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26 weeks | Baby bump

How far along: 26 weeks. (From the Bump) At week 26, baby may be interfering with your sleep, messing with your brain (forget much?), and even be giving you a stress headache or two. It’s normal to be experiencing some mild swelling, but around this week, it’s important to watch out for swelling severe or sudden -- it could be the sign of a dangerous condition called preeclampsia.

How big is baby: The size of a head of lettuce.

Weight gain/loss: I'm up 18 lbs, total.

Maternity clothes: I'm not really in the mood to talk about clothes.  We haven't a good run this week and they are all just starting to piss me off.  This is a good sign as to how the rest of this pregnancy is going to go, but it is what it is... Gah.

I went shopping for dresses this week for a wedding.  This is what I picked out.  I ended up with the black on and the pink/orange one.  They are just fine, but better than what I had.  And the one has a multi-use since it's actually a nursing dressing.  Yeah!

Stretch marks: They are re-stretching but I haven't noticed any new growth.  In this "re-stretching" process, they are starting to look a little faded, so that's nice. Probably not a good thing, in the long run, but what are you going to do?

Sleep: Sleep is fine.  Waking up is hard.  My body hates me.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Just like to eat.  That's all.  I need to consume more water.  I'm double fisting today to make up for lost consumption.

Exercise: I'd love to say that I'm getting this in, but honestly it's far too hot.  If you can count walking around Target for an hour and spending far too much money (EVERY TIME I GO THERE - which is at least twice a week), then yes.  I'm getting exercise.

Gender: Still a sweet baby girl.

Movement: I was just telling me co-worker the other day that I cannot tell if I'm feeling her more now because I know what to expect or if she's just really strong and kicking/punching the crap out of me.  Either way, we have had some serious movement this week and I know it's only going to get stronger.  I'm only 26 weeks right now!

The belly: Yep.  I'm pregnant.

What I'm loving: (Or what I'm learning to really appreciate....) is the fact that Coen is a huge mama's boy.  If I'm in the room, he wants me.  If someone picks him up and he's having a good time, but he hears me voice, he wants down and will crawl toward me.  It's a phase, but it makes me feel really good.  I love that he will still cuddle with me and that he still sucks his thumb too.  It's the sweetest thing.

What I miss: Spending time with my husband and not running around like crazy.  This will come with time, I know.  But I look forward to having a weekend away and time with just my husband.

Symptoms: My back hurts.  My hip hurts.  My ankle was hurting.  My lower abdomen was hurting.  Gah.

The nursery: Still at a standstill.  I just keep piling clothes up there in hopes that some day I will walk up there and have a dresser, but there are a few steps that have to happen before a dresser is assembled.

What's different/the same this time: The biggest and only noticeable difference this time is having Coen around.  I'm lifting him more, crawling around on the floor more and just doing more with him.  Last time, I didn't have a little one to worry about and that's been a little hard, at times... But it's so fun.

What I'm looking forward to: Seeing what this little baby looks like.

Best moment of the week: Having Coen go right to bed after a story, bottle and a little bit of rocking.  And he didn't make a peep!  Just rolled over in his crib, tucked his arms under his belly and was out.  It was the sweetest and best way to end a week... I love him.

This is from last weekend when he WOULD NOT TAKE A NAP.... Poor guy just wasn't happy.

Last appointment details: My c-section is on the books!  NOT.

I went to my last appointment and was told by the other dr. in the practice that I should probably schedule my next appointment with my dr. because she'll probably want to schedule my c-section date.  I thought, awesome.  Put it in the books and call it done!  Boy was that a wrong statement.  My dr. told me today that she doesn't want to look at scheduling my c-section until my 32 week appointment.  That's 6 weeks away, so it'll be a while yet before we know a date.

Other items from my dr. appointment...
  • I'm scheduled to have my glucose test done between now and my next appointment.  I'll also have my blood drawn and from there, I'll have my RH shot given at my next appointment.
  • I talked with my dr. about the possibility of going into labor before the "scheduled c-section" and in bringing this topic up, we then started to talk about VBAC.  We talked about the risks of multiple c-sections and many other things that now have me a bit confused.  I partially think that I need to research VBACs more before I make the call, but it could be a very good possibility that I give it a try.  If we want 3-4 kids, we will need to be aware of the risks c-sections will start to have on me and my body.  So, that's a big one to think about.  My dr. will do a VBAC, we just have to tell her and she has to get it approved by her insurance.
  • We heard the heartbeat right away and she was just beating along.  Always a great feeling.
  • When she measured my belly, she said, "she's measuring right at 29 weeks!"  I said, "that's great, but that's like 4 weeks ahead." To which she said that we would schedule an ultrasound the next time to see what's going on and that it might have been the way she was laying when she measured.  She did measure twice and both times it was 29 weeks.  Yikes.

Next appointment: Ultrasound on Thursday, June 21 and my dr. appointment on Friday, June 22.


Wendy said…
I'm glad you chose the orange and pink dress - it looks great on you! Very flattering.
One Pork Chop said…
Aww, you look adorable! I can't believe you're already 26 weeks! I think that's right around the time that my pregnancy started flying by.

As far as the painful kicks go, yep, it was the same way with Joseph. His kicks were so forceful that I was literally paralyzed for a few seconds here and there when he'd kick. Just horrible! I don't miss that one bit. I had to take the last two weeks of work off and work from home because sitting at my desk all day while he was kicking was absolute torture.

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