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25 Weeks | Baby Bump

How far along: 25 weeks.  (From the Bump) You’re 25 weeks pregnant and it’s probably dawned on you that soon you’ll actually have to deliver this baby. (A little scary, but exciting!) What’s cool is that most hospitals will let you preregister, which means you can put in your paperwork early, so the day you go into labor, you don’t have to stand around filling out a bunch of forms before you get admitted. Maybe you’re getting nervous about delivery, or maybe it’s your haywire hormones, but you might start to have trouble sleeping around week 25. This is a common complaint of many moms-to-be. Some people will tell you that’s just your body’s way of prepping you for sleepless nights with baby, but those comments won’t help you get the rest you need! Experiment with different strategies for getting some sleep. One idea is to drink extra water early in the day, so you can start tapering off your intake as you get closer to bedtime. That way, you might need less bathroom breaks during the night and can keep sleeping. After all, now that baby’s crowding your bladder, you’ve got to pee. A lot.

How big is baby: The size of a cauliflower.

Weight gain/loss: I'm actually down a few pounds this week, which makes me happy.  I'm up 12 pounds from my start weight and I think that was just a few down from last week.  I have my dr. appointment next Friday, so I'm hoping to not be too much more than I was the time before.  That's always depressing, even though I know it's what happens.

Maternity clothes: Still doing the normal mix of some regular items (dresses & skirts mainly) and then other maternity items mixed in.  I really am not a fan of true maternity clothes because of the ones that I have, they just make me feel huge compared to what I really am.  This morning, I had to put a belt on the shirt that I was wearing because otherwise, I looked as big as a house!

Stretch marks: I cannot tell if they are starting to fade or it they are just stretching again and because of that, they look like they are fading.  Either way, I still have them from my last pregnancy, so it's just part of the process and if they stretch a bit more, I'm just going to have to deal with it.  I cannot go back now, anyway.  I apply lotion to my stomach and surrounding areas daily, so I'm hoping that helps a bit.

Sleep: Actually hasn't been bad and last night was great.  While my little boy still doesn't make it passed 4am, when I picked him up last night to go and nurse before the morning breakfast routine, he didn't have any need.  He just crashed right back to sleep and didn't wake up until we woke him up.  I know that every night is a little different, but tonight, if he tries this same routine, I'm going to attempt to rock him and lay him right back down.  I think it should work, just have to give it a try.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Everything that is sweet, chocolatey with peanut butter or something chocolate... I will eat it.  I also still have that fresh produce/fruit need too, but I don't know that it will ever go away.  Have I mentioned that I'm still drinking milk like it's my job.  I literally drank a 1/2 gallon yesterday evening in about a 30 minute window.  We go through milk in our house like it's our job.  It's crazy.  And it's really just me drinking it.

Exercise: I've been doing a lot of walking and with carrying Coen and walking, it sure feels like exercise.  We've been hitting up the garage sales and things on the weekend and between carrying him, walking around the sales (church and house sales) and then carrying my items to buy, I feel like I might as well be at the gym lifting weights.

Gender: A baby girl!

Movement: Yes, she's moving and she's getting a lot stronger.  S. finally felt her move a handful of times in a row the other day... that was exciting.  We haven't really had time to just sit and have him rest his hand on my belly and when we did the other day she was ubber active!

The belly: More and more people are starting to say that "some days I can see it and other days I can't..." but that's more than what they were saying, so I guess I've gone from looking fat to actually looking a little more pregnant.  I appreciate that growth and those comments, just hope they are more pregnancy related than weight related.

What I'm loving: My family.  Every aspect of them, I love everything.  Coen is the sweetest and S. is beyond helpful.  It's just so refreshing.

What I miss: Being able to get around better than I am.  Going up the stairs with Coen (like I've said before) is just hard.

Symptoms: Nothing out of the norm.  Just some sciatic nerve pain and Charley horse cramping.  Nothing too crazy, just painful from time to time.

The nursery: We're not making progress in this area... however, my friend came down this week and sold me a TON of baby girl clothes... Clothes that I just keep piling on a cedar chest in that room.  My dresser is in the garage, still in boxes, the crib is in the room against the wall and the queen bed is still in that room.  Until that queen bed leaves, we cannot do anything about it.  If someone in my area has a flat bed truck or large pick up truck that we could borrow, I would really appreciate it.  That's the only thing hanging us up on moving forward with that room. Grr.

What's different/thesame this time: Differences really only lie with the fact that I have an 11 month old to crawl, follow, chase, play and care for during this pregnancy and I cannot just crash on the couch whenever I want to. It's completely fine with me because it's enjoyable and is keeping me active... just some days are noticeably different than others.

What I'm lookingforward to: Being able to work out.  My legs are starting to piss me off and while it's just a flub up in my genes, it still pisses me off and I cannot wait to be able to do something about it.

Best moment of theweek: Having Coen take a step on his own and watching him be more and more interested in taking our hands and "walking".  It's the cutest things I've ever seen!

Next appointment: Next Friday!


Congrats on your baby girl! I have 2 girls & am due with Baby #3 (didn't find out the gender) in August.
One Pork Chop said…
I totally hear ya on the maternity clothes making you (general you) look bigger. I basically only wore pre-PG shirts my entire pregnancy (the stuff I could wear) because I felt as huge as a house in the maternity shirts I had. They're all shapeless!

Congrats on your baby girl! Having one of each is a blast! :)

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