident and nothing more.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So, I'm at the bridal shower, my phone has been blown up and I immediately think that absolute worse.

I listen to the voice mail, thinking that it will tell me something before I go in to check the other items.

It's the kind of voice mail that you get where you can instantly hear that something is wrong by the creepy silence in the background and the sound of the person's voice.

My heart completely sank.

S. was the one who I had missed.  S. was the one who left the very calm message saying "please call me when you have a second." and S. was the one who had something very important to tell me and I had missed him.

I was in the bathroom at this point.  My heart was beating out my chest and as I called to see what was wrong, I continued to think the worse.

As the phone rang, I held it together.  I knew that if I could reach him that it couldn't be all bad, but I needed him to answer.  It rang a few times and then I heard his voice.  Something was wrong and then I heard the cry.

I immediately said, "what's wrong?", "is he bleeding?", "where are you?", "what happened?"

It was a terrifying few minutes and before I knew it, I was leaving the shower in a fuss... threw out my plate, grabbed my purse, told my friend's aunt why I was leaving, waved to my friend and I was gone.  I had literally been there 40 minutes but I had a much more important place to be.

Here's how the phone call played out...

"What's wrong?" - We're okay.  He's okay. (Lots of crying in the background...)

"Where are you?" - We're at the ER. (Killed me to hear.)

"What happened?" - He fell out of his high chair and I'm here to just make sure that he's okay. (Okay, okay, okay, okay...)

I hung up, flew out of the shower and was in my car.  Once I was on the road for a minute, I called S. back.

He told me that I needed to calm down and when I got here, I needed to have myself collected.  Coen was fine, he wasn't bleeding, he had only been crying because the nurse was trying to hold him and that I needed to be calm when I greeted him.  He was fine.

So, I balled my eyes out, the whole way to the hospital in our town.  I didn't know what had happened exactly, but I knew I had to get there.  When I got there, I pulled myself together, wiped the tears and just scooped him up and hugged him.

Thinking about this now, it still scares the crap out of me.  The options of what could've happened are endless, but what happened ended up being pretty manageable.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What had happened?

Coen and S. were getting ready to go on a run (with the jogging stroller).

Coen was in his high chair in the living room, watching a show while daddy was right there doing a few exercises before packing up and going.  Dad had packed a bag with a diaper or two some toys and a few treats.  He had pulled out the stroller all he had to do was grab Coen, the bag and his sweat shirt.

He pulled the tray out a bit, on the high chair, turned around to grab the sweat shirt and before he could turn back around, Coen had pushed the tray out and fell onto the carpet, directly on his right shoulder.

Cries happen almost immediately, he calms down after a little bit and seems to be okay.  S. set him down to assess him.  Looking at his eyes, eye contact, mouth, head, etc... Coen tries to crawl to S. and immediately collapses.

He pulled back, had him do it again and he collapsed again.

So, he grabbed the diaper bag and took him to the ER because obviously there was something wrong with his arm or shoulder and he wanted to have it looked at.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

After I arrived at the ER, we waited for about 45 minutes until we were pulled back into a room.  After they check him out and didn't find anything immediately wrong with a bone or nurse maid's elbow... they wanted us to show them how he would crawl. So, yes.  We got him down on the ER floor and had him attempt to crawl.  After 2 attempts, they could see that something was wrong.

He never really expressed a lot of pain or fussiness because of the pain.  It was amazing.

They took 3 x-rays, had a few np/dr's look at him and then they told us that he has a greenstick fracture in his right clavicle.

We were told to just watch his usage and limit it, if we saw that he was getting frustrated or expressed any discomfort.  We were supposed to manage the pain with Ibuprofen and other than that, nothing more.

Because children's bones are so soft, it would naturally heal itself and it didn't require a sling or anything like an adult injury to the collar bone.

He wasn't happy about using it that evening, so we just cuddled and read a lot of books, which he loves anyway.  We had a follow up visit with the dr. on Tuesday and he could see where it was not as bad as it could've been, but that we would still need to monitor usage and manage pain with Ibuprofen.

After about a week in total, he was pretty much back to normal.  He still has moments where you can tell that's bothering him, but that's going to happen.  Could be another full week before we don't even notice that it happened.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Accidents happen.  Some accidents are worse than others.  I'm glad this one wasn't as bad as it could've been.

Accidents happen.  Everything is fine.

Accidents. Happen.


Allison said…
Wow! That is so scary... It definitely could have been worse, but that doesn't minimze the stress and anxiety that it all caused!

I hope he's back to normal very soon. Kids can be so resilient--I hope he shows you that.
Stephanie said…
My heart fluttered a little bit just reading this! I would have been freaking out too, but it sounds like you all handled it as best you could. I'm so glad to hear it wasn't anything worse and that he's almost back to his normal happy self.
Well first I am glad he is OK. That would be so scary until you can actually HOLD your baby and see that he is ok.

My heart was beating as I read this, because you never want anything to happen to your child. But you are right....accidents DO happen and WILL keep happening. It just comes with having a kid.

I am starting to become more aware of things I can't do with Henry anymore that could cause accidents. We use to always put him in the bouncer when one of us showered. I came home from work and Terry was in the shower getting ready to go to work and Henry was in his bouncer. He was trying to flip out of the bouncer and I just happened to be right there when he flipped it over and caught him. But we had no idea he was capable of doing that until he did!! They are quick and do things so quickly and you don't even realize that they could do something until accidents happen.

I am just glad he is OK!

Apparently Coen wanted to make it a memorable 1st Mothers Day....remember that one time?!
Sassytimes said…
I'm glad he is okay! You are right, accidents do happen, but it doesn't make us worry any less. :(
I'm so sorry Jill. :( It sounds like you really did a fantastic job of keeping it together!
J o s e y said…
Awh - poor baby!! You're right, accidents happen - but it doesn't make them any less scary in the moment. I think you handled it well!
Whitney said…
Holy crap, girl!! We keep talking about ME, and I had no idea you guys went/are going through this!! :( So sorry you had such a scare!

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