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Coen, 9 months

This picture was from a few mornings ago when he was playing with his glow worm right after he nursed.  This face.  Is just. PRICELESS.  I cannot stand it and absolutely love it! Good golly, he's cute!

Dear Coen,

This weekend you turned nine months and as I said that aloud, I about got choked up just saying it.  I cannot believe how quickly this time has passed and how excited you make us for each passing day.  Your curiosity and ability to learn is absolutely amazing.  You also bring so much joy to us every day, just by looking at us.  We love you so much and while the last nine months have been a blast, we cannot wait to see what the upcoming months have in store for us and for you!  It's going to awesome!

We love you to the moon and back, Bubba.... Mama & Dad

This month, I'm going to lay things out a little differently.  I'm going to give a little update on his states and then I'm going to vomit pictures for pure enjoyment and entertainment...

Measurements: 28" tall and 17.11 lbs, basically skinny and tall for his age.

Clothing: He's officially out of 3-6 month clothes and into 6-12 month or 9 month clothes officially.  It took him a while to fit into these sizes because they were far too wide in the waist for him.  But he's starting to fill it out a little more.

Diapers: He's still wearing size 3 Luvs diapers and we've had no problems with them so far.
Food: You're still eating mostly stage 2 baby food, in a jar and we're starting to experiment with other regular foods.  I've tried stage 3 foods and other stage 2 foods with textures and it's just not working out yet.  The textures and the stage 3 foods have too many chunks to make it easy for him to swallow and he still gets choked up on them, so we're just holding off and doing them every once in a while. He's still not into green beans or peas, but loves mango, sweet potatoes and bananas.  It's fun to watch him experiment with food and see his reaction to some things that aren't what he expects.  He pretty much has 2 to 3 veggies a day and 1 to 2 fruits.  He has no complaints, just likes to eat!

Sleeping: Sleeping has been rough.  I knew that once Coen was 100% better and sick/cold/flu free, he would sleep just fine.  The end of the month he had a viral infection, double ear infection and pink eye in both eyes.  This resulted in little to no sleep for a while and a lot of up & down in the middle of the night.  So, the cold ends and he sleeps through the night!  I'm not going to lie.  We both went up a few times just to hear him breathing and just touch him to see if he would move.  He was fine and sleeping like a champ!  And the best part... he did it again and so far, it's lasted a week!  I couldn't be happier! It's been a wonder to sleep for more than 6 to 8 hours straight and have no interruptions.  It's absolutely amazing.

Nursing/Formula: Yes, I'm still nursing him and yes, he does have formula a few times a day too.  At the sitter, he has 2 formula bottles and 1 bm bottle and lately, I'm only had to nurse him in the morning and in the evening before bed.

Words: He talks up a storm and finally has branched out mama, dada, baba, for the most part.  He does this really quiet da when he's concentrating or getting into something he shouldn't which is both really cute and really funny.  He does it a lot too... very cute.

Toys: We've had to branch out a bit for some new entertainment for Coen.  He was not interested in being in a exasaucer or something like that with toys 360... so we've taken away that big space wasters and brought up some other items that seem to be suiting his needs.  We have an activity table that makes noise and plays songs and while he's good about standing, he gets weak and drops to his knees quickly... hoping to miss his face every time.  It's not happening though, he hits about every 6th time even when we're right there!  Boys!  Grrr.

Activities: You're getting really very  adventurous and exploring wherever you can.  It's tough because while we want you to learn and grow, we have to constantly have a hand on you because we just don't know when you're going to drop to your knees or bottom and it's usually before we know it.  It's so fun to see you learn and you're doing it so quickly.  It's mind blowing how fast things happen and it's going to accelerate!


Just playing with some veggies from Ikea.

Making the most of whatever is in front of me... this water jug was entertaining for about 20 minutes while I put clothes away.  It was hilarious.


At CheeseCake Factory for Aunt Julia's birthday dinner.  Dad is enjoying a chocolate shake and Coen's digging his bottle. 

Sleeping on Nana while Aunt Julia, Uncle Paul and Daddy pack up AJ&UP's condo.

Sometimes I have to pull my own hair to find some comfort, if my mom isn't close by.


Even though I have a cold approaching, I feel well enough to sit up in my bath tub, see!

 Poor thing had a 102 temperature and was just a crusty mess.  He was so cuddly this night and I felt so bad.  We spent several nights like this but not always with the fever.


For some reason, strings on sweat shirts are hilarious to Coen.

 Even though I'm not feeling really great, I love flipping this book around and making the songs sing.


Since he was getting good at sitting up, we removed the baby tub and just let him sit in the big tub, with constant supervision.  It's really cute and boy does he love all of the new bath toys!


This time was the first time at home that he crawled over to the ottoman and pulled himself up to his knees.  It was crazy and very exciting for him.


And then we went upstairs he pulled himself right up in his crib... the next evening, we put his crib to the lowest level.  He's so quick and learning so fast!


I went to dinner with my parents and it was the first time that he was really showing interest in my food, so I let him have a taste and he was all about it.  It was just mashed potatoes, but it was great and he really gobbled them up!  I cannot wait until I can feed him from my plate at all times.  Makes life a little easier.

Right before the St. Patty's Day parade...

 And just before it started, he crashed.  I was bummed but it was fine.  There's always next year!


After the parade, we went to the Maple Syrup Festival with some friends... fun to be outside and enjoying the warmer weather!


 On our first horse drawn carriage ride... at the festival.

 Our new baby gate!  There are three more to come!


And this is how daddy does chores when mama isn't home.  Seriously, this just makes me laugh!

Happy 9 months baby, we love you!


Stephanie said…
Love all the pictures! It sounds like this was an exciting month for your family, and soon he will be constantly moving I bet! I can't imagine having a baby that doesn't just stay put when you set them down, ha!
Sassytimes said…
He is so adorable.
Wendy said…
He's just so cute!! Love this post full of pictures!
9 months!! Can't believe it!

He is so adorable, I just want to smoosh that little face!! ok, if we ever meet I promise I will not smoosh his face, but it will be hard to resist :)

He looks like such a fun and happy baby boy.

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