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double strollers

I'm struggling with the idea of having a double stroller, having to store a double stroller, having to pay for a double stroller and which one is the best double stroller.

Once our new baby arrives, our son will be 14 months old.  I'd hope that by then, he'd start to show some sign of walking, but you just don't know when that will actually happen. Plus, at 14 to 24 months, they will still need some sort of stroller option that works for them so that when they want to call it quits, they can.

Here are my issues:

  1. We have a BumbleRide Flite 2009.  It's been a great stroller, but after using it for a bit... there are some things that I just don't love about it.
    • The lining on the seat has sticky velcro that doesn't always stay put.
    • The storage compartment is too small.
    • It's basically a glorified umbrella stroller.
    • The handle bars are great for me, but too short for my husband.
    •  It takes two hands to unlock the stroller and collapse it down, as well.
    • The wheels are junk and I actually had one pop off while I was at a festival one time.
  2. We also have a Nordic Track Jogging Stroller that is a single user, as well.  It doesn't have the ability to add another user, so the things that we don't love about this one would be:
    • It's big and bulky and not the easiest to collapse.
    • While the handle bars are high enough for myself and my husband, it's just always in the way.
    • We were given this stroller so we don't know everything about it, like we do the BumbleRide.
    • It fits into our trunks, barely.
    • It's single user and has no way of converting into a double.
  3. If we buy a double stroller, I don't want to have 3 strollers to make up our perfect set up for all babies.
  4. If we buy another stroller, I want it to be the best and I don't want to have to have another one on hand, just in case.
  5. I worry about how much usage we will get out of a double stroller and if we spend the money to get what we want, will we use it enough to make it worth the purchase?
  6. If we get the one that has everything and is exactly what I'd want, would we sell the others?
Lots of things to think about.

The one that I want...I'd love to be the proud owner of a Baby Jogger City Select 2012 Double Stroller in Ruby. Here are the reasons why I think it would be great:

  1. It can be a single stroller.
  2. It can be a double stroller with a glider board.
  3. It can be a double stroller.
  4. If can be a double stroller with a glider board.
  5. It can hold our infant car carrier.
  6.  It collapses down easily.
  7. It doesn't take up too much room.
  8. It's easy to drive.
  9. The wheels are real wheels and not some fake plastic crap.
  10. The handle bar lengthens to be more comfortable for taller adults.
  11. The space in the chair is comfortable for an infant, toddler and a child older than 3.  It has an extension in the canopy that allows for more head room.
  12. It has the ability to grow with your family and is really only one piece needed.
The major problem with this stroller?
  1. The price.
To get the double stroller that would look like this...

And that would serve every function that we would want... two seats, glider board, infant carrier adapter and the whole nine yards. It would run us about $799 +.

We're trying very hard to budget for this new baby and get everything that we need for her at a very minimal cost, because we really have a lot of great resources and great items to re-use from Coen... However, this item is inevitable and while we will end up with something that will stroll around 2 children, I'm not sure that this option will be it for us.

We still have a lot of planning and budgeting to do.  We will make a decision soon, we just have to wait it out and see how things pan out.

If nothing else, I've been blinded by love and I'm in complete denial about not owning this item one day.

If you have this stroller, what do you love or hate about?

If you don't have this stroller, but you have something else that holds two children, what is it?  And what do you love or hate about it?

Just for clarification, I was not paid by Baby Jogger or BumbleRide to write this post or anything related to this post.  This is just what's going on with me, our family and our decision on purchasing a double stroller in the future.


Ah! Double strollers. Pain.

We have a Bob Revoulution Dualie and I LOVE IT. It's incredible You can push it up a hill, one handed and it's a breeze. Love it. And, it always feels equal in weight even though Lila weighs about 10 lbs more than Vivienne.

We also have a MacLaren Twin Triumph. It's fantastic for the airport - has been a LIFESAVER. The awnings aren't amazing, but I like that the back reclines.

I could talk about strollers for days.

Jeannie said…
It's such a tough decision to make. Our newest addition is a month old and we have still yet to decide. I just don't know... Thank God that my mother in law has chosen to buy this for us, but now I also have to take cost into consideration..

Oy! Good luck on your search!
Andrea said…
I remember the double stroller dilemma very well!

Honestly, I'm not a stroller snob so my advice might be useless. We got the Instep Safari double jogging stroller. I wanted a jogging stroller with the option of a swivel front wheel so I could use it both for everyday use and working out. I did NOT want multiple strollers! I love that it's heavy duty, has great wheels and pushes with ease. Oh, and for being a side by side it DOES fit through public doorways. I can even get it in a dressing room. The downside is it's a bear to fold up and put in a trunk [it's heavy!] and there's a bar across the bottom basket which makes it difficult to put a large diaper bag underneath. That's easily remedied though by just slinging the bag over the handle. I don't regret one thing about the purchase so of course I recommend it :) Good luck!
Hi, there! We have this stroller and I love it, but wanted to give you a heads up on a few items. It isnt that easy to collapse. It takes two hands. It is very large in a trunk. The wheels are huge and its akward to stroe the base separate and then the seats on the side. Also, its not the best for older kids. They have to really bend their legs to sit in the seat, which doesnt look too comfy.

That being said, we are still happy with it! I bought it as a Mom on 1, knowing we wanted more kids and I could use it from my first to my last. The basket is great, the handle bar adjusting is a dream, it rides well, etc. It is so pricey and luckily we were able to purchase the pieces we needed slowly..

I hope this helps. Good luck with your search!

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