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Coen, 11 months


I absolutely cannot believe that I'm 1 month away from writing your "1st Birthday" post!  In just a month, you're going to be 1 year old.  12 months old. Can you believe it?  Because I cannot.  It's just flown by so fast, but you've made every minute a complete joy.

You're getting so much more adventurous and while that does lead to a lot of disciplining around the house,  you're having a blast just cruising around and getting into just about anything and everything that you'd want to... at any given point.  The current trouble spots are:
  • the house plant that sits too close to the ground
  • the curtains in the living room
  • the blinds (when they are not pulled up), because you love to look out the window
  • the carbon monoxide detector that is plugged into the wall (you always want to touch it)
  • pulling all doors or cabinets open and shut and almost missing your fingers, just about every time
  • and just racing off to another room without any sort of announcement (which is hilarious).
You have such a good personality and make yourself crack up all the time.  My favorite is when you get really excited about something and you scrunch your nose up as you giggle.  It might be one of the cutest things that you do!

Over the last month, you've learned how to kiss, but much better than you had before.  It's (of course) open mouth and usually full of slobber, but it's really flipping cute!  You also really only do this when you want to, like when we pick you up in the morning or from the sitter, he's always willing to give them out.  But if you ask for one, sometimes, he just waves his hand around, as if to say "no" because he's just not in the mood.

Measurements: We will know your 12 month stats, once you turn 12 months, but for now, we have to kind of guess where you are, since the last time you were in the dr.'s office you weren't very happy.  The last time you went, you went with your dad and he said that you were weighing somewhere close to 19lbs.  The reason it's sort of up in the air is because you weren't a very happy camper and you weren't feeling well either.  But like any other month where you wouldn't be going to the dr., I just don't worry because we can see you growing out of clothes, eating like a champ and getting heavier to carry.  So, we know you're doing just fine.

Clothing: This month has been a little easier on how you're dressed because it's been so warm.  Seriously, it's April/May and it's been in the 70s, 80s and sometimes 90s, so every day you leave in shorts and a onesie, but you almost always come home (from the sitter's) in just your onesie because it's so warm. You're still wearing 6 month, 9 month and 6-12 month clothing, for the most part.  I still try and use 3-6 month pants on you from time to time because they are short pants but they cover your knees for when you're crawling around.  9 month and 6-12 month pants fit you well in length, but when you start to crawl, they just get in the way... so I hold off using those.

In other clothes related news, I think I found you your birthday outfit and I'm pretty excited about it!  It's really cute!  Eeeee!

Diapers: Luvs, size 3 is still cutting it, for the most part, but at night, they just weren't holding the load.  So, we moved you up to size 4 diapers and those seems to carry the weight a little better.  As of lately, we have moved you into size 4 diapers over all, just because they fit better and aren't so reluctant to carry a larger load.  Ha.

Nursing & Formula: Nursing is still happening around the 4am or 5am, hour.  You are still able to nurse on both sides and most of the time, it's just what you need to then return to sleep for another 2 to 3 hours. As for formula, you take 2 bottles at the sitter and 1 at home before bed.

When it's the weekends, there is always another one in there, for whatever reason, but I think that's because our schedule at home is just a little different than what you do at the sitter and therefore, you usually end up with a morning bottle as well.
Food: You still eat a breakfast at home (2oz fruit, yogurt or veggie), breakfast at the sitter (2.5oz fruit), lunch at the sitter (2.5oz of veggie/protein and 2.5oz fruit), snacks throughout the day (puffs - sweet potato, banana or blueberry) and dinner at home (2.5oz of veggie/protein and 2.5oz fruit).  That's usually your schedule with the bottles mixed in, here and there.

Sleeping: At the beginning of the month, you were sick with croop and an ear infection.  This resulted in a few days with broken sleep.  After that, you were pretty much golden.  We'd do a bottle, read you a book, kiss everyone goodnight and then you were off to bed.  You'd fussy a little, find your thumb and crash for the night.  Lately, you do this same routine, but you absolutely, cannot find your thumb or find comfort before falling asleep on your own.  I thought it was your teeth, I thought you were just over tired or maybe over stimulated so we changed a few things around, but that still didn't help.  Now, we have to either rock you to sleep, co-sleep until you're asleep or just sit in your room until you finally give into your thumb and crash.  It's not fun for any of us because you just hate it.  You cry your eyes out and fight every ounce of sleep that might enter your body.

As far as naps go, at the sitter's house, you're napping like a champ.  This was always a hard thing to accomplish at her house, for whatever reason, but now, she's got you in a good rhythm.  You take one nap a day, with the rest of the kids and you sleep for 2+ hours at a time.  It's great!

At home, naps are a little different, but it works for you.  You usually have early breakfast and then a bottle around 10am.  From there you take a nap, wake up for lunch and then have another bottle and go back down around 2pm or 3pm.  Depending on the day.  Both times you'll sleep about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Either way we do the naps, you still go down at night and still sleep until about 4am.  You usually have an outburst about 2am, which always scares the crap out of me but you almost always find your way back into sleep for another 2 hours, before getting up and needing to nurse.

Baby Wearing: Let's be real here.  You're mobile.  You love to crawl, cruise, roll, or whatever you can do to get to what you want and play.  When we go to places, you'll ride in the stroller just fine, but you almost always reach a point (pretty quickly) where you just want out and don't want anything to do with the stroller.  Same goes for when we carry you and you know that you have the ability to get down, pretty quickly.  In order to make it through the grocery store or through a quick trip to a track meet to visit your daddy (who is running the meet/scoring the meet) or to just run in a store quickly to pick dinner, I have to use my bjorn.  It's not ideal because it puts you right on my growing baby belly with your sister in it, but it's what works.  The best part is that you really don't have anywhere to go, you can't really get away from me at all and you get to see everything that is going on, so that's distracting to the fact that you're strapped to me.  As my belly continues to grow, I need to find an alternate way to still carry you in a sling or something so that I can put you on my hip or side, instead of my belly directly.  That's where the bjorn lacks.  My friend has one of these sleeping baby productions linen sling wraps that I'm thinking might be my problem solver, but I'm not sure.  Guess I might have to buy one before I know for sure, but I'm think it would work just fine.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to use the moby to carry Coen in a safe way that isn't on my belly directly?

Sitter: You do great at the sitter!  You love being there, playing with your friends, being with C and she enjoys you being there too!  There's nothing really to report here and thank goodness it's been almost an entire month with only 2 illnesses and not multiple.

Words: You say, dadda, babba, mama, da, dis, ba, num num, and a variation or other words, similar to the rest.  You recognize a lot of words too!  Come here, Coen, Bubba, Dadda, Mama, eat, book, may i have ____, go give dadda or mama _____, can I have a kiss?, doggy, puppy, Toby, dog, you do it, cup, bottle, wait, no no no, thank you, hugs, that's so nice, I love you, good job, who's here?, where's the ____?, Larry the lion, duck, rings, that's not for babies, that's for doggies, here, look, bye-bye, you want to read your book, mama/dadda will read your book and puffs.  I'm sure there are more because you're always on point, but that's what I could think of right now.

Toys: You were given an early birthday gift that we had held onto for almost a month, when the friend who gave it said that we needed to just open it and get it out for him to play with.  Since then, it's been a hit!  It's a pirate chip that you can ride on, walk behind, or just push around the room.  It has two pirates and cannon that you love to carry in your mouth and throw around the room.  It also has a little compartment under the seat where you can store these small pirates and other toys.  It's really cute!

Aside from toys that are your favorite, you also have this really strong love for books.  I joke, but I seriously watch you pull all of your books out of the toy bin and usually if a toy gets thrown, it's only because it's in the way of a book.  You do this in your room, in the living room and even at your Nana and Grandpa's house.  It's so cute!    We read every book that you have in your toy bin, when you are showing interest in them and we'll read them over and over again.  You love it when we read to you.  You're favorite books are That's not my Dinosaur? and I love my Daddy.

Events: This month, we got a visit from Aunt J & UP, we had dinner with friends and you played with their boys (which was a little over stimulating but still exciting), we visited your dad a few times at school functions, we hit up a few rummage sales and church sales looking for things for your sister and we went to IKEA and at Bravo. You spent some quality time with your dad on a couple of occasions, doing manly things like going to Lowes and hanging out in the yard with the dog.  All in all a good month!

We love you so much, Bubba and we cannot wait to continue to see you grow, learn and change. You're so much fun to be around and while we have enjoyed our time alone with you, we also cannot wait for you to become a big brother.  You're going to be great at it, because you already know the ropes and you'll just have to help your sister learn, too.

We have quite the journey ahead of us, but we are thankful that you're going to be part of it with us!

Happy 11 months, Bubs...

Love, Mama & Dad

Drinking a bottle and feeling kinda crappy.
Arrived home and wasn't ready to wake up so we cuddled for a while...
Happy as a clam and cute as can be...
Really not sounding great or feeling good, but smiling still.  Such a happy boy!
Crawling through the end table (yes, I see the cords).
And back....
Standing on his bucket to get up higher on the tv stand.  Sounded like a good idea at the time.
Mama baby cuddle time.  This is literally 2 minute before he barfed up his bottle.
Stud muffin in his new shades.
Right after the bath and obviously not a fan of me taking a picture, but it's still cute!
Sweaty snuggles...
Playing at Nana's house and getting into her tupperware cabinet!

This is seriously the best cabinet ever!
"Hey, who put that on my head?"
All the tupperware, wore me out... I think I'll nap with mama...
We got a new wagon for Nana & Grandpa's house!  This was my first time in a wagon!
Here's my pirate ship... isn't it great!
Here I am trying watermelon for the first time!  (yes, my mom has blue nails)
I love my books!  All of them!


Maria said…
Hard to believe he is so close to a year! He's precious.
He is just too cute. Every month you can see him changing in these photos!!

Again, I can't believe he is almost a year!

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