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Coen, 10 months

Dear Coen,

With every month, you completely blow us away with what you learn and what you are able to accomplish.  This month you've grown stronger with your new abilities to crawl, climb and stand.  You are able to control your balance a lot better and you are catching onto things a lot faster.  It's absolutely amazing to watch you and what you pick up or what you remember from just seeing something one time before.

You crack us up with your crawling and we find that you will go just about anywhere and follow us everywhere!  It's very fun to be able to have you move around verses always carrying you somewhere.  We haven't had to manage the stairs yet and I'm excited about that because I have a feeling that you'll master those in one day, when given the chance.

You're still the most friendly baby and have yet to really have a problem with strangers.  You shy away when you're tired or have just gotten up from a nap, but other than that, you're very flexible with who is holding you and who you're around.  We are fortunate for that.  You have a smile that makes everyone melt and your eyes are just so bright and expressive that they catch everyone's attention.  You're so perfect that we can't help but be so proud and so happy to have you in our lives.

We love you with everything that we have and we cannot wait to watch you continue to grow and learn.  You're the best thing that has happened to us and we couldn't be more thankful that you are in our lives.

Love, Mama & Dad

Measurements: Last month you were measuring 28" tall and 17.11 lbs, being skinny and tall like the rest of your family... and this month, you're only growing taller from what I can tell in your clothes.

Clothing: I'm just putting on him what works and what works are 3-6 month pants with some 3-6 month shirts, 6 month shirts, 9 month shirts and some 6-12 month shirts.  The reason for keeping the short pants or the smaller sized pants is because they stay up and they don't fall off when you crawl. 6-12 month pants fit you in length just fine, but most of them are too big in the waist.  Some 3-6 month shirts still fit him pretty good but the length is where they start to have issues.  I'm just making due with whatever works and sometimes the size doesn't really matter.  Every brand is just so different! 

Diapers: He's still wearing size 3 Luvs diapers and while we haven't had many issues, I've noticed that the night time diaper might need to be upgraded to a new/thicker version.  I'll give it another week before I investigate it more. I cannot believe how long those size 3 diapers have been holding out for us!  Our skinny-mini doesn't mind, either.
Nursing/Formula: He's still nursing in the early am, usually around 3:30am to 5:30am.  Sometimes it's just one time and other times, it's twice.  Just depends on how often he's up and how hungry he is.  Between nursing and formula feeding... coupled with teething and possibly a growth spurt, he's eating like crazy!  I mean, he's growing and wants to eat, so I'll give him what I can but some days it's hard to keep up!

Food:  He's still a piggy.  Aside from nursing in the am, he eats breakfast (one full 2.5 oz container of fruit or oatmeal) when he wakes up (anywhere from 5:30am to 8:00am - weekdays verses weekends), he'll eat another breakfast around 8:30am/9:00am (one full 2.5 oz container of fruit or oatmeal), he'll take a bottle (4 to 6 oz of formula) about 30 minutes later and then he's down for a nap (usually around 10am).  Then when he gets up, he either has a snack (puffs or 1/2 a fruit/veggie), then lunch (two full 2.5 oz containers - both veggie and fruit), about an hour later he wants a bottle and then around 2pm, he's down for another nap.  When he gets up, he'll have a snack (puffs or yogurts bites), then around 5:30pm or 6:00pm he has dinner (usually a handful of puffs, a 2.5 oz container of veggie and another of fruit).  This is the normal but I have admit that there are days when I feel like I go through double the amount of food.  

He for-sure loves his baby food and eats mainly Gerber stage 2 foods with only a few stage 3 foods if they are basically mush (like bananas or oatmeal and apples).  I've tried true stage 3 foods and if they have a chunk or noodle in them, he just doesn't want anything to do with them.  We have ventured out to grapes without the skin, cheese broken up and bites of other miscellaneous items that we're eating to see his reaction.  Sometimes it's positive and other times it's not, but it's all for the experience and the exposure.  He'll learn to eat more things with more texture soon and I'm fine with that.  The key with exposure is to watch for the gag reflex and we hit that 65% of the time with new chunkier items.  So, there's still some time to learn and change the way eating happens.  No rush though.

Sleeping:  Like I said above, between teething and maybe a growth spurt, both eating and sleeping have been a little bit of an adventure. He's having more and more trouble sleeping through the night and I cannot help but chuck it up to the teething of molars (??).  He is (unfortunately) constantly gagging himself with his hands and fingers because he's trying to soothe, but it usually just makes a mess because he ends up throwing up or almost throwing up...  Once these teeth or this growing stops for a minute, I'm confident that sleep-filled nights are in our future, we just have to give it some more time.  I was complaining on FB about Coen being up and down and taking over an hour to calm himself down and find sleep.  I had said that it's probably teeth and was wondering how long it would last.  A friend of mind commented, "15 years.  It will last 15 years." And while that isn't particularly accurate, it's probably the amount of time that sleepless nights last and when you stop worrying about teeth and worrying about other items that are more important in 15 years.

Baby Wearing: So, I had honestly thought we were over this stage, because he's bigger and I'm pregnant.  But I'm not going to lie when the other day I got home and all I wanted to do was get some chores done real fast and I had to also watch over Coen.  So, I pulled out my trusty Baby Bjorn (that I'm not 100% in love with, but it works in a pinch) and I busted out some chores.  Wearing him was fun and while he didn't love it when I was trying to wear him and carry and laundry basket around... we made it through it and had a good time, too.  Makes me want to bust out my moby and give that another go.  I wonder about wearing him in my moby but on my back... Would that work?

Sitter: The sitter is still going great for Coen and I honestly think that why he's accelerating with his exploring is because of the children at his sitter.  There is a little girl that is 2 months older than him and another boy that is 4 months older than him and they have a blast together. It's so fun to see them all exploring and being adventurous together.

Words: We've got babba, dadda, mama, ut oh, lala and gaga, so far. He can also cluck his tongue in his mouth and he's working on curling his tongue too.  He can understand a ton of words and more than I can probably think of to write.  But he knows his name, both his first name, his first and middle name and his nickname bubba and will respond to all of them.  He will also respond to Sir, Mister, no thank you and excuse me.  He's getting great at the "come here, please" response too.  He usually will turn around and come to where we can see him if he crawls out of site.

Toys: Toys have had an interesting transition over the last month or so.  We took his swing to the basement, we took the exesaucer away and we only have a few things that we keep out on the floor, otherwise, there is a basket of small toys that he can play with.  His favorite are the stack-able cups, puzzles, his (real) tv remote, his vegetable basket from Ikea, and his new Bert & Ernie that were in his Easter basket.  What we thought would be safe and fun for him, last month have been totally pushed to the way-side.  Anything that restricts him, he doesn't like for very long and only stands it until he's absolutely over it.  His high chair and crib are the only places that we can really put him for a minute to restrict him from full reign of the house.
Activities: Basically, he wants to be on the move.  He doesn't want to be held that much and only when he's really tired or hungry. He knows that he can explore, he just hasn't grasped the fact that he can't explore everywhere we are... That's a challenge, but we're working through it. He's getting so strong with his legs and his arms for both holding and pulling himself up, but also for falling or bracing/balancing himself.  He's also starting to cruise around furniture more and more, which is cute and scary.

BIG NEWS: Coen found out this month that he's going to be a big brother to his baby sister!  He didn't have any sort of reaction, of course, but we are all very excited about the new addition!  

Other Events: He celebrated his first Easter, he stayed home with dad during his dad's spring break, he went to the zoo with daddy and his friends and their children, and he moved into his big boy car seat in the car!

And now, for some pictures of this handsome young lad... that is going to be 1 year old in 2 months!  

Oh my!

 This is how we celebrated St. Patty's day and what we attempted to wear!

He's getting more and more personality, in general, but he went through this phase where he wouldn't give up the spoon after every bite toward the end of his meal.  It was funny because he thought he was ultra funny by holding onto it.  He's a trip!

He kind looks like a hot mess with his eyebrow scare and his bump on his chin, but he's learning how to control his body and injuries happen.  I'm just happy that we got to cuddle after our ride home from the sitter... he must of had a good day, full of playing to keep on napping once we got home!

This was right before we went to visit our friends in the hospital who were expecting their mono-mono twins just a few days after our visit.

This is Coen and his buddy at the sitter, hanging out on the deck, enjoying some nice weather for a change... As you can tell, they are having a good-ole time!

This is just before heading to the zoo.  The boys had to sneak in a little cat nap before heading out.

At the zoo checking out the silverback that was just showing off with his climbing skills.

Hanging out with Toby and watching the neighborhood...

Hanging out on spring break with dad and taking a nap in sort of a strange location, but it was the only place where you were comfortable.

Playing with the fridge letters that Aunt Julia left before she moved to Chicago.  So far, they are a hit!

Another spring break picture from daddy to mommy (while I was at work) of my boys...

One of the last time we used the infant carrier before giving up and going into a big boy seat in the cars.  Isn't this just so sweet!?

And, last but not least, Happy Easter!

It's insane that in a few short months I'm going to be writing about his 12 month birthday!  It's crazy how time is flying, but we are just loving every minute of it!

Love you, baby boy.


Erin said…
Happy 10 months to Coen! This was one of my favorite months!!

Have a great weekend :)
Sassytimes said…
You have the cutest little boy...I love how happy and smiley he always is. Adorable.
He is just too much, soooo cute! And you really can see his personality coming through in these pictures!! Awesome.

(10 months...only a couple months away from his 1st birthday?! Shut up. How is that possible.)

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